Friday, December 30, 2011

More Beers in Bend!

The new westside brewery, captained by Larry Sidor, will focus on high-gravity, complex brews.

Posted By on Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 10:00 PM

Bend, rejoice. Come June, we’ll have another brewery in our midst.

Craft brewer extraordinaire Larry Sidor, who for years has been the mastermind behind many of Deschutes’ most popular beers, is teaming up with Dave Wilson of San Francisco-based 21st Amendment Brewery and Paul Evers of tbd advertising, a local creative agency with a rich history in beer marketing. The local firm has worked with Deschutes in the past and counts 21st Amendment among its current clientele.

The yet-to-be-named artisanal brewery (their website,, should go live in the coming days) will focus on richer, bolder beers and will include sours and other such niche brews.

“We’re talking about small-volumes of high gravity, complex beers that are often aged in barrels and/or fermented with wild yeast strains to create crazy, unique aromas and flavors,” Wilson said in a press release. “We want our brews available to beer enthusiasts who are seeking bigger and bolder experiences,” he added.

The 1,000 square-foot tasting room (the former AAMCO building) which will serve pints and snifters and small plates will be located on Aune Rd., just off of SW Division St, near the Parkway and just south of NW Arizona (think Strictly Organic Coffee, The Horned Hand, Parkway underpass, etc.).  The tasting room, however is only a small part of the operation. Renovations to the 6000 square-foot building begin in early January with a ceremonial “wall breaking”, scheduled for 2pm today. The brewery will have the potential for 10,000 barrels with year-one expected capacity of 700 barrels.

Can Bend have too many breweries? Maybe, but haven’t yet hit that threshold. Next time you’re out, don’t forget to Cheers! the new brewery and those with vision.

We’re anxiously awaiting more from this all-star crew and looking forward to the grand opening, slated for early this summer. Check next week’s issue for more on this breaking news.

In other new-business news, we’ve been told that the vacant lot between NW Colorado Ave. and NW Arizona Ave (just east of NW Lava Rd.) has been bought by high-end grocer Market of Choice, a Eugene-based natural health-food store that has plans to build on the property that is immediately off the Parkway.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oregon's LaMichael James is Scared of Disneyland

Oregon running back LaMichael James braves Disneyland's Space Mountain.

Posted By on Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 9:40 PM


Can a guy who routinely takes 250-pound linebackers head on somehow be terrified by a roller coaster? Answer: yes.

Oregon superstar LaMichael James didn't seem to enjoy Space Mountain, the classic Disneyland ride, all that much. I mean, just look at that face. Straight terror.

One of the bonuses of making the Rose Bowl is a day at Disneyland...until you get the shit scared out of you, of course. But what's up with LaMike's fellow running back, Kenyon Barner, tweeting his teammate's trembling mug? You gotta keep that under raps.

But hey, I'm not blaming LaMichael. I went on that ride a few years ago and was equally freaked out.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fruition: Tonight! at McMenamins

The Portland quartet is playing a free show at 7pm.

Posted By on Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 9:53 PM

For Free! Check out this fine string band while they're down here on a visit from Portland. What kind of string band? A good one—they're sharing a New Year's Eve playbill with Leftover Salmon and other jammy, bluegrassy, feel-good music. The quartet keeps a busy schedule so you best catch them while you can.

You need to use a flashplayer enabled browser in order to view this video

Actually, that song was kinda sad. But that's part of it, eh? Get out there and take advantage of some fine, free music.


McMenamins, 7pm

Free! All Ages.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Give Guide a Great Success for Area Vets

Thanks to a number of local businesses, we were able to donate a bundle to COVO.

Posted By on Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 9:32 PM


Thanks, y'all!

For the ninth consecutive year, the Source successfully coordinated with local businesses in an effort to give back to the community during the holiday season via our Give Guide. We handed this year's beneficiary, Central Oregon Veteran's Outreach, a check for $5,600—the most we've ever raised! COVO is a Bend nonprofit that distributes food, clothing and other necessities like dental work and disability services to homeless veterans. With the help of area vendors who donated goods and services to our charity auction, COVO was able to use all 100 percent of the proceeds for continued outreach and assistance. If you’re not familiar with COVO, check them out online, they’re doing good work here in Central Oregon. And if you missed out on the auction, don’t fret, you can still lend our veterans a hand. COVO is always happy to accept volunteers as well as donations.


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Oregon Ducks Unveil Rose Bowl Uniforms

Oregon will wear an even more futuristic uniform for the Rose Bowl.

Posted By on Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 7:13 PM

In what's become an annual tradition of sorts, the Oregon Ducks' football team/fashion squad unveiled the futuristic uniforms they'll don for their Rose Bowl matchup against Wisconsin on January 2.

Take a look! Anyone else find that helmet eerily similar to that of Darth Vadar? 

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sewer Fee Structure Stinks Breweries Say

While the city needs help shouldering the sewage load, local breweries say they fear an inequitable fee structure.

Posted By on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 11:13 PM

Local breweries and Bend city officials have found themselves in a bit of a sticky wicket.

Breweries have an undeniable impact on the city’s sewer services. But so do a number of other local businesses, which is exactly why city staff are taking a hard look at which businesses have the biggest impact on Bend’s sewer system and how to charge those businesses for strain they put on the system.

Such was the conversation during last night’s “sewer extra strength” update at the City Council work session that was packed with representatives from local breweries including Deschutes Brewery, Silver Moon, GoodLife, 10 Barrel and Boneyard.

The breweries, which in this town are a relatively tight-knit group, seem amenable to paying an equitable tax, but they also have plenty of questions too. What other businesses are straining the sewer system? Mustn’t they pay an extra charge too? And how much?

“We’re all on the same page,” GoodLife owner Ty Barnett said to me during the workshop, an informal exchange between city officials and concerned business owners.

“If the city has a financial short fall because of processing waste water from our facility, then we are more than willing to pay our fair share. We understand. But we need to see in what ways the city will be charging us,” Barnett said during the meeting’s public comment period.

Currently, only 15 businesses pay this extra strength fee and Deschutes is the only brewery to do so. Hotels, gas stations, auto shops, funeral homes and restaurants are among the businesses that staff will consider adding to the extra strength charge list.

After the brief workshop, Councilors said they were hesitant to plow forward with a fee structure given the number of unknowns and made plans to open the conversation to other businesses. The problem, however, remains.

Who should pay for the strain on the sewer system? The breweries, which provide jobs as well as tasty beer, are an obvious draw for Bend and one of the defining characteristics of this town. The city wants to stay business friendly. But someone has to shoulder the burden. 

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New Music Video From Laurel Brauns

Laurel Brauns' new music video for her song Kaleidoscope Eyes.

Posted By on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 5:48 PM

Laurel Brauns, the indie-folk singer-songwriter who was long a mainstay in Bend's music scene, may have since moved to Portland to further explore her music career, but she hasn't forgotten about us here in Central Oregon.

In fact, she was around just a few weeks ago to shoot this music video, directed by Far From Earth Films' Tim Cash, for her song "Kaleidoscope Eyes." You'll recognize some of the locations, for sure.


Laurel Brauns "Kaleidoscope Eyes" Music Video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Beer Tasting: How to, with photos

Host your own seasonal beer tasting.

Posted By on Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 8:43 PM

We’ve been writing about winter seasonals a lot recently. And for good reason: A) it’s winter; B) winter beers are delicious. We’ve sampled a good number of them here in the office but this past weekend some friends and I decided to take it a step further—a blind taste test seemed like the only way to pick the best winter brew. I won’t disclose our “winner,” because I’m pretty sure drunken beer tasting is extremely subjective—subject to the whims of the participants. I have a “new favorite beer” almost weekly and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this regard.


Anyway, if you and your crew are interested in finding the best winter seaonsal (or if you need an excuse to sit with your pals, share some laughs and get shit-housed on well made beer), here’s how it works:

1) Round up the beers.

Go to several of the fancy grocery stores in town to ensure proper variety. We hit at least four retailers, including The Bend Brew Shop. What to pick out? It’s up to you. We purposely chose beers from manufactures we liked (I mean, if this is a test for the best, why screw around with mediocre beer?). Pretty sure we dropped a couple hundred beans for about 12 people. Another $50 or so on pizza, crackers, cheese, etc.


2) Arrange for a master of ceremonies.

Preferably, someone that can read, write and count to ten. Such a person must not be tempted to drink too much, be able to accurately record the votes of the participants (more on that below), and be able to pour beer. 


3) Taste the beers!

Ideally, in a room where you can’t see what the master of ceremonies is pouring. You have a left-hand beer and a right-hand beer. Keep the pours small. This will rankle some, at first, but everyone eventually gets their due. Look, smell, taste, and confer with your comrades. Don’t say what you think it might be. Also avoid strong-arming others into agreement. Try to keep the comments on the beer itself. Having a swill bucket for “throw-aways” is good too (stops you from getting prematurely wasted and you can probably convince someone to take sips out of it later, which is funny).


 4) Vote.

Use the hand attached to your arm. The master of ceremonies will record the results that correlate with a specific beer (which only she will know). Hold several rounds so beers can get voted on while others get voted out. Declare “halftime,” have snacks, stretch your belly and get outside for a minute. Group walks around the block are good, as long as no one in your party is the type who would vandalize the neighbors’ holiday decorations.

5) Reveal the winner.

This will elicit a series of cheers and boos. High-five your team and drink some water. Nice work.

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Name That Wolf: Finalists Announced in Wolf-Naming Contest

Oregon Wild has decided to give the wolf a new handle. It recently solicited names for the wanderlust wolf and ended up with more than 250 suggestions

Posted By on Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 7:07 PM

When you tromp 700 miles in search of a mate and meal in Oregon, that’s good enough to gain international notoriety. Well, at least that’s been the experience of OR-7 the youngest member of Oregon’s famous—or infamous, depending on where you stand on wolf recovery—Imnaha wolf pack. It’s been nothing but headlines over the past few weeks for the sable-coated wolf that wandered from Wallowas-based pack several months ago. Given all the attention to OR-7’s travels, Oregon Wild has decided to give the wolf a new handle. It recently solicited names for the wanderlust wolf and ended up with more than 250 suggestions, most of them from young students. The names poured from around the state, across country and even overseas.

The environmental group today announced that it has whittled the potential monikers down to five finalists. If you want to weigh in on the finalists and choose a name, visit Oregon Wild’s Oregon Wolves Facebook page and vote for your favorite. Ballots can be cast through Dec. 31. Here they are directly form the organization’s press release.

Arthur (Arttu)

from a 13 year old in Finland


from a 7 year old girl in Mountain Home, ID and an 11 year old in Dickinson, ND


from a 13-year old girl in La Grande, OR


suggested three times - from a 6th grade class in North Clackamas, OR, a second grader in St. Paul MN, and a second grader in Eugene


Middle name of a 14 year old boy born in Oregon now living in Oklahoma who is half Shoshone. The name means "friend".

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Typhoon Could Face Multi-Million-Dollar Fine Over Labor Violations

The popular Thai restaurant Typhoon! could pay handsomely for alleged labor violations related to its imported Thai workforce.

Posted By on Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 8:27 PM

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Structure Fire Near Downtown Bend

A house fire near Bond Street and Colorado Avenue has closed several streets near downtown Bend.

Posted By on Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 7:56 PM

downtown bend fire
  • downtown bend fire

UPDATED at 6:04pm with more details.

We've learned more about the house fire that decimated an abandoned home on Colorado Avenue near downtown Bend.

The Bend Fire Department says that the house on the property was fully involved when they arrived shortly after 11:30pm today and that two other structures on the property also caught fire.

Neighboring businesses lost their powerlines, but the 16 firefighters who arrived on the scene were able to keep the fire from spreading to other buildings, according to a press release. There were also no reports of injuries.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and traffic is now flowing freely through the affected area.


We just returned to the office after heading about four blocks down the road to investigate reports of a house on fire.

Indeed, there is a massive fire underway near the corner of Bond Street and Colorado Avenue, just behind the Bend Indoor Gardening Station building. The house on fire was reported to be in disrepair, but neighbors at the site told us that there had been some homeless people living in the home prior to the fire.

At the moment, both Colorado and Arizona avenues are closed, as is Bond Street. We'd suggest avoiding that area as traffic is already a mess and it appears fire crews will be on site for hours to come.

Here are some photos from the scene and we'll keep you posted as we learn more.





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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is Finally Here

Finally, a trailer of The Dark Knight Rises.

Posted By on Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 12:32 AM

Are you a Batman nerd who's been waiting impatiently for another look -- anything! -- about the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, the latest in the series of Christopher Nolan-directed films?

Well, today's your lucky day. And this film looks crazier than Nolan's previous efforts. It even has football, too!

So us Batman nerds are going to need to watch this about 17,000 times to keep entertained before the movie actually comes out in the summer of 2012.

You need to use a flashplayer enabled browser in order to view this video

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