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Source Weekly Update June 21 2021

A proposal for a pedestrian zone in downtown Bend and details on the DA's new program for juvenile offenders
A proposal for a pedestrian zone in Bend and a new program aimed at supporting juvenile offenders in this week's Source Weekly Update

Local News

Six Years, Walking the World

Bendite Angela Maxwell spent over half a decade walking everywhere from New Zealand to inner Mongolia.
It's the classic wanderlust tale: Woman wants an adventure away from the grind of daily life. Woman sells possessions.

Local News

Pedestrian Avenue

A proposal from Downtown Bend Business Association could change Minnesota Avenue into a walkable plaza
The 300-foot-long stretch of Minnesota Avenue between Bond and Wall Street is host to about a dozen businesses at the center of Bend's historic downtown. A proposal could transform it from a through street to a walkable community gathering space.

Local News

Think You've Hiked It All in Central Oregon? Think Again.

Use this first *almost*-post-COVID summer to re-examine some local favorites with new eyes
Sunrise or sunset hike in the Badlands Bend's closest Wilderness area, the Oregon Badlands, doesn't get the credit it deserves.

Local News

Noticias en Español

La iniciativa Proyecto Mural trae más arte pública a la región del centro de Bend y Una propuesta de la Asociación de Comercios del Centro de Bend podría convertir la avenida Minnesota en una plaza peatonal
La iniciativa Proyecto Mural trae más arte pública a la región del centro de Bend Por Nicole Vulcan / Traducido por Jéssica Sánchez-Millar

Local News

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In a Housing Crisis, Camps in the Streets are Just the Canary in the Coal Mine. Everyone Should Do Their Part.

A managed camp is the bare minimum we as Bendites can do to support the people on the lowest rung of a housing crisis that has hit epic proportions
By now, much has been said about the recent sweeps of camps occupied by those without homes in Bend. The advent of a new policy outlining how and when camps will be swept has been met with relief by some; with ire and protest by others.


Letters to the Editor 6/17/21

Central OR Drought?, Bend City Councilors "Sit" for Pledge, Don’t Forget Worrell Wayside and Short-Term Vacation Rentals
Editor's note: Riding along the Cascade Lakes Highway recently, it was surprising not to see the typical line of cars precariously parked near the Green Lakes trail.

Letters to the Editor

With a Lane-Splitting Veto, Another Concern About Balance of Power

If a governing body that directly represents the people passes a bill, there should be a high bar for a veto
With less than two weeks left for the current session of the Oregon State Legislative Assembly, there's lots going on. Legislators have passed a bill paving the way for a new police oversight board in Portland, and they've made Juneteenth an official state holiday.


Letters to the Editor 6/10/21

Guest Opinion: Use American Rescue Plan Dollars for the Housing Crisis
Editor's note: This week's themed issue takes on a topic that has many different "faucets"—Water.

Letters to the Editor

Sign the Petition to Make the Deschutes County Commission Non-Partisan

While the commission ultimately voted against putting the idea on the ballot because of the costs involved, a group of citizens is picking up where they left off
Right now, a group of locals is spearheading an effort to try to move the races for the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners from partisan to non-partisan. This has been a topic of conversation since at least last year, when then-Democratic candidate Phil Chang—now a county commissioner—said he was in favor of the switch.


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Celebs + Cannabis

Pros and cons to having stars enter the biz
Lately, some of the people I've seen play pretend on my "story box," or perform music or play professionally with a sportsball, earning them millions of dollars, are becoming involved in cannabis. These celebrities are pushing cannabis in many forms, and the term "celebrities" should by no means diminish the activist work performed by any of these folks on behalf of medical use, legalization, etc.

Smoke Signals

Escalation Clauses Versus Terms

What is the best approach in a seller's market?
In a market that is incredibly tight with buyers competing for properties, how does one compete to get an offer accepted? One tactic is the escalation clause.

Take Me Home

Leave Actually

Stalking is a confusing term because the behavior involved isn't always considered criminal
Leave Actually I broke up with a guy I dated very briefly and said it'd be best for me if we didn't maintain contact.

Advice & Fun

Free Will Astrology—Week of June 17

You could be made reasonably pure again
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): "I remember wishing I could be boiled like water and made pure again," writes poet Jeffrey McDaniel. Judging from the current astrological omens, Gemini, I think you could be made reasonably pure again without having to endure an ordeal like being boiled like water.

Advice & Fun

This Modern World—week of June 17

A short while ago in a galaxy very nearby

Advice & Fun

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Food & Drink

Different Name, Same Authentic Meat Pies

Duda's Aussie Pie Truck is now Jackaroo Pies
Considering that the harsh Central Oregon winter of 2016 birthed Duda's Aussie meat pies, it's not surprising that the COVID-19 pandemic became an opportunity for the local pie-makers to get even more creative with their humble handmade comfort foods. "I think people appreciate those businesses that didn't just throw their hands up in the air and say, 'We can't do it,' but instead said, 'Let's try this and let's try that and let's try to help the community," says Duda's Aussie Meat Pie founder and chief pie-maker Amy Duda.


Madras Hosts Farm-to-Table Market

The new market takes place at City Hall Plaza in Madras every Friday
Locals in and around Madras have a new way to access the food grown in the region, with the opening of the Madras Farm-to-Table Market. The City of Madras is host to the new market that takes place at City Hall Plaza in Madras every Friday.


Got Rhubarb? La Pine Does!

The La Pine Rhubarb Festival takes place this Saturday
You see it growing in giant shows in backyard gardens around Central Oregon, and this week, La Pine will pay homage to the great abundance of rhubarb. The La Pine Rhubarb Festival takes place this Saturday from 9am to 6pm, and Sunday from 9am to 3pm at the La Pine Senior Activity Center.


Put the Ravish in the Radish

Lightly roasting those radishes offers a new take on a prolific spring veggie
This time of year, the radishes stand out like bright bunches of candy. Sometimes at the farmers market I ask the vendors what to do with their pretty orbs, because I am chronically at a loss for ideas. The most common guidance, by far, is to use radishes in salads and stir-fries.


The Cove Offers a New Place to Eat, Drink and Splash

Sunriver Resort is upping its waterpark game this month
Sunriver Resort is upping its waterpark game this month with the reopening of The Cove, its newly renovated facility that offers double the space of its former outdoor pool, including indoor and outdoor places to play. Patrons can also check out the Spotted Frog, The Cove's poolside food and drink spot, complete with a full bar.


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Do the Right Sing

"In the Heights" brings Broadway home
I didn't know this before yesterday, but apparently musicals are an acquired taste. I thought everyone liked musicals.


Never Trust a Demon

The Conjuring series returns Strong...if subdued
I don't like to say that I'm obsessed with "The Conjuring" Universe but...yeah, I've watched most of the movies in the series at least two or three times each and sometimes write fan fiction that's set in the world. I'm even aware that some of the movies in the series are terrible, but that didn't really stop me from watching them entirely more times than they deserved.


May the Source Be With You

June Edition: A prediction for "Sweet Tooth," a comforting podcast from "Frasier"
Happy beginnings of summer, everyone. Now that blockbusters are starting to hit movie theaters again and people are actually going to them (sorry "Tenet"), it feels like things are getting back to normal more than ever.


The Snyder Cult

"Army of the Dead" mixes zombies and guns
I keep thinking I'll eventually get sick of zombie movies, but it just never happens. Don't get me wrong: I'm fully aware that most of them are terrible, but even the worst zombie movie usually has a moment or two worth watching.


Those Who Wish the Woman in the Window Dead

Adams and Jolie face off on streaming giants
The streaming services are at war. This isn't new or even really a surprise, but there's a new little wrinkle that makes the entire battle pretty fun to witness.


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The Moony Awards Are Coming

Vote to help celebrate some of your favorite musicians and bands in Central Oregon
Local radio station 92.9 FM and Silver Moon Brewing are putting together a night of celebration that recognizes all of the great music in Central Oregon—but they need our help to decide on some winners first. The event, dubbed The Moony Awards, will run from June 24-26 with the final night being a night of awards and recognition for Central Oregon musicians and bands.

Sound Stories & Interviews

The Concert Refund Shuffle

You bought a ticket pre-pandemic. Now what?
Imagine, for a moment, that it's the spring of 2019. You're sitting in a cafe, not a mask in sight, reading about the pros and cons of Bitcoin, when your best friend walks in and tells you that tickets to see one of your favorite bands have just gone on sale.

Sound Stories & Interviews

High Desert Music Hall Offers Indoor Music for Redmond

Music lovers can experience a concert in the new space for the first time this weekend
Located in downtown Redmond (in what used to be a church built in the 1940s) you'll find Central Oregon's newest music venue and creative space, the High Desert Music Hall. Created to be a hub for music, art, food, entertainment and community, the Hall hosts its first concert this Saturday when Blackstrap Bluegrass takes the stage.

Sound Stories & Interviews

Source Material

Giving May's best music the flowers it deserves
There's something special about music that releases as the summer rolls in. Will you find a new summer album to play on repeat?

Sound Stories & Interviews

Coming Soon: Tyler Martian's 'Refined'

The rapper looks ahead to his second project and aims to be better than ever
The sophomore slump is referenced in a lot of areas—academics, sports and even music., but Bend's own Tyler Martin (aka Tyler Martian) wants to make sure his next release is way better than the first. This past weekend, Martin dropped the first single and video for his upcoming project, titled "Refined."

Sound Stories & Interviews

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Tips for hiking with kids ▶ [with video]

How to get your kids on the trail and have fun
School's out for summer! (I hope you sang that in your best Alice Cooper rock voice!)

Natural World

Celebrate Juneteenth in Central Oregon

Events highlighting Freedom Day and a march to take back the Butte
On June 19, 1865, Union Army General Gordon Granger proclaimed freedom from slavery in Texas. Since then, Americans continue to celebrate Juneteenth and emancipation in the United States.

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The Pride Must Go On

June's Pride Month events include music, beer, drag... and climbing
In other years, the month of June is marked by Pride parades in cities around the globe—including here in Bend. While the pandemic may be waning and more events are starting to come, OUT Central Oregon and its partners opted to focus energy during this year's Pride Month on smaller activities beyond a parade.

Outside Features

ONDA's Wild Desert Calendar

Last call for photo submissions for the 2022 calendar
Photographers are encouraged to answer ONDA's call for submissions for the 2022 Wild Desert Calendar which runs through June 12. "Oregon Natural Desert Association wants to see the desert's special lands, waters and wildlife protected," said Lace Thornberg, ONDA communications manager.

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Back on Track: Bend Area Summer Bike and Running Races

In-person events—and the occasional remote one—for summer 2021
Prepping for a race can be the motivating factor for many: Will I sit on this couch tonight, or will I get ready for that thing I signed up for months ago? With local running and cycling races popping up in greater numbers than they did in 2020, it may be easier this season to find reason to do the latter.

Outside Features

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Special Issues & Guides

Ready to Rock

Les Schwab is coming back this summer with a new look and a partnership with Live Nation
We're in it now—and by "it," I mean the resurgence of live music and touring musicians/bands. While last year both the music industry and music fans took a hit (the last concert I attended was March 8, 2020), this summer looks to be different, and my recently purchased tickets to two shows at the Les Schwab Amphitheater would jive with that notion.

Summer Music Guide

Play Ball! Bend Elks Baseball is Back

Bend Elks open the 2021 season June 3
In the film, "Bull Durham," Annie Savoy, played by Susan Sarandon, says, "Walt Whitman once said, 'I see great things in baseball. It's our game, the American game.

Summer Music Guide

Hitting The Trail, Wheels Spinning

Grit Clinics & Ladies All Ride offer camps and classes to up your mountain biking game this summer
I love a good winding hike in the forest or desert wilderness of Central Oregon. In addition, I relish the chance to get out on the road and ride to work or through town.

Summer Music Guide

Trailing On

This summer, discover new trails in Bend, or ones you may not have visited yet
Central Oregon offers a lot of places to go for a hike, many that don't require leaving Bend. This summer, make some time for two new in-town trails, along with some other lesser-frequented spots.

Summer Music Guide

A Guide to Outdoor Yoga this Summer

Whether you want to flow next to the river or stretch out with a beer, Bend has an outdoor yoga class for you
Many of Bend's yoga studios are leaving the Zoom screens behind and opening yoga spaces for practice. But for people who still don't want to be confined indoors, Bend will have a bounty of outdoor yoga options throughout the summer.

Summer Music Guide

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Best Of Central Oregon

Best Golf Course

Widgi Creek Golf Club
1st Place:

Health & Recreation

Best Lodging

The Oxford Hotel
1st Place:

Health & Recreation

Best Indoor Music Venue

Volcanic Theatre Pub
1st Place:

Arts & Culture

Best Outdoor Clothing Store

Mountain Supply
1st Place:

Health & Recreation

Best Instagram Account

Memes of Bend
1st Place: Memes of Bend

Arts & Culture

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Bend Nest

Finding The Root Cause

United Way of Central Oregon secures funding for families in need
We've all heard about how COVID has upended the lives of people all over the country, whether it be through job loss, financial difficulties or many other negative consequences. But what is easy to forget or overlook is that even before COVID, thousands of families in Central Oregon were already struggling.


2021 Summer Camps

Summer fun for kids with Central Oregon style
Abstract in Motion Camp


For the Thrill of it

Mt. Bachelor Morphs into Downhill Bike Park
Kids who love to charge hard will be excited to know that Mt. Bachelor transforms from ski resort to mountain bike mecca come June 12, which is their expected opening date. With extended hours this year, from 10am until 7pm, the mountain bike park offers entry-level and intermediate riders ample areas to refine new downhill skills.

Nest News

Summer Is Here

Get Grilling for the Health of it. 
Who doesn't love a barbeque? Firing up the grill in the early evening, watching the kids play outside, anticipating a delicious meal that doesn't heat up the house can only be a win-win for everyone.


Editor's Note

It's Summer!
Recently, I traveled across the country to visit my parents - the first time I had seen them in well over a year. What a sweet sensation to hug them again and feel secure that our time away from each other was over.

Editor's Note

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