Killer Instincts

Killer Instincts

The Assassin asks for nothing less than complete submission
Upon first viewing, The Assassin can almost be impenetrable. There is court intrigue, hidden motivations, honor taking precedence over logic, and, of course, graceful and gravity-defying wirework.



They Would Rather Be Rebels Than Slaves

Suffragette misses the point of history
Suffragette is not a story of the suffrage movement, either from its conception or during the days of women finally getting the vote. The film takes place in London in 1912, after the cause was already well established, but still years away from some of the main historical events.


Film Events 11/18-11/25

Mile, Mile & A Half A fascinating and gorgeous documentary about five friends who take off from responsibility to hike the legendary John Muir Trail, which stretches 211 miles from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney.

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License Revoked

Spectre spectacularly fails to stir
James Bond remains even when we, as a society and civilization, change into something a bit more enlightened than his halcyon days. While I wouldn't go so far as to describe the character as a remnant of a bygone era, there are still aspects of the series that play as out of touch to a modern audience—British, American, or otherwise.


Film Events 11/11-11/18

Unbranded One of the best documentaries of the year is screening again, but this time in the brand new Madras Performing Arts Center.

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Hanks For the Memories

Spielberg aims small, strikes big
When it comes to the film obsessed, movie geek and critic crowds, there is a divide surrounding the majority of Steven Spielberg's work. A steadily growing chunk believes that he is a softy that always lets sentimentality overwhelm his work, especially in the final reel, while some (and the majority of the public) think he makes damn entertaining movies, regardless of content.


Handsome Chef: The Movie

Burnt can't even make food porn hot
There is this new term that is being used to describe media that is either uncomfortably sexist or homophobic. The word is "problematic," which Urban Dictionary says is "frequently used in progressive political settings among white people of a certain education to avoid using herd-frightening words like 'racist' or 'sexist.'" But problematic can also be used to describe almost every aspect of this movie from the ground up.


Witch, Please!

Problems plague The Last Witch Hunter
Vin Diesel is an interesting fellow. He refuses to talk about his sexuality or his ethnicity; started his career writing, directing, producing, and starring in his first feature; and is an unabashed puppy dog on Facebook.


Film Events 10/28-11/4

The World According to Monsanto The Green Team Movie Night brings forth another thought-provoking conservation film to boil the blood and awaken the brain.

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So Bloody Romantic

Crimson Peak defies genre
Crimson Peak is going to divide audiences. The advertising campaign is definitely selling, while not quite a different movie, something a little more comfortably defined as horror, when the film is actually a very old-fashioned ghost story.


Film Events 10/21-10/28

Back to the Future Part II Now that we live in the future that Back to the Future Part II promised us and it is devoid of hover boards, flying cars, 3D shark attacks on street corners, and blow-drying jackets, it's hard to know whether to be depressed or overjoyed.

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    Traces of the Trade

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