Friday, May 30, 2014

A Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Issue

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Wonder what's in store for next issue's feature? Well, here's a hint for you. (Also: Check out our #FollowFriday on Twitter for more content clues.)

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Why #YesAllWomen is One of the Best #Hashtag Movements Yet

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#Hashtag movements have come and gone in Twitter’s history exciting social media activists everywhere. But #YesAllWomen, sparked by the violent sexism of Elliot Rodger the UCSB shooter, brings something new to the Twitter sphere that campaigns like #Kony2012 and #BringBackOurGirls couldn’t quite capture. #YesAllWomen gives the victims and activists of the movement a voice and places their personal stories front and center. Unlike other movements they become the key actors in spreading messages about feminism, rape-culture, misogyny and violence. These discussions are not being imported to Twitter from foreign countries but are instead being delivered directly from the victims to the perpetrators.


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Crossword Puzzle Answers 5/29

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday Mixtape!

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The Big Breakup

With the release of White Sea’s new album In Cold Blood—a self-described break up album—and the re-firing up of a new season of The Bachelorette on ABC, it seems appropriate to take a look at songs from some of the best break up albums ever, according to Britain’s The Telegraph.

After all, not only is White Sea’s Morgan Kibby pretty open about the fact that her first solo album is all about the end of a relationship, but she is also a huge fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, known for creating doomed pairings.

From Frank Sinatra’s divorce from Ava Gardner to John Grant’s scathing indictment of his ex-boyfriend, this Friday Mixtape includes some of the most gut-wrenching songs ever produced by jilted lovers. And kicking it off is “Small December” by White Sea. A piano driven ballad with quietly piercing vocals, the song depicts the tussle of wills that often precipitates the final gasp of a relationship on life support.

We caught up with Morgan Kibby at Sasquatch. Read the interview on BENT this week.

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SASQUATCH Interview: White Sea

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Morgan Kibby has cut her musical teeth in more ways than one. A solo artist as White Sea and member of the French electro pop group M83 for the last few years, Kibby has also lent her talents to movie trailers and television shows like HBO's popular series Girls.

Her debut as White Sea, In Cold Blood, is a self-described "break up" album and it's a very good one.

Last weekend Kibby appeared at the SASQUATCH! Music Festival and we sat down for a little chat shortly after her performance on the Yeti stage.

SW: Do you like doing interviews? Do you feel pressure to come up with really great answers to questions?

I don’t think it matters. I think as long as you are being truthful and genuine then it doesn't matter.

SW: Do you actually like to talk about yourself?

I like to talk about my work. I don’t like to talk about myself. I mean, who I am as a person is irrelevant I think. It informs my work but I think there is a very very thick piece of red tape between Morgan as a human being and my personal life and how that translates into my work. I’m always really excited to talk about my work. My personal life is boring. It’s not that interesting. I like people to be able to listen to my records and not superimpose my personal life onto the listening of the songs. I want them to be able to interpret [the songs] and have their own experience with the lyrics and the emotions that come. I like people to own the songs in their own way.

SW: Do you think it’s odd that there are strangers all over the country who are interested in you though?

I don’t think people are interested in me as a person. At least I don’t get that impression. It’s not like I’m fielding tons of emails or tweets or anything. I just get excited when people want to talk about my music.

SW: Okay, well then let's do that. Your debut album is titled In Cold Blood, what’s that referencing?

It’s not referencing the Capote novel, although it’s easy to think that. I love the expression and it came to me when I was trying to think of a title in the sense that this is a break up record. Myself, and a lot of other people that surrounded this very traumatic breakup for me, kind of divested themselves of any empathy or compassion and acted in ways, we all acted in ways, that I just didn’t even realize was possible. Good people acting very questionably. So this expression to act in cold blood is very appropriate for describing the experience I had when I lost my partner.

SW: I read where you said you are less of a storyteller and more of a stream-of-consciousness songwriter?

I guess it depends on how you define storyteller. I don’t think of myself as a storyteller. I think a lot of my lyrics come out more as a jot everything down, poetry type things. I try to string them together to make sense of them within the context of a song to make them cohesive. I make it work it somehow.

SW: So where does you song "They Don’t Know" come from?

I wrote that a very long time ago, almost 3 years ago. It was kind of a demarcation of the beginning of the end if you will of this relationship I was in.

SW: Okay. It is a bit brighter than some of the other songs on the album.

It is. Absolutely. That’s very perceptive.

SW: That brings me to my favorite song on the album, "Small December," a much better use of the phrase wrecking ball than that other song that is out there I might add.

(Laughs) I was so pissed when I heard that! I actually love that song as a pop song I think it’s fantastic, but when I heard it I was like you gotta be fucking kidding me.

SW: So is that song the low point of the album or a description of the time right before the low part? There does seem to be a struggle happening there.

That is the oldest song on the album. I must have written that 6 years ago. I think that’s why it sticks out a little bit like a sore thumb. It didn't necessarily fit within the context of the way I had produced the other songs. It’s a moment when I tried to be a little more vulnerable and just be honest in my sense of loss as opposed to constantly being angry. I feel like in the grief process of letting go, you know there’s those five stages of grief, I spent a lot of time in the anger stage and that’s where I wrote a lot of the songs from.

SW: You do have a way about your performances, you have a very passionate approach. Does that come from your connection to the music? Does it come from the voyeuristic nature of being on stage and having people watch you?

I’m a theatre kid. I’m just an emotive person and I don’t give a shit about trying to be cool to be honest. When I feel things I go for it. It’s not to everybody's' liking but I can’t help it. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck behind the keyboard, which is why in the White Sea set I like it when we play "Prague" because I get to come off the keys and really just sing which feels great. But sometimes it’s nice to have that as a shield and focus on playing my instrument and not get lost. It’s very easy sometimes to get lost in trying to connect with people in the audience and then it’s like you almost spiral down if you see people aren't with you, it can be very discouraging. So it’s nice to be able to hide sometimes. I hate talking to the audience. Anthony (M83) and I are the same way. You’re not here to hear me tell you what the name of this fucking song is. You want to listen to music so I’m going to play music for you.

SW: So speaking of relationships, I also read that you're a big fan of The Bachelor?

Yes! It’s so embarrassing! I think it’s pure comedy it’s totally ridiculous that these people come together and think that love is something you can find in three weeks. And I love the editors, I think they are really the stars. I think it’s hilarious. That’s not to diminish the fact that I think there are some very genuine people on the show who really are searching. It’s just a walk of life I don’t know. I would never in a million years consider putting myself out there like that.God that show is so good! That shit is comedy gold.
I’m convinced that they hire alcoholics to be on the show.

SW: I do think that this season, Andi might be one it in for the right reasons.

Andi is so adorable though and she is clearly really smart so I think it’s going to be a good season.

SW: And if it doesn't work out and she gets her heartbroken, she can always turn to your record!

Call me Andi!

Listen to White Sea's debut album In Cold Blood below.

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Newspaper on the Radio 5/29

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Free Beer!

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If you didn't spend your Memorial Day Weekend prepping your palate (and testing your tolerance) for Central Oregon's Third Annual Beer Week, you may want to start now. The Ale Apothecary gets the beer literally free-flowing tomorrow night at Crow's Feet Commons with samples of its hand-crafted, open fermentation brews including La Tache, Sahali and El Cuatro.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

City Council Roundup: New Fees, New Jobs

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Assistant City Manager Jon Skidmore explains the role of city staff in the planning of OSU-Cascades.
  • Assistant City Manager Jon Skidmore explains the role of city staff in the planning of OSU-Cascades.

The City of Bend is slowly, but surely, rebuilding its staff following the recession of 2008. Last night's City Council meeting provided a considerable boost to those efforts with the unanimous approval of nearly 21 additional full-time staff positions, a 4 percent increase.

Among the departments getting a boost are law enforcement, street operations, the sewer extra strength program, and planning. In discussion of the allocation of the new positions, some councilors raised concerns about whether these jobs would support the needs presented by the new Oregon State University Cascades campus.

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Newspaper on the Radio 5/22

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Meet the new Executive Director for BendFilm

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MAY 20, 2014
BendFilm BASH Brings the Bacon
BEND, OR—BendFilm will host the 4th annual BASH fundraiser 6—9 pm May 31, 2014, at the North Rim Lodge, 1500 NW Wild Rye Circle, Bend, OR 97701.

This year BendFilm celebrates its 11th anniversary by introducing new director, Todd Looby, and celebrating some of Bend’s best local artisans. Gourmet appetizers will be provided by Sunny Yoga Kitchen, Little Bite Cafe, DRAKE, Joolz, and La Magie. Boneyard Brewing, Oregon Spirit Distillers and Humm Kombucha will serve beverages. Local talent, Franchot Tone, will keep the party dancing with live music.

There will also be ample opportunities to win great prizes and BendFilm merchandise. All who purchase a ticket for the event will be eligible to win a 2014 BendFilm Festival Full Film Pass. There will also be a raffle to win BendFilm merchandise and a Full Festival Pass that allows free entry into every film and party. Tetherow Golf Resort will raffle off a dinner and overnight stay for two! Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at: or at the BendFilm office—1000 NW Wall St., Suite 260, Bend, OR 97701.

“The positive energy coming from BendFilm supporters is incredible,” Looby said. “Nothing says that more than the hard work and care our volunteer BASH committee put into hosting this event—not to mention the generous food, drink and entertainment sponsors. I am looking forward to meeting even more of our supporters at the BASH. It’s going to be a great time and I cannot wait to kick off our 11th year with some amazing people.”

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Weekday Happenings!

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Memorial Day weekend will bring a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities, races, concerts, and generally fun Bend stuff, but to get you warmed up, here's sampling of what's going on during the week:

The Source continues our Philip Seymour Hoffman retrospective with Capote. Trivia, prizes, and beer by Worthy Brewing! Wednesday, 7pm. Old Stone Church. Free.

Great music at two venues tonight!

Lisa Doll and the Rock 'n' Roll Romance. If Joan Jett grew up in Baltimore and not on the west coast, she’d have been Lisa Doll. Doll’s two-minute songs are all thwarted romance and updated bubble gum pop, delivered with a punky sneer. Her Neon Heat EP barely clocks in at 10 minutes in length, but that’s all the time she needs to get her point across. Check her out here.Wednesday, 8pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub. $5.

Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony. Queen-like harmonies and hammering piano lines, (think the near-perfect interlude to “Bicycle”) mixed with ’90s pop-punk and a minor ska influence, Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony are the power-trio dreams are made of. Based on their performance style and attire, we’re guessing these guys were raised in a carnival tent. Wednesday, 7pm. McMenamins Old St Francis School. No cover.

Have an excellent midweek adventure!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What in the World?

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Not quite unbelievable, but strange. Have a look, loyal readers.

Creepy Future: If Aldous Huxley's Brave New World still haunts your dreams, there's a batch of fine lit out there that touches on the human race's potential for a problematic future. This is just a brief introduction, since there's no Philip K. Dick work referenced. How'd he get left out? (via Wired)

The New-New Journalism: Are there medicinal applications for ayahuasca? Maybe (maybe not). But a veteran journalist is dedicating a new venture to the exploration of that shamanistic brew and other fringe medicinal treatments. (via Poynter)

Baader Meinhof: There have got to be a few concept albums out there about terrorist groups. But here's the rundown on a work focused on left-wing 1970s German militants Baader Meinhof. It's bizarre that this exists in the first place, but the fact that someone wrote about it almost 20 years after its initial release is even odder. (via the Quietus)

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