Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cool Whychus River Re-route Video

Cool time lapse video provided by Deschutes Land Trust showing how crews used 10,000 cubic cards of dirt, rock and debris to restore Whychus Creek (formerly Squaw Creek) to its original flood plain channel through Camp Polk meadow.

Posted By on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 5:41 PM

Cool time lapse videos provided by Deschutes Land Trust showing how crews used 10,000 cubic cards of dirt, rock and debris to restore Whychus Creek (formerly Squaw Creek) to its original flood plain channel through Camp Polk meadow. The event which occurred on Tuesday is the culmination of 15 years of collaborative restoration work that involved multiple groups and public agencies and spearheaded by the Deschutes Land Trust, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council and the Forest Service.

The first video shows the damning of the Army Corps diversion channel, restoring the creek to its original floodplain path. The second shows an alternate angle of the restored channel as water trickles in.

You need to use a flashplayer enabled browser in order to view this video

You need to use a flashplayer enabled browser in order to view this video

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

G. Love and Special Sauce Ticket Giveaway, Free Stuff!

Want two free tickets to tomorrow's G. Love show? For free?

Posted By on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 5:01 PM

Want to hear the new, bluesy roots sound coming out of the G. Love and Special Sauce groove machine? See the video below, a cut of their song "Milk and Sugar" from their most recent release, Fixin' to Die.

Want to see them live at the Domino Room tomorrow night?

Then like us on the Facebook, and leave a comment that will make us laugh on this wintery day. We have two tickets to give away to some lucky bastards. 

Want to know more about the Philly phunkster? Read Bri's article where she sits down to talk to G. Love about life, his new sauce and his latest album.

You need to use a flashplayer enabled browser in order to view this video

G. Love and Special Sauce

8:30pm, Wed. February 29.

Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave. $21 at, $25 at door.

All ages.

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Former NFL Fullbacks Agree, Bend has Taste

At least that's one way to interpret the city of Bend's announcement that it has again been recognized as having the best tasting tap water in the region.

Posted By on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 1:26 AM

At least that’s one way to interpret the city of Bend’s announcement that it has again been recognized as having the best tasting tap water in the region. So what does a former NFL fullback have to do with it. Well, were not totally sure on that either. However, according to the city, the four-person panel that tasted 13 water samples as part of the Pacific Northwest’s Cascade to Coast subsection of the American Water Works Association included a brewer, a winemaker, a water systems analyst and a “former National Football League Fullback.”

So what credentials does a fullback have for determining the best tasting water? Well, if you’ve ever been to a August mini-camp you’d probably know that football players drink more water in a day than the average person does in a month. Or at least we presume they do since we’ve never been to an NFL camp either.

As far as the city water goes, it earned 95 out of a possible 120 points and qualified to compete in regionals. Which is sort of like the playoffs. See water and football have more in common than you thought.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Ski Then Eat: Waffle feed at Meissner Sunday

Don't go hungry.

Posted By on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 11:50 PM


Then ski some more. And eat more. There's never a bad time to eat waffles.

Ski a bit and enjoy some treats at the Meissner shelter on Sunday, Feb. 26 starting at 10:30 a.m.

And don't forget to drop donations for Meissner Nordic (the ones who do all the grooming and provide updates) in the box near the parking lot.

From their website: This is a fun family event. Ski out to the Meissner Shelter and partake in a delicious, authentic Norwegian style waffle cooked in the wood stove at the shelter. First come, first served. . .  see you there!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Owners at Thump Coffee: You may know them from such places at Jackson's Corner and 11R Coffee

New owners, same name and vibe.

Posted By on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 7:38 PM


That’s right, everybody’s favorite coffee shop has changed hands.

But wait, it’s actually a good thing. After five years of creating a space where hipsters, athletes, parents and professionals can happily sip their mocha-capp-aconos (whoa, that sounds like a fraternity) Kent Chapple and his wife Hazel have sold thump coffee to Jay Junkin, owner of Jackson’s Corner and Bobby Grover, founder of and roastmaster at 11 Roasters Coffee.

This fortuitous marriage of one of Bend’s most beloved cafes and one of its most popular locavore eateries should be a very good thing.

The transfer happened on Monday, Feb. 20, but as you may have noticed, there’s been no perceptible change in day-to-day operations. According to Chapple, the new owners plan to retain the familiar name and vibe.

“Customers shouldn’t see much of a difference,” Chapple said. Junkin, the Jedi-master of creating awesome restaurants that have a comfortable feel (former owner of Parrilla Grill), looks to make the transition as smooth as possible.

"We get how special the place is," said Junkin, who clearly knows how to create a space that people will go ga-ga for (ever been to Jackson's on burger night?).

As far as coffee, thump currently uses beans from Stumptown Coffee and “some select beans Bobby has been providing,” said Chapple, who for now will stay on as manager. In the future, though, Grover and 11R will work to create a "thump-brand" coffee bean, said Junkin, also a co-owner of 11R. Grover stressed that there will be no "cannonball" or other big changes to the successful cafe.

As for Chappel's plans, he's ready to start a new chapter in life and is expecting a baby this spring.

“We wanted to create a coffee shop like thump, we did that, and know it’s time to do something else,” Chappel said. “It’s time to spend more time with family and Jay and Bobby seem … it just seemed like the perfect opportunity,” Chappel said of the recent sale.

“It’s been a really amazing opportunity and we’ve been so lucky in the way we’ve been embraced,” Chappel added. “Sometimes there’s just this magic chemistry.”

Good luck to you Chappel and thanks for all the carefully crafted caffeine. 

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Don't Miss Draplin, The Dirtbag Turned Designer at AdFed Today

If you don't already have lunch plans, considering dropping in on today's AdFed presentation at St. Charles featuring former Bend resident and Portland's badboy of graphic design, Aaron Draplin.

Posted By on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 5:18 PM

If you don't already have lunch plans, considering dropping in on today's AdFed presentation at St. Charles featuring former Bend resident and Portland's badboy of graphic design, Aaron Draplin. Presentation starts at 11:30. Admission is $25 for members. Lunch included.

Here's our write-up from this week's Picks Page.

If there were such a think as a grunge rock graphic designer it would be Aaron Draplin. A former Bend snowboard bum who cut his teeth laying out pages for the Nickel Ads, Draplin has since turned the ad design world on its creative head with his renegade and often minimalistic takes. Whether designing ads for corporate clients or working up a campaign for a friend, Draplin doesn’t think outside the box, he crushes it under his heel. Hear him riff on advertising, design that doesn’t suck and why he likes to work in his underwear. St.Charles $25/members $45/non-members. Registration or 541-385-1992

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Revolution in the Pacific Northwest: First monthly Cascadia Party

The Horned Hand will host an open mic and a lineup of local bands to raise awareness and celebrate Cascadian independence.

Posted By on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 8:00 AM

Cascadians unite to celebrate their movement for independence.

The Cascadian independence movement is an ongoing project based on the principles of bioregionalism, sustainability, economic independence and social justice. The movement hopes to unite the bio region stretching from British Columbia to the Northern section of California, under the banner of The Doug (the Cascadian flag) and the region's unique cultural and geographic similarities.

Another way of saying, let’s make a new awesome nation in the Pacific Northwest where we can drink microbrews in the woods and be free! The Horned Hand will host an open mic and a lineup of local bands to raise awareness and celebrate Cascadian independence.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself to decide if the Cascadian Freedom Movement is right for you:

Do you ever feel that America is just too big?

Are you unabashedly in love with the Pacific Northwest and are you passionate about preserving its natural resources and beauty?

Do you feel that your interests are not appropriately represented by a geographically dislocated government?

Are you a free spirited, tree hugging, naturalist who supports alternative rock music, good beer and civil liberties?

 If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then get down to the Horned Hand to celebrate independence in solidarity with your brethren. When We Were Wolves are a multidimensional country-folk group ready to bring their newly formed sound right to your hungry Cascadian ears.

Blending bluegrass and rockabilly punk, Wild Eye Revolver have a knack for being anti-establishment and playing some damn good music. You may have seen these guys busking for cash in the breezeway a while back, but they have polished up their sound and will be rocking your Cascadian asses.

We are the Eastern front of the Cascadian region, let’s celebrate!

 First Monthly Cascadia Party

6pm, Sunday Feb 26

The Horned Hand, 507 NW Colorado Ave.





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Cops Crack 20 yr.-old Crook County Murder for Hire Case

Police made an arrest this week in a Crook County murder case that has vexed investigators for more than two decades.

Posted By on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 1:16 AM

Police made an arrest this week in a Crook County murder case that has vexed investigators for more than two decades.

George Shadrick Bogan and Thomas Allan Colbert were arrested this week following a two-year investigation by the Oregon State Police and the Grant County District Attorney’s Office. The pair have been charged with the murder of Danny Kaye Sweet, who disappeared from the home he was staying at in Mitchell in October 1992. A pair teenage hikers discovered Sweets skeletal remains near Mt. Vernon in Grant County four years later while the pair was searching for antlers.

However, it took more than a decade and a half for investigators to piece together enough evidence to charge Bogan and Colbert with Sweet’s killing. State police did not immediately disclose what led to the break in the case. However, an OSP press release issued Wednesday afternoon said that Bogan and Colbert were involved in drug trafficking and that Sweet owed drug money to Bogan who was then living in Prineville. A pair of secret indictments that were handed down by a Grant County Grand Jury in early February indicate that Sweet’s killing was a murder for hire with Bogan contracting with Colbert to settle his score with Sweet.

According to Grant County District Attorney Ryan Joslin, police arrested Colbert in Las Vegas on Wednesday at his Indian Springs residence. OSP officers from Bend and Roseburg arrested Bogan during a traffic stop near his home in Roseburg. Both men have been charged with murder and aggravated murder.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another one! New brewery to open in Sunriver

Area's newest brewery will open in Sunriver this summer

Posted By on Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 8:38 PM

Sunriver is getting it’s own brewery!

In what will be about the 15th brewery in the area to receive federal approval to brew, Sunriver Brewing Company plans to open this summer.

The owners are keeping extremely silent on the details, and declined to release information about the size of the brew system, the identity of the brewmaster, the styles of beers to be produced or the pub's menu. The owners will keep mum until opening, said Brian Cameron, one of the three co-owners.

“We are keeping the specifics under our hat until then,” said Cameron, whose brother is also a co-owner.

The brewery is moving into a space at the Country Village Mall and will operate as a true brewpub, combining brewery and pub operations at the location. The square footage of the space is around 3,600 feet.

Cameron did divulge that the pub will focus on contemporary fare using regional ingredients under the direction of Executive Chef Jeff Gill, also a co-owner.

“We’re going to have Oregon ingredients and keep it local as much as we can,” said Brian Cameron.

As to whether there is a brewery saturation point for the Central Oregon brewing industry, Cameron was unconcerned.

“I’m going to go ahead and quote Gary Fish who said… look at all the wineries around and people are going the same direction with microbreweries,” he said. “I don’t think we’ve seen the top of it, by any means.”

Stay tuned to the Source for all the latest brewery news!

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The Most Intense Music Video I've Seen?

Check out what just may be the most intense music video I've ever seen! Then grab some free music from Minneapolis duo, Aaron & The Sea.

Posted By on Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 8:01 PM

It easily could be!
Minneapolis duo Aaron & The Sea released a free EP last year for their song "Deja Vudu", and along with it, this shadowy, edge of your seat style video. I have it on good authority from a couple people, that you shouldn't watch this just before you go to bed. So hopefully the sun is shining bright where you are! Aaron & The Sea will be releasing their debut full legnth album on March 15th, and the first track, "There There Creature Creature" is also available as a free download. (it's what got me excited about them in the first place)

Aaron & The Sea - Déj Vudu from Aaron & The Sea on Vimeo.

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Trout Creek Closure Now Voluntary

Climbing at Trout is now up to you.

Posted By on Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 5:44 PM


So after the climbing community gave the Bureau of Land Management the business for its "emergency closure" of the popular crack climbing spot, the BLM rescinded and is now calling the closure "voluntary." See? Sometimes government agencies do listen.

As of Feb. 1, the Trout Creek climbing area was officially closed in an effort to allow golden eagles an opportunity to nest in peace. The thing is, the eagles haven't successfully procreated near the crags since 2002. Climbers argue that they're environmentalists too and want what's best for the land, but feel dissed after they were originally left out of the BLM's decision-making process.

Now the BLM seems to be listening. Friends of Trout Creek, a climbing community group, is calling the voluntary closure, an agreement reached on Feb. 17, a "a great gesture of good faith by the BLM."

Read more about the update in this week's issue of the Source. For background, see Kids and the Government in last week's issue.

Full press release from the BLM below:

BLM asks public to help protect golden eagles PRINEVILLE, Ore. – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Prineville District Office is replacing an earlier wildlife closure with a voluntary closure for the Trout Creek Recreation Area. This shift allows BLM to better communicate objectives, provide information about golden eagles and local habitat, and complete an ongoing environmental assessment analyzing management options with maximum public involvement.
The voluntary closure maintains open access on the developed Trout Creek Trail and between the Trout Creek Trail and the Lower Deschutes River.  Through the voluntary closure, the BLM asks the public to choose recreation locations other than those south and east (uphill) of the Trout Creek Trail until the BLM can determine if golden eagles will occupy nesting sites this year.  The nesting season for Golden Eagles begins February 1, and if nests are occupied, extends through
August 31.  
The Lower Deschutes Wild & Scenic River has abundant recreation opportunities, including fishing, floating, camping, wildlife and scenic viewing.  In addition to providing exceptional crack climbing, the local Trout Creek area includes traditional nesting habitat for golden eagles. Nesting raptors are sensitive to human disturbance. Monitoring data shows that golden eagles annually occupy nests in the local territory but have only successfully reproduced once since 2002. Representatives from the BLM Prineville District will work with local organizations and community groups to discuss alternate recreation opportunities while sharing responsibility to ensure nesting potential for golden eagles in the Trout Creek area.
The BLM balances the protection of natural resources while providing access and use to public lands.  If you’d like to be included in the mailing list for the environmental assessment for this project please email your contact information to: (Subject Line:  ATTN:  Trout Creek).

(photo: Ben Herndon,

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Fusion now does lunch and it's good

5 Fusion and Sushi Bar now open for lunch

Posted By on Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Hands down, 5 Fusion and Sushi Bar in downtown Bend has the best sushi around.

My problem: little kids at home mean dinners out are rare and, until recently, that’s put this restaurant mostly off limits for me.

But, now, 5 Fusion is now doing lunch from 11:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday and the menu is just as ambitious and creative as dinner and happy hour. Full disclosure: 5 Fusion invited the Source in to try the new lunch menu this week on the house. We would have been impressed even if it wasn’t free.

The menu is divided into three sections with small bites ($4), dishes ($8.95) and sushi plates ($11.95). The full sushi menu is also available.

The restaurant is earning the fusion part of its name with the new lunch. The Peking pizza is flatbread slathered with hoisin sauce underneath white cheddar cheese and studded with smoked duck— it was a big hit among our staff. Sliders of beef and kimchi, and a sandwich of panko pork and slaw on a brioche bun round out the globally-inspired dishes.

My favorite dish was the wok beans. They were smothered with a flavor-packed garlic soy sauce, but still crunchy. The spicy pork bulgogi—thin-sliced pork drenched in a sweet and spicy “Korean sauce”— was a close second. I wish I’d had more of the Shitake Soba, but by the time the deep bowl of buckwheat noodles and mushrooms in soy broth got back to my end of the table, it was nearly gone.

The highlight of the meal for me, though, was the sushi. The rolls are just so gorgeous with salmon, or eel or bright pink Ahi draped over the top of perfectly sized bites filled with super fresh ingredients. Roll names like The Geisha and The Steve McQueen make it all extra fun.

Everything is available for take-out and the full bar is open for lunch.


5 Fusion Sushi Bar

821 NW Wall St. #100, Bend


Lunch: 11:30 to 2:30, Monday through Friday

Dinner: 4 pm to close every day











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