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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bos Taurus is making me have steak dreams

Yes it's expensive, but it's also worth every penny, or hundo

Posted By on Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Yes, I know it’s expensive. Like, expensive A.F. But, if you love steak, and I mean REALLY love steak, Bos Taurus is worth unloading a few Benjamins from your wallet.

And it’s not just the steak—although just typing this blog is making my mouth water—it’s all the food. Take, for instance, the oysters—topped with the perfect little piece of red pepper—were delicious enough to get a non-oyster lover to eat half of my order.

The popovers, which are delivered hot to the table about the time your drink comes, are so flaky and flavorful, you’ll feel transported to Paris. And speaking of a drink, the smoked Bos Manhattan comes in a glass that resembles high school science class. You leave the cork in to add to the smoky complexity, then pour when you’re ready.

Back to why you should go: the steak. Bos has two kinds of A5 grade Wagyu—the Hokkaido and the Miyazaki. If you’re unfamiliar with Japanese steak ratings, A5 means the steak must be at least 25 percent marbling. In the U.S. Grade A beef need only be 6 to 8 percent marbled fat. What does this mean to the customer? The beef will almost melt in your mouth. Cows that reach the A5 rating are treated like royalty. They are often given mineral water and fed soybeans. In hot summer months, they are treated to Sake and beer.

I ordered 2 ounces of both the A5 choices, which added up to about $120 in beef. More than I’ve spent in about two years on beef total. But when the first slice of Hokkaido hit my taste buds… heaven. Personally, I liked the Hokkaido better. It was like eating a bacon-meets-cow-meets-butter… if meat could be considered a dessert, this would be my suggestion.

Bos has many other steak options that are excellent as well, and not $29 an ounce. The honey bruleed Cambozola cheese was melt-in-your-mouth and the white truffle pommes frites were good as well. They also have non-steak options and the compressed Caesar is well worth ordering.
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Indulgences on a Budget

Treat yourself...realistically.

Posted By on Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 8:00 AM

To indulge oneself doesn't always have to break the bank. Some of the greatest pleasures in life are reasonably priced or even cheaper than that. Here are ten things that cost between absolutely nothing and $165.00 that can either be purchased locally or from Etsy that I (somewhat) guarantee will make your life better (for at least a little while).

1- Breakfast ALL DAMN DAY at McDonalds: Yes, it is not real food and also terrible for you, but ordering an Egg McMuffin at 2am is a type of freedom this country has never had and maybe never deserved. Now that the Sausage McMuffin is on the dollar menu, your dreams are Ronald's command. $1.00- $2.79

2- Buying DVD's from Cash Connection: Normally, Pawn shops are grim places, but Cash Connection is filled with friendly workers who are great at hiding their judgements. With thousands of DVD's to choose from (the stock of which get replenished every morning), you never know what you might walk out with. In one trip I got Master and Commander, Boogie Nights, Roadhouse and Memento. $1.75 a movie or $1.00 a piece if you buy 20 or more.

3- The Complete Breaking Bad on DVD or Blu: While the tale of Walter White has concluded, it shall live on in us forever. What better a way to celebrate such knowledge than to own all 62 precious episodes in one beautiful box filled with bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes and commentaries for your listening and viewing pleasure. $164.99

4- A Wrap of Khan from Parilla: While this reporter prefers it with chicken, one can also choose steak, pork or veggies if in a pinch. The combination of the chicken with the bamboo, peanut sauce and corn salsa is lovely, but if you add black beans, spinach and a fat line of red hot Secret Stash sauce, the burrito becomes something close to a spiritual awakening. $8

5- Happy Hour at Sonic: From 2-4pm every day of the week, Sonic knocks the prices of its drinks, teas and slushes down by half, and after 8pm you get ½ off of all the shakes. It doesn't matter what the mood you're in, a cherry lime-aid will always make it just a little bit sweeter. The peanut butter milkshake, however, will just make you sleepy. $1.50-$3.00

6- All seven Fast & Furious movies in a box that looks like a tire: It's all seven of 'em!! In a box that looks like a tire!! It has the bad ones (#2 & #4) the weird one (Tokyo Drift) and the completely badass ones (#1 & #5- #7). Even if you have no interest in cars, watching The Rock fight Jason Statham has something for everyone. $49 DVD or $59 Blu

7- Free meals on your birthday: Here's how to do it: You get free pancakes at IHOP in the morning, followed by a lengthy nap. Then you get a free 6'' of your choice at Togo's, followed by a brief nap. Then wrap it up with a free buffet at Izzy's and then a free drink at the D&D, followed by a coma. Best and possibly loneliest birthday ever. FREE

8- Used video games from Best Buy: Dragon Age: Inquisition for $20 is the gift that keeps on giving. Fight all manner of orcs, dragons and monsters while staying snug inside your pajamas. With the release of the XBOX One and the Playstation 4, last gen systems like the XBOX 360 and the PS3 are basically giving away their games. Take advantage of progress. $9.99-$19.99

9- Walking: Seriously, seriously underrated. While driving and riding bikes are still the #1 and #2 most popular forms of transportation, with walking you don't even need a destination in mind. Just look left or right, forward or back, and go. Even fences or chains won't keep you from exploring the direction of your choice. FREE

10- A Necklace of Drake looking emotional: Is he sad? Is he angry? Bad BM? The world may never know, but sometimes we do need reminding that Drake is people too and he can't always look so distant and aloof. Sometimes he needs to feel and sometimes, just sometimes, we need to see how he feels and judge him for it. $12 on Etsy. 
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Friday, June 5, 2015

PSA: Eat Free Donuts on National Donut Day

Posted By on Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 10:59 AM

Mmm...donuts. - ERIN ROOK
  • Erin Rook
  • Mmm...donuts.
We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with this important message: It's National Donut Day. 

Now, we know all these days are often marketing ploys to promote a product—in this case, deep fried dough with frosting, filling, sprinkles, and other delicious accompaniments. But we are nothing if not hungry. And on this particular day, at least one local donut shop is prepared to assist the donut-deprived masses.

Sweetheart Donuts (210 SE 3rd St.) is giving out free donuts today (one per person) until 2 pm, or until they sell out.

Plus, the local donut shop says the National Donut Day has its roots in a patriotic tradition (and who are we to argue with patriotism?).
We invite you to join us as we help celebrate National Donut Day and honor the “Donut Lassies” who served traditional cake donuts to soldiers during World War I.

Founded in 1938 in the City of Chicago, National Doughnut Day is actually a patriotic remembrance of a time when Salvation Army volunteers handed out doughnuts on the front lines to soldiers. When the soldiers came home they brought their nostalgic donut memories with them fueling the donut industry as we know it today.

The donut continues to be a comfort food served by the Salvation Army to those in need during times of disaster.
You don't say. We'll eat (donuts) to that!

Have you heard of other shops giving a way free donuts? Let us know in the comments.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vote for Your Favorite Central Oregon Restaurant

Posted By on Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 9:27 AM

  • Matt Fox

It's that time of the year, when we take a look at the culinary landscape and fill you in on what's hot and who's got it, for our annual Dining Guide. But this year, in addition to naming a Restaurant of the Year and Rookie of the Year, we're introducing two new categories of recognition—Food Cart of the Year and Readers' Choice. That last one is where you come in. Using the survey box below, tell us your favorite local restaurant. The winner will be featured in our Dining Guide, online and on stands April 23. Voting closes April 8, so get to it!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Volcano Veggies Celebrates Grand Opening

Posted By on Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 12:42 PM

A community supported aquaponics business, Volcano Veggies, that got it's start back in April is finally ready for a grand opening at their indoor farm where they raise mercury-free fish & grow organic vegetables and fruit.

Long hard winters in Central Oregon can make it difficult to find locally sourced product during the upcoming months, but Volcano Veggies hopes to change that.

A photo from Volcano Veggies first seeds this spring.
  • Volcano Veggies
  • A photo from Volcano Veggies first seeds this spring.

Grand Opening!
Thursday, December 5
4 pm-8 pm
1201 Second St. between Gear Peddler and Searings Plumbing & Electric
Free Kombucha!

Support local agriculture (and aquaponics which they claim yields six times the amount of veggies per square foot than traditional farming) by attending the opening party and signing up for their Fresh Local Mixed Salad Greens program where Volcano will deliver a 4 oz. salad to your doorstep weekly.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wild Rose: New Thai Restaurant in Downtown NOW OPEN

Posted By on Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 1:48 PM

OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Wild Rose Thai is the newest addition to Bend's downtown dining options: A Northern-thai restaurant at 150 NW Oregon Ave., formerly Common Table.

Pad Mamuang with sticky jasmine rice $7
  • Pad Mamuang with sticky jasmine rice $7

The decor inside is brightly colored and busy with beautiful terracotta flatware and brightly colored chairs and table cloths, a big change from Common Table's simplistic interior design. The low exposed beam ceilings make Wild Rose feel like the best kind of hole-in-the-wall despite the large open floor plan.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pie Season Has Arrived

Posted By on Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 3:16 PM

Pumpkin pie, the iconic topper to a tummy full of Thanksgiving feast, and a true marker that the holiday season has arrived.

In my years of attempting to create the prefect Turkey Day desert, I've learned that the keys are a handmade crust—light, flakey and especially buttery—and the perfect spice profile to balance the sweet filling. In my experience, doubling the spices recommended by most recipes will do it, a trick I learned from my grandmother—queen of deserts—who has made me my own personal pumpkin pie (with a side of hand-whipped whip cream) almost every Thanksgiving to take home after the meal.

Lucky for me, this holiday season I'm working for the Source where my co-workers love pie more than your average newspaper staff.

So we're hosting a Pie Off, where YOU bake and our panel of judges chooses the GREATEST PIE IN CENTRAL OREGON!

Mmmmm pies.
  • Mmmmm pies.

The first step is to submit your recipe to us.
Pie-Off/ 704 NW Georgia/ Bend, OR 97701
Or, by email:
Deadline: Wednesday, November 6 @ 5 pm

Then, we will choose three winners who will bake off at our Media Salon at Broken Top Bottle Shop on November 11th, at 7 pm. The person who bakes the best pie will receive tickets to Jazz at the Oxford, bragging rights and the title of GREATEST PIE IN CENTRAL OREGON.

Join the event of FaceBook here, and submit you recipes.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bite Week! Last Night: World Class Cuisine Event

Posted By on Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 5:27 PM

Last night a few of the Source staff were invited to the amazing facility at the Cascade Culinary Institute for an evening demonstration from three of Bend's finest culinary minds. Click here for a list of ongoing Bite Week events.

Steve Helt, executive chef and owner of Zydeco Kitchen and Cocktails, Juri Sbandati, executive chef and owner of Trattoria Sbandati and Matt Neltner formerly of Kokanee Cafe in Camp Sherman and current executive chef and owner of the newly opened Blue Pine Kitchen and Bar took turns demonstrating how to cook up their own delicious specialties for a small crowd of drooling onlookers.


First up was gnocchi (pronounced ni-o-ki) in a tomato basil sauce from Juri Sbandati. The rustic Italian pasta-like cheesy potato bites were light and tasty smothered in red sauce that Sbandati cooked up in the biggest frying pan I have ever seen. He explained the pan is straight from the kitchens in Italy.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Pour House Grill: New Restaurant in Old Versante Pizza on 3rd

Posted By on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 12:39 PM


The Pour House Grill, a new pub-style eatery, has taken over the former Versante Pizza location at SE 3rd St. Opened June 1st the joint serves burgers, chicken wings and ribs. Click here for their full menu.

Used to be: Versante, before that, Zydeco.
  • Used to be: Versante, before that, Zydeco.

The bar boasts 20+ taps, a requirement for any successful eatery in Bend.

Meanwhile, Versante has taken over half of the Westside Bakery space on Galveston.

Pour House Grill
1085 SE 3rd St.
Open for lunch and dinner.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spork: Now Open on Newport Ave.

Posted By on Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 3:33 PM


Good news—more delicious food now available on Bend's westside. After a soft opening on Saturday (following a friends-of-the-restaurant party on Friday), Spork, the godfather of Bend's food cart scene, is now open full time inside a permanent location on Newport Avenue (in what was Fox's, the short-lived pool hall).

We ate there on Saturday and Erica Reilly's latest venture was as exceptional as we had hoped. Nothing on the menu was over $10 and old favorites (Spicy Fried Chicken!) stood alongside new ones (Hoisin Pork Belly Sando; Spanish Tortilla). There's a deep list of small bites (fried yucca chips!) and plenty of gluten-free options, if you're into that. Spork is taking a sensible angle in regard to beverages, too. Six taps—thank God they preserved precious kitchen space for actual cooking rather than succumbing to the Central Oregon mentality that demands all eateries must have 20+ taps of the same beer—and a robust mixed-drink menu of classic cocktails and in-house infusions. Sit, drink and snack—they're open from 11am-10pm and later—like 'til midnight—on Friday and weekends.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Cold Brew Coffee: My New Favorite Thing About Summer

Posted By on Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Had a delicious cold brew coffee this morning from Palate (643 NW Colorado Ave.)

Not being a huge coffee connoisseur, the barista explained to me that cold brew isn't just an iced coffee. It's a specialty brewing method using cold water to reduce acidity and harsh flavors that permeate when ice is added to coffee brewed with hot water. It's delicious and smooth and gaining in popularity in Bend.

Icy cold!
  • Icy cold!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Brickhouse is the Reason To Go Downtown Tonight

Posted By on Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 3:52 PM

It's Friday and the weather is uhh-may-zing. Good reasons to go out tonight. But here's the best one—there's a pretty solid rumor going around that Brickhouse will open tonight in the old Firehall. Though we couldn't confirm in person, the restaurant's voicemail message says it's happening. New lounge menu plus the best steaks in town according to Bend Source readers.

Oscar filet at Brickhouse, now located downtown at the old Firehall, 5 NW Minnesota Ave.
  • Ban Tat
  • Oscar filet at Brickhouse, now located downtown at the old Firehall, 5 NW Minnesota Ave.

Have you had an Oscar filet with Dungeness crab at Brickhouse, because it's it's a singular experience in Bend. Wait, that's right, Caldera Grille does have that benedict with the Dungeness crab and the beef medallions, but we're pretty sure it's just not quite the same.
This change likely means that the former location of the Bend Brickhouse, at 803 SW Industrial Way will no longer be open. Stay tuned for future issues of the Source for all the details.
If you want to avoid what will likely be a scene at Brickhouse, we recommend trotting just a block up Lava Road to The Jackelope Grill. The outdoor courtyard there opens for the season tonight and it's another lovely spot to spend a warm spring evening.

5 NW Minnesota Ave.

Jackelope Grill
750 NW Lava Rd., #139

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