Sunday, August 31, 2014

PICK: The Great Duck Race

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RUBBER DUCKY—Although each yellow rubber ducky looks identical to the other ducks, the minor differences in manufacturing flaws, buoyance, and, of course, catching the right current and not getting caught in the weeds, makes all the difference for the 25th running of the Great Duck Race. 1:30 pm. Drake Park. Each duck costs $5. 
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

PICK: Grape Stomp!

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WINE—It is hard to be closer to your food than to be ankle deep in a vat of grapes picked from just a few feet away. The annual grape stomp is a fun and, yes, interactive activity for young and old. Please, though, clip your toenails and pluck your feet hair before jumping in. 10:30 am-6 pm. Maragas Winery, 15523 SW Hwy 97, Culver. $10. 
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Friday, August 29, 2014

MOVIE Recommendation: The One I Love

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Another Dimension
The One I Love Gives Away Too Much—and Too Little
By Allison Hallett

In 2012, Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza starred in Safety Not Guaranteed, a charmingly lo-fi genre-buster that, to great effect, merged time travel with a quirky rom-com. Duplass treads similar territory in The One I Love, another hipster-Twilight Zone offering about attractive white folk confronting circumstances entirely beyond their understanding.
Duplass plays Ethan, a husband trying to regain the trust of his wife Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) after he cheated on her. Their shrink sends them to an idyllic weekend retreat, in hopes that booze, weed, and sexy solitude will allow Ethan and Sophie to reconnect with the best versions of themselves and each other.
But The One I Love makes that hope dangerously literal: Ethan and Sophie are baffled to discover that the guesthouse is inhabited by their exact dopplegangers—except Other Sophie and Other Ethan are funnier, sexier, and more relaxed. Ethan, desperate to reconnect with his wife, is suspicious of her pliable stand-in, but Sophie is susceptible to the charms of a kinder, cooler version of her husband.
Duplass and Moss ably juggle their dual roles, toggling convincingly between "real" Ethan and Sophie and their mysterious counterparts. Their relationship struggles feel authentic and true-to-life, and director Charlie McDowell is careful to present both sides of their relationship with equal care.
That evenhandedness gets him into trouble, though, with the film's supernatural elements—Ethan's sense of imminent danger is offset by Sophie's delight in her new paramour, murking up scenes that are meant to be suspenseful. More problematically, the film botches the central mystery of where, exactly, these dopplegangers came from, by providing exactly the wrong amount of information: It gives away too much for the audience to enjoy any open-ended sense of mysterious or metaphorical possibilities, yet too little to allow any satisfaction that the mystery has been satisfactorily solved. For all its potential, the result is off-kilter and frustrating.

dir. Charlie McDowell
Tin Pan Theater
opens Fri. August 29
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PICK: Little Woody

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BEER—The Lexus of beer tasting festivals, Little Woody requests that brewers bring their A-game, asking for unique beers and, if possible, to age them in oak barrels, a style that adds contemplative dimensions to the beer. With music from Patrimony on Friday, Wilderness on Saturday. 5-10 pm, Friday; noon-10 pm, Saturday. 129 NW Idaho. $10 entry. $1 tokens (each drink cost 2-5 tokens). 
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PICK: Benefit Concert for Jake Costa

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friday 29
Benefit Concert at Volcanic
BENEFIT—If you’ve ever stepped foot in Volcanic Theatre Pub, you’ve probably met Jason (Jake Costa), the smiley fella behind the soundboard. Jason recently encountered some unexpected medical expenses and some of his (and our) favorite acts are getting together to help support him: Necktie Killer, Ryan Pickard and Portland’s Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devil and Machine. 8 pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Dr. $10 suggested donation.

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Friday Mixtape!

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What do a tighty-whitey-wearing, Ron Jeremy look-a-like R&B singer, a collaboration between rapper Astronautalis and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and a British pop-hop duo called Rizzle Kicks have in common? Pretty much nothing, other than the fact that all three have songs on this week’s Friday Mixtape; one full of randomness.

Nashville’s Tyler James and Jessica Maros—recording as Escondido—turn in a dusty, Southwestern ballad and U.K. pop songstress Banoffee sings as sweetly as the dessert she’s named after on her song “Let’s Go to the Beach.”

In all, 18 extremely likeable and very different sounding songs covering just over an hour of music are included. Just be sure to stick around for a dance party courtesy of Snakehips and the remixed track “Days With You” as well as handclaps from Shakey Graves’ brand new song “Dearly Departed” featuring the beautiful harmonies of Esme Patterson.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

PICK: Jeff Crosby and the Refugees

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  • Jeff Crosby and the Refugees
thursday 28
Jeff Crosby and the Refugees
MUSIC—Under a mop of blonde hair with a road-tested pop-perfect voice, Jeff Crosby comes from the Bruce Springsteen school of song writing. Mesmerizing storytelling about small-town, blue-collar day-to-day with a rock and roll edge is what he and the Refugees do best. 8 pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Dr. $5. 
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Mt. Bachelor Announces Season Pass Pricing and Pass-holder Perks

Posted By on Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 1:13 PM

  • Mt. Bachelor

With temps in the 90s and the river still packed with tubers squeezing the last drops out of summer, it's hard to think about ski and snowboard season. But we'll be checking snow reports before we know it. And with Mt. Bachelor season passes going on sale in September (and getting more spendy come October), it's time to gear up and start praying for some of that white stuff.

Here's the scoop season pass pricing:
Season pass rates purchased before September 30 are priced at $869 for adults. Young Adult (ages 19-26) pass prices will be $399; Teen (13-18) and Senior 70+ are priced at $289; passes for youth ages 6- 12 are priced at $179; passes for Seniors ages 65-69 are $559. Season passes for children younger than age 6 remain $29. Midweek, non-holiday prices for adults will be $589 for adults and $459 for seniors ages 65-69.

The price increase on season passes represents a $20 increase over last year’s prices for adults, and a $10 increase on most other pass products. All pass prices will go up on October 1.
But, wait, there's more:
Full season passes also come with “Pass Perks.” Each full season pass holder is entitled to up to three days of skiing or riding at each of Mt. Bachelor’s sister resorts: Copper Mountain, Colorado; Park City Mountain Resort, Utah; Boreal, California; Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort in Nevada and Killington, Vermont. Teen, Youth and Child full season passes come with unlimited skiing or riding at these sister resorts.
Can't pay all up front? That's cool:
Payment plans for season passes require a down payment of $49 for each pass ordered by September 16, with $20 serving as an administrative fee. Equal payments for the balance are due October 15 and November 15 and will be automatically charged to purchasers’ credit cards.
And don't forget the kids. FYI, these programs tend to sell out:
Seasonal childrens’ programs are offered in three- and nine-week configurations on Saturdays and Sundays, and serve a range of different interests.

“Mighty Mites” and “Mighty Riders” serve skiers ages 6 – 14 and snowboarders ages 7 – 14, respectively, and are priced at $149 for three-week sessions and $439 for nine-week sessions. Classes run from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day.

“All Mountain Skiers” and “All Mountain Riders” serve skiers ages 4 – 6 and snowboarders ages 5 – 6, respectively, and are priced at $159 for three-week sessions and $469 for nine-week sessions. Classes run from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day.

Childrens’ program payment plans require a down payment of $49 per child, with $10 serving as an administrative fee. Equal payments for the balance are due at the end of October and November and will be automatically charged to purchasers’ credit cards.
If you can't commit to the full season, here are the day pass prices:
Mt. Bachelor will hold the line on single-day lift ticket prices this winter, with adult single-day tickets offered at $79; Teen (ages 13-18) and Senior (ages 65-69) will be $67, and Youth (ages 6-12) and Seniors 70+ will be $47.
Need more info? Visit the Mt. Bachelor website.
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PICK: The Both

Posted By on Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 10:58 AM

  • Christian Lantry
thursday 28
The Both
MUSIC—Better recognized by their individual names, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo have teamed up to form the super group The Both, a mashup of Leo’s punky power pop and Mann’s melodious indie-folk. 6:30 pm. Athletic Club of Bend, 61615 Athletic Club Dr. $30. 
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Newspaper on the Radio 8/28

Posted By on Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 10:55 AM

Editor Phil Busse chats with Mike from 92.9 FM about the 8/27/14 issue of The Source Weekly, featuring our Fall Fashion pages and big news about the Mirror Pond Plaza

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Editor's Note: In this week's issue, fashion! And new staff.

Posted By on Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 4:10 PM

Perhaps because I always wished I were blessed with musical skills rather than writing abilities, I consider that the crew which puts together a newspaper is something like a band, with each person adding to the melody and voice of the paper. Yes, there are the front persons, like Bri Brey who consistently turns in her wonderfully readable stories about culture and music, and reporters like Erin Rook, who kicked up his jams this week to get to the bottom of why the City of Bend pulled the lease from Crows’ Feet Commons downtown plaza. But every bit as essential as these front voices to the paper is the rhythm band that provides the structure and teamwork to put out a paper each week. 
Last Friday, our long-time Production Manager, Jen Hornstein, who has been responsible for the fun and funny covers, and whom we adore for her calmness in the middle of “press day” storms, fell in love with a man from St Louis and is leaving for the Midwest. Yes, a change in staff can change the tune.
But we are thrilled to welcome Jessie Czopek, who recently relocated from Colorado. It is particularly exciting for us to find to someone of the Millennial Generation who is emphatically excited about print media! We made Jessie jump in with both feet as this is our annual Fashion Issue. What I particularly like about this year’s Fashion Issue is how recognizable the spots are—at Drake Park, at Noi Restaurant—and a big reason for that is that it was locally-produced by local designer N. Spekktor.
Yes, we are adding new voices to the mix. We hope you enjoy the fresh, new tunes.

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Skin Wars Viewing Party with Natalie Fletcher: Tonight at Silver Moon

Posted By on Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 12:59 PM

After winning last week's main challenge with a Rainbow Bright-esque decade theme painting, AND the previous week's camouflage challenge (GO NATALIE!) Skin Wars returns tonight on GSN. Natalie Fletcher will be watching the show at Silver Moon Brewery at 6 pm. Grab a pint, and root for our favorite local celebrity. 
Here's a sneak peek of tonight's issue from Natalie's Facebook. 

Here's a review of last week's episode. See you tonight, Bend! 

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