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Breakfast + Lunch Guide 2015

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Sparrow Bakery - ANNELIE KAHN
  • Annelie Kahn
  • Sparrow Bakery

As Bend continues to grow, so too does its food scene. And while dinner tends to get all the attention, we think breakfast and lunch are equally worthy of celebration.

Think about it: Eating breakfast for dinner is a thing. Dinner for breakfast? Not so much. That is, unless you’re eating last night’s pizza. (Always a solid option.)

But if you’re craving cardamom French toast, biscuits and gravy, or a classic Rueben, come this way. Let us guide you through Central Oregon’s remarkably diverse array of dining options for the daylight hours.

And because those first meals of the day aren’t necessarily going to be at a fancy table, with cloth napkins and mood lighting—we included sections for coffee shops and food carts. (We see you with the breakfast bagel answering email on your laptop.) We also included some suggestions for which spots are most kid—or dog—friendly and which would be good for a lunch meeting.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go forth and brunch!

Browse our breakfast and lunch listings HERE, or flip through the guide below.

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Indulgences on a Budget

Treat yourself...realistically.

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To indulge oneself doesn't always have to break the bank. Some of the greatest pleasures in life are reasonably priced or even cheaper than that. Here are ten things that cost between absolutely nothing and $165.00 that can either be purchased locally or from Etsy that I (somewhat) guarantee will make your life better (for at least a little while).

1- Breakfast ALL DAMN DAY at McDonalds: Yes, it is not real food and also terrible for you, but ordering an Egg McMuffin at 2am is a type of freedom this country has never had and maybe never deserved. Now that the Sausage McMuffin is on the dollar menu, your dreams are Ronald's command. $1.00- $2.79

2- Buying DVD's from Cash Connection: Normally, Pawn shops are grim places, but Cash Connection is filled with friendly workers who are great at hiding their judgements. With thousands of DVD's to choose from (the stock of which get replenished every morning), you never know what you might walk out with. In one trip I got Master and Commander, Boogie Nights, Roadhouse and Memento. $1.75 a movie or $1.00 a piece if you buy 20 or more.


3- The Complete Breaking Bad on DVD or Blu: While the tale of Walter White has concluded, it shall live on in us forever. What better a way to celebrate such knowledge than to own all 62 precious episodes in one beautiful box filled with bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes and commentaries for your listening and viewing pleasure. $164.99

4- A Wrap of Khan from Parilla: While this reporter prefers it with chicken, one can also choose steak, pork or veggies if in a pinch. The combination of the chicken with the bamboo, peanut sauce and corn salsa is lovely, but if you add black beans, spinach and a fat line of red hot Secret Stash sauce, the burrito becomes something close to a spiritual awakening. $8

5- Happy Hour at Sonic: From 2-4pm every day of the week, Sonic knocks the prices of its drinks, teas and slushes down by half, and after 8pm you get ½ off of all the shakes. It doesn't matter what the mood you're in, a cherry lime-aid will always make it just a little bit sweeter. The peanut butter milkshake, however, will just make you sleepy. $1.50-$3.00


6- All seven Fast & Furious movies in a box that looks like a tire: It's all seven of 'em!! In a box that looks like a tire!! It has the bad ones (#2 & #4) the weird one (Tokyo Drift) and the completely badass ones (#1 & #5- #7). Even if you have no interest in cars, watching The Rock fight Jason Statham has something for everyone. $49 DVD or $59 Blu


7- Free meals on your birthday: Here's how to do it: You get free pancakes at IHOP in the morning, followed by a lengthy nap. Then you get a free 6'' of your choice at Togo's, followed by a brief nap. Then wrap it up with a free buffet at Izzy's and then a free drink at the D&D, followed by a coma. Best and possibly loneliest birthday ever. FREE

8- Used video games from Best Buy: Dragon Age: Inquisition for $20 is the gift that keeps on giving. Fight all manner of orcs, dragons and monsters while staying snug inside your pajamas. With the release of the XBOX One and the Playstation 4, last gen systems like the XBOX 360 and the PS3 are basically giving away their games. Take advantage of progress. $9.99-$19.99

9- Walking: Seriously, seriously underrated. While driving and riding bikes are still the #1 and #2 most popular forms of transportation, with walking you don't even need a destination in mind. Just look left or right, forward or back, and go. Even fences or chains won't keep you from exploring the direction of your choice. FREE


10- A Necklace of Drake looking emotional: Is he sad? Is he angry? Bad BM? The world may never know, but sometimes we do need reminding that Drake is people too and he can't always look so distant and aloof. Sometimes he needs to feel and sometimes, just sometimes, we need to see how he feels and judge him for it. $12 on Etsy. 
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Crossword Puzzle Answers 9/23/2015

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Sage Grouse Continued

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This week our Feature focused on The Endangered Species Act and the Sage Grouse Initiative. "In 2010, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made a decision that set in motion what many are calling a landmark transformation in how the nation recovers imperiled wildlife," Lisa Seales write. "Ordinarily, the sage grouse's situation might land it on the federal endangered species list, ushering in much-feared land-use restrictions. But the agency declined to list the bird, not because it didn't need protection—listing was warranted, it declared—but because other creatures needed it more. Instead, the agency promised to make a final call on sage grouse by September 30 of this year."

For more information on this topic the article can be accessed here:

On October 16th, the High Desert Museum opens a new exhibit titled "Sage Grouse: Icon of the Sagebrush Sea." The exhibit follows on the heels of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s determination to list the bird under the Endangered Species Act. A final decision by the agency is expected to be announced in September 2015. Photographer Noppadol Paothong to speak at opening reception on October 16th.

The full press release from High Desert Museum about this exhibit can be seen below.


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Bend Whitewater Park Open

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After a long anticipated wait, the Bend Whitewater Park is set to open to the public today at 5 pm.

However, the project isn't fully complete and there are some limitations to the opening. The floaters' channel will be open to float through, but the whitewater channel can only be accessed from below the bridge, either from McKay Park beach or Miller's Landing. Until further work is done on the whitewater channel, access will be closed to entering it from upriver of the bridge.

Next summer when McKay Park is fully complete there will be a big community dedication. In the meantime, community members are invited to celebrate the first opening of the park tomorrow at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe Pickin' & Paddlin' event. 

"We will be celebrating the park’s soft opening in conjunction with the last Pickin’ and Paddlin’ party of the season," said Jayson Bowerman, project partner and Bend Paddle Trail Alliance board member. "Weather should be warm and sunny, and people will be taking to the water to try the waves. Two of our four are working well at this low water level, and the top two waves will yet need some tuning before they show their true selves next season at high water."

The music at Pickin' & Paddlin' begins at 4 pm, Saturday, with Doc Ryan, followed by local legend Franchot Tone at 5 pm. The Renegade String Band takes the stage at 6 pm blending swing, blues, and bluegrass till 9 pm. 

The full press release from Bend Park & Recreation District about the opening of the whitewater park is attached below. 

Nine time US Freestyle kayak team member Dustin Urban enjoying the park's bottom wave during testing the other day. Three of the four waves are named in memorial of folks from the river community. This one is named to honor former Bank of the Cascades VP and avid raft captain Jason "TL" Mitchell. 


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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crossword Puzzle Answers 9/16/2015

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Crossword Puzzle Answers 9/9/2015

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Crossword Puzzle Answers 9/2/2015

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wes Craven (August 2, 1939 - August 30, 2015)

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The first time I ever remember getting scared from a movie was when I walked in on my older cousin watching Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors. A skinny, awkward young mental patient was fooling around with a beautiful, partly naked nurse on a hospital bed. Just when things were getting pleasant for everyone, she spit long, Freddy Krueger-ish tongues at his hands and feet, trying him to the bed, which fell away and left him suspended over a fiery pit of hell. This not only left me afraid of nurses, tongues and hell, but introduced me to the seminal Wes Craven creation: Freddy Krueger.
Craven passed away last Sunday from complications to to the brain cancer he had quietly and privately suffered from. By all accounts, he was a soft spoken, gentle and brilliant man with a fascination for philosophical conversations and a love of walking around the horror sections of video stores and shooting the shit with anyone he could.
Thousands of words have been written about the man since his passing, so I thought I would share the words of some actors that have worked with him in the past that might not have been so disseminated already.

Michael Berryman, who played Pluto in The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2 had this to say: "I just received a phone call with the news. Wes Craven friend and my Director...thank your for the years that we shared and grew as storytellers..thank you for freedom to create and express your vision with our extended family...We really did 'Hit it out of the park!!' Our Team is a little smaller today...and tonight I am saddened but grateful for our adventures. Travel Well My Friend...'Pluto'..."

Rose McGowan played Tatum Riley in the original Scream (she had the classic death by cat door) kept it simple and elegant: "I adored Wes Craven. He was the loveliest, the kindest and gentlest director I ever worked with. You're irreplaceable."

W. Earl Brown was Kenny the Cameraman in the original Scream and had a wonderful story to tell: "I first came out to Hollywood in 1993, to "try it out and see how things go…" I had luck right off the bat - I got a pilot and a tv movie. I called Carrie and said, "We have to move out here, this is low-hanging fruit." So, we did. My pilot did not get picked up and the movie was barely a blip on the tv screen. We had left Chicago behind to start over, and it was back to square one. For seven months, I got nothing. Nada. Zilch. Then I was called about a "new Wes Craven" film…
Thanks to my friend Gary Zuckerbrod, I booked a role in New Nightmare. It was a one day role as the Morgue Attendant. After a long night shoot at an abandoned hospital, I was changing out of wardrobe, when there was a knock on my door. It Wes. He just wanted to thank me for doing his movie, and he said he thought that I had something special, saying we would work together again.
We did work together again, on his next two films: A Vampire in Brooklyn and Scream.
Wes and I became friends. We would meet for lunch or breakfast every six months or so, just to keep up. Those meetings went on for several years, in fact. We would talk about movies and show biz of course, but usually the conversations would turn to religion and philosophy. He was extremely bright and had led a very interesting life. I learned a lot from him over the years.
When Wes remarried, and moved offices, we fell out of touch. Our paths would cross every now and again, and it was always wonderful to see my old friend.
The news of his passing today leaves me with a very heavy heart. Wes was such a kind, humble, and warm person - this world is poorer without him in it. Goodbye, my friend. At least now, you have the answers to all those Big Questions."


And finally, Lin Shaye, who acted in Nightmare on Elm Street and New Nightmare wrote: "Bewildered and sad... .He was kind, quiet, supportive, warm, and a visionary .I remember "auditioning" for him.... for a twilight zone episode I did for him. He just radiated from the back of the room, with unexpected rosy cheeks which he always seemed to have, and filled you and the space he occupied with humility, humanity and confidence. I was "Bob Shaye's little sister" but he saw me as "Bob Shaye's little sister who was an actress, " and who gave me what would become my first "mainstream shot" in Nightmare on Elm Street" which none of knew would become what it has become in the lexicon of horror film. I have not seen him in a long time, and he will never know how often I have thought of him with his welcoming presence and radiance. RIP seems too simple....may his spirit soar...that is how I knew the little bit of Wes that I knew."

Wes Craven wasn't just a horror filmmaker. He changed the conversation and the landscape not once, but twice. With the original Scream, he dragged a barely chugging horror climate into the post-modern era (for better or worse). He made a great zombie movie (The Serpent and the Rainbow), a horrific home invasion chiller (Last House on the Left), and multiple underrated classics (Shocker, People Under the Stairs, The Hills Have Eyes). More than that, it seems that he left an impression on every person he met and treated everyone with the respect they deserved.

Fred Krueger was the name of Craven's childhood bully that he feared growing up. He turned that fear into art that helped million of people simultaneously confront their own primal terror, but also find new shit to be scared of. More abstract things that couldn't do real damage. He wasn't just a genre filmmaker. He was a therapist who smashed you with images so disturbing that fear became an abstract concept like five dimensions or country music. Don't take my word for it. Craven says it best himself:

"The first monster you have to scare the audience with is yourself."

Wesley Earl "Wes" Craven (August 2, 1939 - August 30, 2015)

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