Thursday, April 30, 2015

Editor's Note: In this week's issue

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Three years ago, my Norwegian grandmother Bernice turned 100 years old. Leading up to her birthday, I spent a number of evenings interviewing her, and asking questions about her childhood and about growing up on a Wisconsin farm before there was electricity and phones and cars. But what struck me most was her answer to my question, “how do you feel like the world has most changed in your life?” 
“I have one granddaughter who is a doctor,” she told me, referring to my sister, “and another who is a successful business woman” (my cousin from Chicago), “and, a third who is in graduate school to become a psychiatrist.” She then added the context to those comments: “When I was born, women could not even vote.”
More than the invention of the automobile, or indoor plumbing, or telephones, or television, or moon landings, or the internet, what my grandmother noted in her 100 years was the opportunities and equality that women achieved during her lifetime. It was a humbling observation.
And, a lot has changed even in the nearly 20 years since the Source first started publishing its “women’s issue,” and also nominating a “woman of the year” (like, for example, the Bend Chamber of Commerce also started naming a “woman of the year” this year as well!).
We are pleased to examine some of the struggles that women still face, but also are very pleased to announce Dr. Shirley Metcalf, the new president of COCC, as our woman of the year—and, with her appointment that she brings the total to 10 out of 17 of community colleges in Oregon led by women.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Crossword Puzzle Answers (4/29/15)

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Tell Us How You Really Feel: The F-Word

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Feminism. It's a word with a rich history, that elicits a broad range of reactions and responses from women and men alike. What does it mean, and who can (and does) lay claim to the label "feminist"?

As we prepare to release our annual Women's Issue next week, we want to know how men feel about the word, the idea, and the label. MUSE Women's Conference recently tackled this question, asking men "Are you a feminist?" and "Who are feminists?" Check out their video below, and take our survey to share your thoughts. 

Are You a Feminist? from World Muse on Vimeo.


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California and Southern Oregon: Blasting Wind and a Surprise Storm

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The Volcano Tour kicked off with a series of setbacks that altered our plans right off the bat. First, the California Cascades got up to two feet of snow several days before we left Bend, blocking access to the trailhead we needed for Lassen Peak. So, Mt. Shasta became our first objective. Our plan was to spend the first night camping at Helen Lake, at about 10,400’ and then head for the summit at 14,179’ the following morning. We arrived in Mt. Shasta City on Friday evening and stopped to pick up extra batteries and water. To our dismay, we discovered that The Goat Tavern, where we planned to enjoy a post-climb beer and burger, had gone out of business. We found a quirky pizza joint whose entertainment included ancient looking vending machines with temporary tattoos, questionably old gumballs and a “Love Meter” that we fed quarters to learn our sex appeal (my rating was sadly low). But the pizza was good and they had Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA on tap. With fully bellies, we headed up to the mountain and found a place to camp for the night.

On Saturday morning, we loaded up heavy packs and made our way up toward Helen Lake. It was slow going as we adjusted to the weight on our backs, but we got used to it and made good timing, reaching camp in just over three hours. The weather was sunny with storm clouds shifting through, dropping snow flurries, but it wasn’t too cold. The wind, however, was blustery and powerful gusts were increasing as we made camp and cooked soup, hot tea and hot cocoa. We watched snow getting launched over the ridge above us and occasionally making its way down to us. It felt like getting blasted in the face with sand, and with wind burned faces, we retreated into the tent and set an alarm for 3 am.

Those aren't clouds. That is snow getting blasted in every direction by the wind.
  • Those aren't clouds. That is snow getting blasted in every direction by the wind.
At 3 in the morning, the wind had not let up, and combined with the bitter cold, made for a restless night. Concerned about the risk of a wind slab avalanche on the exposed face we intended to climb, we decided not to attempt the summit on this trip. After 14 uncomfortable hours in the tent, we braved the wind, packed up and skied back down to milder conditions.

From there, we booked it back to Oregon and camped at the summit trailhead at Mt. McLoughlin. The weather was sunny and forecasted to continue improving through the week, so we were feeling optimistic and excited. On Sunday morning, we took our time drinking coffee before hitting the trail around 10:30 am. Compared to Mt. Shasta, we expected a mellow day, with about 4,000 feet of climbing to Mt. McLoughlin’s 9,495 foot summit. The hike was relatively mellow, although the wind reappeared during the final 1,000 feet to the summit, gusting strong enough at times to knock me sideways. The ascent was just steep and icy enough for the wind to stir up my fear, and as I kicked my crampons into the snow, I pleaded with the wind for a break. This time, it did give us a break and we successfully reached the summit, snapped some photos, and switched over to skis for a long ride down the northeast bowl and back to camp. The skiing was tough—a grabby, breakable crust—but the views were incredible. We could see the Crater Lake Rim, Mt. Bailey and Mt. Thielsen to the north, Mt. Shasta to the south, and Fourmile Lake and Klamath Lake down below.

Aaron skiing NE bowl of Mt. McLoughlin with Fourmile Lake below.
  • Aaron skiing NE bowl of Mt. McLoughlin with Fourmile Lake below.
Skiing the NE bowl of Mt. McLoughlin.
  • Skiing the NE bowl of Mt. McLoughlin.
Back at the trailhead, we opened celebratory beers (Deschutes Pine Drops IPA) and began cooking dinner. We noticed the temperature had dropped and clouds rolled in, but with the sun low in the sky and a sunny forecast for the week, we didn't think much of it. Then it began spitting rain and lightly hailing, but we laughed, thinking it was just a passing squall. By the time it was dumping snow, we were running back and forth from the picnic table to the car, throwing gear wherever it would fit. We devoured our dinner in the car and then headed out, intending to drive to Mt. Bailey via Medford and the Crater Lake Hwy. As we turned from the forest road to the highway, a full on white out had descended on us. Crawling through the snow at maximum speeds of 25 mph, I was still in denial, thinking that this storm would soon dissipate as quickly as it had appeared. But that didn’t happen. The snow stayed with us almost the entire way to Medford, and exhausted, we pulled onto the first quiet forest road we found and called it good for the night.

In the morning, we woke up to sunshine and blue skies, surrounded by forest of old growth blanketed in sparkly white snow. Feeling revived from the previous night’s ordeal, we made our way up Crater Lake Highway toward Diamond Lake, where  we would spend the next two days climbing and skiing Mt. Bailey and Mt. Thielsen. To be continued... 

Camp along Crater Lake Highway.
  • Camp along Crater Lake Highway.

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Friday Mixtape: Letters From the Sky

Posted By on Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 10:13 AM

By Josh Gross

On Tax Day, April 15, this reporter's new personal hero, Doug Hughes, landed a one-man ultralight helicopter on the lawn of the U.S. capitol. But he wasn't any ordinary Doug Hughes; he was an actual mailman who had come bearing mail for all members of Congress, letters in protest of the influence of money in politics. If that's not brassy enough to deserve a mixtape, then we don't know what is. So here it is Doug: a collection of songs about the mail, letters, and the postman, everything from The Marvelettes to 2Pac. To deepen the theme, it starts with "Letters From the Sky," by Civil Twilight, and ends with "Letters to the President," by Hawk Nelson.

Spotify playlist:


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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crossword Puzzle Answers (4/22/15)

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Mixtape: Side Projects

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Written by: Josh Gross

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer once famously blew up at a reporter that asked a question about Weezer bass player's side-project, The Rentals.

A new album just dropped from The Relationship, a band made up of second-fiddle members of Weezer, U.S. Bombs, and The Bravery, which chose its name based on the idea of collaboration instead of being lorded over by their respective auteurs. It's a solid album. And it got us thinking, "hey, there's probably one or two other side-projects out there worth highlighting."

A lot more music than you might realize is considered to be a side-project, not its creators primary occupation. Bands like Gorillaz, or Atlas Sound, or The Dead Weather, or The Postal Service, were all big hits in their own rite, but would be big hits with Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, because they're all served on the side. Zing! So we took a buncha those bands and others and made a mixtape.

Spotify playlist:


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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Random Acts of Netflix: Heavenly Sword

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Hey folks! Jared here. Every Thursday I'm going to go on, and then watch whatever the damn thing tells me to. In case you haven't heard of Netflix Roulette, it's basically a silly website that allows you to SPIN a virtual wheel which then chooses a film or TV show at random out of the deepest crevices of the streaming service. My three rules are that I'll only watch films I haven't seen before, I won't REVIEW any sequels unless we've reviewed the original already and that I won't cheat and I'll review whatever it tells me to on the first spin. Hopefully we'll find some hidden gems or some even more hidden garbage piles! Enjoy my pain and/or joy. 


This Week's Film: Heavenly Sword (2014)

Written by Todd Farmer. 

Directed by Gun Ho Jang.

Voice Actors: Anna Torv, Alfred Molina, Nolan North, Ashleigh Ball and Thomas Jane.

What's it About: Nariko (Torv) is a disappointment to her father. She was supposed to be "The Chosen One" but instead she is just a stunningly beautiful warrior badass who kills fools in seconds. When the invading King Bohan (Molina) kills her pops and fucks up her entire village searching for the legendary Heavenly Sword, she goes on a two-fold mission: One- To deliver the sword to the rightful "Chosen One," some bastard son of her father's she never knew existed. Two- To deliver a steaming pile of revenge on King Bohan and all of his armor plated minions. With her extremely creepy sister Kai, she will travel the land making things bleed for peace. 

Is It Good: Nope. Not even a little. While some of the environments are pretty well developed and some of the voice acting is good, there is nothing here to recommend outside of the fact that it made me kinda want to play the video game.

See, Heavenly Sword is a Playstation 3 game and the Heavenly Sword film was developed from archived footage that was unused for the game by Andy Serkis, the motion-capture genius behind Gollum and Caesar from the new Planet of the Apes films. Serkis was hired to do voice acting and motion-capture work for King Bohan while also being Dramatic Director and one of the writers for the game. They had so much footage of their tests and so much extra character movements that they decided to experiment and see if they could turn that footage into a movie. I suppose their was enough for a movie, but that doesn't mean it necessarily should have been made.

The story is so rote, even down to the face that there's a damned Chosen One. It's nice that the film is trying to be fairly feminist when it comes down to the fact that the two heroes of the entire film are females, but one of them is crazy and the other one is in a thong the entire time. The dudes don't wear belly shirts and assless chaps, so I don't think it's a cultural thing, it's just because boob physics and scantily glad warrior maidens are popular in video games and that carried over to the film.

The pacing is rotten with every scene being way too short to impart anything that gives a sense of character, scale or setting. Every moment of the film seems designed to set-up another boss-fight, which the entire film is comprised of, one after another. And since the story of the actual heavenly sword itself just feels like a feature length Macguffin, then there's no reason to care about the outcome. We never really care about Nariko or Kai or anyone, really. It's just an excuse for CG fights and battles, some of which are kind of fun, but they mostly are stiff and fall as flat at the graphics we're looking at.

Link to the Movie: If you insist. 

Grade: D (half a grade up for the Anna Torv, Alfred Molina and Ashleigh Ball's voice acting)

Favorite Line: "Kai likes to make blood"- Kai

Next Week: Preservation 
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editor's Note: In this week's issue

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It is almost like an unofficial film festival this week, with nearly every evening over the next seven days hosting some remarkable, one-of-a-kind film event—and not just a great film, but live “performances” to provide something that you simply can’t get from renting the movie at home. 
On Thursday, in anticipation of TEDxBend this weekend, Bend Film is hosting a special screening of Add The Words, a documentary about a hard fought battle in Idaho to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the state’s human rights act. The film first screened at the Bend Film Festival, and Nicole LeFavour, one of the state legislators who is profiled in the film, returns for her talk on Saturday at TEDxBend, and also will be present at a screening on Thursday evening (6 pm) for a pre-film Q&A with me..
And then this weekend, back-to-back: On Saturday, Banff Film Festival World Tour swings through town; each stop on this 200 city tour is catered to the location, with sports matching the location, although that probably presents some struggles for the organizers who will need to make the festival a grab bag of kayaking, snowboarding and mountain biking films.
Then, on Sunday, a lecture by Larry Groupé, a film composer and, rounding out the week, a very special screening of the Breakfast Club, which we modestly are declaring the greatest 30th anniversary celebration in the country—and, why not, we have the film’s cinematographer on location for a Q&A and are hosting a costume contest.
Yes, it is quite a week for film in Bend.

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Scam Alert: Man Posing as Sheriff's Staff Asking Residents for Money to Clear False Warrants

Posted By on Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 11:19 AM


Have you ever missed jury duty? If you're one of that (dare we say vast) majority of of people who tosses their jury notices in the recycling bin, don't be duped by an official-sounding fellow with an intimidating proposition. 

According to Sgt. Aaron Harding with the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, a man has been calling local residents, claiming to be Sheriff's Office staff, and telling people that a warrant has been issued for their—on account of missing jury duty. He then advises them they can only clear up the issue by making a payment. 

"The Sheriff’s Office wants the public to know that this is a scam, and that they should never send someone money without verifying the information they are being provided first," Harding writes in a release. "It is not common practice for the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office to advise a citizen they have a warrant over the phone. In most cases, a citizen with a warrant will be contacted in person, and the Deputy will have proper credentials when serving the warrant."

If you get one of these calls, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office asks folks to report it at 541-693-6911.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Crossword Puzzle Answers (4/15/15)

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Local Climbing Competition is Friendly Competition

Posted By on Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 10:54 AM

A large crowd of parents, coaches, climbers and onlookers gather in the center of the Bend Rock Gym as Melina, a top female and overall competitor pulls, presses and grips her way up the 50-ft rock wall. She is poised to take first place at the SCS Local Competition—if she can make it to the top of this particular route. This route is considered the second hardest of the competition and has yet to see a single ascent. But Melina is climbing it with ease and its not before long that the crowd is cheering her along as she reaches the final holds of the route, guaranteeing first place at the competition. 

Meanwhile, there are 49 other routes and approximately 100 other competitors either climbing or resting before there next climb. Teams from Portland, Spokane, Seattle and of course Bend have all come to participate in this friendly competitive event. For many of the climbers this is a stepping stone towards regional or even national competitions. But for most it’s about enjoying climbing and cheering each other on.

Parents and competitors alike show little stress or concern for the outcomes of their climbs. Sure, some climbers show disappointment but nothing seems to last longer than time it takes to tie-in for their next climb. Some parents are gathered along the bouldering mats eating boxed lunches and enjoying a relaxed view of the competition. Cheers flow easily from every corner of the gym and to every climber on the wall. 

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