Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Say it ain't so! 5 Signs You Have the Dreaded "Beer Fatigue."

Reaching for that cider? The kombucha? Think we should have a Vodka Trail? We feel you.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Business hurting after this summer's fires? SBA announces help

Low-interest loans available for working capital

Posted By on Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 3:24 PM

If you spent anytime in Central Oregon in August and September, then you know the word that was on the tip of everyone's tongues: Fire.

Fires including the Milli Fire, the Nash Fire and many others caused hazardous air quality and shut down many events, including the Sisters Folk Festival. With people forced to stay inside—or even vacate the area all together to avoid the smoke—local businesses struggled.

click image A screenshot of the real-time air quality index on Aug. 30, when fires raged throughout Oregon.
  • A screenshot of the real-time air quality index on Aug. 30, when fires raged throughout Oregon.

While some of that impact can't be recouped, today, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office sent reminder today, announcing that as of  Nov. 16, the U.S. Small Business Administration would be offering low-interest federal disaster loans for small businesses affected by the Milli and Nash fires, which happened from around Aug. 10 to Sept. 25. SBA officials say the SBA "acted under its own authority to declare a disaster" following a request from Gov. Kate Brown.

The deadline to apply is Aug. 16, 2018. To apply, visit this link:

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Meanwhile in Canada... A Moose is on the Loose

A moose made national headlines when it darted onto highways, crashed through fences and generally did scared moose things for more than eight hours in Canada

Posted By on Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 9:50 AM

  • CTV News Barrie
In a news story that could only happen in the great white north—and may just be every Canadian news anchors dream— a young, 800-pound moose wreaked havoc in the busy residential streets of the suburban town of Markham, just on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. 

For more than eight-hours, Toronto Police, animal control, drones and bewildered spectators watched as the moose avoided cars, scaled fences and ran... like the wind.

Below, a complete, not-so-serious, play-by-play transcript. Scroll to see the full video from CTV News Barrie.

Stoic News Anchor:
"To say it's been a WILD day in Markham, would be an understatement. A MOOSE was roaming around in a highly populated area from the Buttonville airport, darting through traffic and into yards.
Let's go LIVE..."

Clearly stoked yet equally stoic reporter: (shaking head sideways, downwards, all around, nodding in agreement, disagreement? Who knows.)

And... WHAT A DAY IT WAS TONY (pause) Police were led on a (wait for it) wild moose chase... and at one point, the Ontario Provincial Police considered shutting down Highway 404. There were tense moments today for a young moose lost in the city of Markham.

- Cut to headline, "Moose on the Move." -


Soundbite #1—Impressed Woman: "I literally walked out and there was this moose that came flying right into the field.

Soundbite #2—Not-so-Impressed Woman 2: "No... I mean, I was very surprised to hear there's a (wait for it)... moose on the loose."

Still stoked news reporter: "For more than eight hours, wildlife experts tracked, the moose's every move. On the ground, in the air, watching it dodge cars and tracks, trying to find it's home (wait for it) in the wild...

Canadian Police Officer sporting an epic mustache and a no-nonsense attitude who clearly likes acronyms:
"We wanna back off. Use our UAV, locate it, let it settle down and get the MNR in there and hopefully they can tranquilize it."

- cut to police dashcam footage of moose running in the suburbs -

News reporter:
..."A brush with nature, people here soon won't forget."

Confused resident: "Yes, it's very strange....we've had ah... deer here.. and... foxes? But never moose. It's pretty amazing.

Canadian Police Officer: "THIS IS the first moose I've ever heard of this far south and when you're dealing with a large animal like this (cut to footage of moose scaling a fence), much like a horse (horses can't climb fences c'mon on), you have to have the respect for the large animal because (wait for it) the animal CAN't communicate with the person.

Still stoic News Reporter:
 "I give that jump over the fence. A perfect ten."

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New on Bend Ticket: Flobots, Karl Denson, drag shows & more

In case you missed it—here are shows you should know about

Posted By on Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 12:41 PM

Bust out your calendar—here are the newly-announced Bend and Central Oregon shows, courtesy of


This is the third year of this story slam—with stories will ranging from the hilarious to the hair-raising. True tales from locals that will entertain and may even land a little too close to home! The evening’s theme, “the past never dies” will offer taletellers the opportunity to share personal stories—from cringe to hilariously relatable. Storytellers include on air personalities from KPOV, an actor, an optometrist, a realtor, a writer, a waiter, and others.  // $14 at

This solid Led Zeppelin tribute features four ladies who live and breathe Zeppelin. Clementine, the founding member of Zepparella, tackles the best rock drumming ever written with her own emotionally powerful style, bringing the Motown influence of the Bonham groove to the forefront. Gretchen Menn lends her genre-bending guitar melodies—mixing elements of classical, rock, progressive, jazz and metal. On bass, Angeline Saris offers influences ranging from flamenco to rockabilly and singer Noelle Doughty traces her love for Zeppelin all the way back to listening to her older brothers rock out. // $20/adv. at


This is their last show in Central Oregon for 2017, so don't miss it! This is not your run of the mill drag show! This Portland production features a night full of debauchery, raffles and amazing off the wall performances all rolled into one.  21+ // $15/adv. at

Unless you were living under a rock in 2008, you probably know Flobots from their hit single, "Handlebars." But in case you missed it, MCs Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit offer a delightful blend of alternative rock and hip-hop with a generous helping of political activism. // Tickets: $12/adv, $15/door at

Highly regarded as one of the best live bands on the planet, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe will be showcasing material from their long-awaited forthcoming studio album, as well as previous acclaimed KDTU recordings such as 'New Ammo' and 'The Bridge.' All ages. // $25/adv., $30/door at

The gritty soul sounds of this band will have you on the dance floor sweating until the last beat. // $15/adv. at

Womack is probably best known for her  2000 hit song "I Hope You Dance" and her album of the same name. While she has recorded a few albums between then and now, it's been a few years since we've heard new material from the country music sweetheart. Her 2017 album, "The Lonely, The Lonesome and The Gone" is a breathtaking hybrid of country, soul, gospel and blues — that comes from Womack’s core. // $42/adv., $50/meet & greet (doesn't incl. ticket) on

A decade into his career, singer-songwriter and former professional surfer Donavon Frankenreiter has learned to listen to his heart above all else. His brand of soft and surf rock is sure to delight. 21+. // $20/adv., $25/door at

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Cyclist Fatally Struck in Downtown Bend Intersection

Bend resident, 31-year-old Jonathon Adams identified as victim. Cause still under investigation.

Posted By on Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 12:26 PM


**Updated story as of Nov 21. 2:47pm**

A 31-year-old Bend resident has been identified as the victim in Monday's fatal biking accident. According to Bend Police, preliminary investigation shows Jonathon Adams, 31 was struck in the intersection just east of NW Wall Street by a Fed-Ex semi-tractor trailer as the vehicle was turning right from NW Wall Street onto NW Olney Avenue. The driver of the Fed Ex semi-tractor trailer was Trenton Sage. Witnesses reported the incident at approximately 11:20 am and Adams was pronounced dead due to injuries sustained in the crash.

The cause of the crash is currently under investigation.

**Original Story below**

Several downtown streets have been closed as investigators try to piece together a fatal collision between a cyclist and a vehicle earlier this morning. Bend Police were called to the intersection of Portland Avenue and Wall Street at around 11:20 am in response to the accident, according to the department.

The cyclist was pronounced deceased and no further details have been released—pending the family's notification. A Fed-Ex truck is parked in the area as reconstruction teams investigate the cause of the crash.

"We're telling everyone to avoid the area as our reconstruction team begins their work for the next few hours," said Lieutenant Clint Burleigh of the Bend Police Department. Burleigh said sections of Portland Avenue, Wall Street, Olney Avenue and up to Revere Street have been closed to traffic. "Please find alternate routes," he advised.

Asked if today's wet conditions may have been contributing factors to the crash, Burleigh said it was too early to speculate, but that "conditions are a little different today then most days, yes... though I'm not sure if they are contributing factors."

*This is a developing story, we will update you as new details are released.*

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Today is "National UnFriend Day" — do you know who your real friends are?

In the digital age, quantity overshadows quality

Posted By on Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 5:17 PM

Time to see what that "one girl from high school" had for lunch today.
  • Time to see what that "one girl from high school" had for lunch today.
In the age of the Internet, social media is our playground—with an endless sea of "friends" available just a click away. The term "friend" has become more of a verb these days than a word referring to an actual human being.

That guy that you met at your friend's party last week? Better "friend" him on Facebook. "Friending" your coworkers, acquaintances, hook-ups is and, yes, even strangers—basically anyone within six degrees of Kevin Bacon—is commonplace.

How did we get to this point? Are we all that vain?

Late night show host Jimmy Kimmel came up with a way to solve our compulsive overuse of the word and to declutter our Facebook feeds: he created "National UnFriend Day."

In 2010, Kimmel declared Nov. 17 "National UnFriend Day" on his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Why? To encourage everyone to stop the charade—and get real. Do you know who your real friends are?

In his declaration of "National UnFriend Day" or "NUD," Kimmel encourages everyone to cut the "friend fat" on Nov. 17.

"A friend is someone you have a special relationship with," said Kimmel. "It’s not someone who asks, 'Which Harry Potter character are you?"

Look how lovely her now ice cold food is! #foodporn
  • Look how lovely her now ice cold food is! #foodporn
He goes on to embolden his audience to “unfriend all the Ginas of the world." You know Gina. "Gina" posts things like, "It's November!!! #PSL," orchestrated photos of her lunch and "check-ins" at the gym. Maybe you're "Gina." Don't be "Gina."
Ask yourself a few simple questions: Would these "friends" help you move furniture? What about pick you up at the airport? Call you after a loved one has passed?

If the answer is no, Kimmel says it's time to cut ties. It's easy! Having trouble? Here's a handy video tutorial.

Let the culling begin.

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We're #1. We're #1... Oregon Population Growth Numbers Released

Deschutes County Leads Oregon with New Arrivals

Posted By on Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 3:10 PM


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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Winter Jackets for Sexual Gratification at OSU and COCC

Suspect confesses, is charged with theft and criminal mischief

Posted By on Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 12:28 PM


A two-year mystery involving the disappearance of at least 10 winter coats—twice from one woman—was seemingly solved last week by the Bend Police Department. A 51-year old Bend resident, Mark Mahoney, was arrested and lodged at Deschutes County Jail on Nov. 7 for allegedly stealing—and keeping—high-end winter jackets, mostly from within the Barber Library at Central Oregon Community College. Not for apparent resale, but for "sexual gratification," according to a written press release from Lieutenant Clint Burleigh of Bend PD.

Michael Mahoney, 51, of Bend Oregon. - BEND POLICE DEPARTMENT
  • Bend Police Department
  • Michael Mahoney, 51, of Bend Oregon.

On Nov. 8, Bend Police recovered several of these reportedly stolen coats from inside a SE Bend home and the suspect’s vehicle, including two different jackets stolen from the same female victim.

Mahoney admitted to stealing the coats and was arrested and charged with three counts of Theft in the Second Degree and two counts of Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree with bail set at $25,000.

He is not currently listed in the inmate list at Deschutes County Jail.

The thefts occurred as far back as November 2015 with the most recent incident reported on Nov. 7. Though mostly occurring from within the COCC library, one jacket was identified as having been stolen from OSU-Cascades in April 2017.

Bend PD asks for anyone who has had similar thefts to report the incident to their non-emergency number at 541-693-6911.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bend's New High School Location Announced

New schools for North and SE Bend

Posted By on Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Following the passage of a $268.3 million bond measure this May, the Bend-La Pine School District is on track to build a new high school and a new elementary school in Bend—helping to address the continued growth and overcrowding at local schools.

According to a Nov. 15 press release, the Bend-La Pine Schools Director of Facilities, Mike Tiller, announced the location of the new elementary school at the school board meeting Nov. 14. The district has "entered into an agreement"with a property owner near OB Riley and Cooley Roads in north Bend for the elementary school, according to the release.

“The location will help to balance enrollment where overcrowding issues are the greatest,” Tiller is quoted as saying. The new elementary school, slated to be open by the fall of 2019, will have a design similar to Silver Rail Elementary, which opened in 2015. 

click image Officials from Bend-La Pine Schools say a proposed land swap will allow the district to site a new high school in SE Bend, at 15th and Knott. - BEND-LA PINE SCHOOLS
  • Bend-La Pine Schools
  • Officials from Bend-La Pine Schools say a proposed land swap will allow the district to site a new high school in SE Bend, at 15th and Knott.

Meanwhile, the district also announced the location of the new high school in Bend, also approved by voters through the school bond this year. The new high school will be located at the corner of SE 15th and Knott Road in southeast Bend. The district's high school location map on its website also includes plans for building a middle school adjacent to the new high school—though the recent bond did not include funds for construction of that middle school. The new high school is slated to open "as soon as the fall of 2021," according to the release. The district signed contracts with architects for the new high school and elementary school in August.

The bond measure is also covering the cost of modernizations at Pilot Butte Middle School, expansion of Marshall High School and secure lobby upgrades for several area schools. 

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Old Stone is for sale

Downtown Bend performance space on the market

Posted By on Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 4:15 PM

Maybe you've been there for a conference. Or maybe you've been there for one of its many live musical events.

But the next time you visit The Old Stone in downtown Bend, chances are it will be under new ownership. Owner Mardy Hickerson announced today that The Old Stone is up for sale, and no events will scheduled after Oct. 31 (that's yesterday, in case you were confused).

Hickerson said in a statement Nov. 1: "It has been a true pleasure, to have collaborated with so many artists, families and community groups that created beautiful, impactful and fun events. The Old Stone has a bright future in a growing town full of potential."

The property, built in 1913 as a church, and later used as a creative space and performing arts center, is available through Fratzke Commercial.
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