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Wyden Visits Bend Planned Parenthood

The Senator laid out his legislative priorities after the Supreme Court overturned federal abortion protections
Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden visited Bend's Planned Parenthood clinic on July 2, Oregon's easternmost abortion clinic and on the front lines of the now state-by-state approach to abortion laws. The Bend clinic is expecting an influx of out-of-state patients, including those from neighboring Idaho, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood, the two cases that federally protected women's right to have an abortion.

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The Well's Run Dry

With the ongoing drought, growing population and piping of canals, Central Oregonians are increasingly seeing their wells go dry. Many may be out of luck.
It was early June when Mari V. went to do a load of laundry one morning and found the machine had no water. Then, she turned on the faucet — again, no water.

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Noticias en Español

Wyden visita Planned Parenthood de Bend
El 2 de julio, el senador Ron Wyden visitó la clínica de Planned Parenthood de Bend, la clínica donde se ofrecen servicios de aborto, localizada más al este de Oregon y en la primera línea con relación al enfoque por estados ante las leyes de aborto. La clínica de Bend espera un flujo de pacientes de otros estados, incluso del estado vecino de Idaho, luego que la Corte Suprema anulara Roe v. Wade y Wade y Case v. Planned Parenthood, los dos casos que protegían federalmente el derecho de las mujeres para tener un aborto. 

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The Fourth and Fire

Bend and Redmond had one of the least-fiery Fourth of Julys in memory
Fourth of July is firefighters' busiest night of the year thanks to fires started by fireworks, injuries from fireworks and an increase in drunk driving. In Central Oregon it's a heightened problem with a majority of Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson Counties facing varying levels of drought.

Local News

Monkeypox in Oregon

Three presumptive cases of Monkeypox have been detected in Oregon
Monkeypox, a viral disease that causes fever, headaches and rashes, has been discovered in Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority reported its first known case in mid-June, and on July 1 Lane County reported two presumed cases of monkeypox.

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Letters to the Editor 07/07/2022

Corrections: Last week's Smoke Signals column about synthetic marijuana regulations stated incorrectly that CBN and delta 8 are extracted from CBD.

Letters to the Editor

Prioritizing People Over Cars Won’t Happen Overnight, But It’s Worth the Effort

It’s an actual scene readers may easily imagine: Two families come to visit Bend during the busy July 4 weekend, a gaggle of bikes in tow, planning to ride the Deschutes River Trail. They load up their kids and snacks and gear and begin to plan a cycling route from the place they’re staying on the east side—only to find, with so many kids along for this ride, several sketchy street crossings mean this 1-mile trip to reach the Deschutes River Trail is beyond their comfort level.


Letters to the Editor 06/30/2022

E-bikes = litter We totally agree, the Bird E Bikes are horrible.

Letters to the Editor

Abortion Saves Lives

Friday's bombshell announcement reversing the Constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy in the U.S. came as no surprise. After all, news leaked two months ago of the impending decision from the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.


50% Grading Floor Hurts Students

50% Grading Floor Hurts Students Good to know there are a few good teachers left in this town.

Letters to the Editor

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Shine a Little Light

The benefits of our energy expenditure travel beyond our wildest dreams. That's why it's so critical to keep shining.
I am not a preacher, a rabbi, a monk or any officially designated spiritual leader. I am a counselor, leadership trainer, writer and ultimately, a teacher—a teacher of the things I believe are most important and too often least addressed.

Advice & Fun

What's Really Happening with Mortgage Rates?

It's important to understand the context beyond the headlines
A topic that's on most people's minds today: mortgage rates. That's understandable.

Take Me Home

Book Talk

Three incredible books by women authors, for your summer reading pleasure
So many powerful books were written during the height of the pandemic by the finest women authors on the planet—books that are just getting released across 2021 and 2022, making for some very powerful and multi-layered novels...most of which have nothing to do with COVID whatsoever. Here are three novels from women writers that I've read over the last few months.

Culture Features

Horoscope Week of July 7, 2022

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Your memory is SUBSTANTIAL. Your sensitivity is MONUMENTAL.

Advice & Fun

BODYMIND: Axe Those Allergies

A column exploring the therapeutic applications of the BodyMind
My inaugural column explained how the brain instantaneously parks emotional overloads in our tissues and how this buried content perpetuates a state of emergency. The second column explored trauma and how we use the bodymind connection to evict it from the tissues.

Advice & Fun

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Food & Drink

Mac 'n Cheese Primavera

With veggies springing from local gardens, a dressed-up veggie pasta is ideal for this time of year
It translates to "Spring Pasta" from Italian, so forgive me for assuming Pasta Primavera is a classic springtime Italian dish. But while Primavera sounds classy, it turns out Pasta Primavera was invented in Nova Scotia during the summer of 1975.


Wild Ride's Wild Ride

Redmond Brewery opens second location in Prineville
When Redmond's Wild Ride Brewing was an unnamed project in the planning stage—it opened in 2014—one of the five original co-owners remarked that the process itself was "a wild ride" and the concept stuck. Eight years and one global pandemic later, the ride now flows into Prineville.

Beer & Drink

Locavore Program Encourages Helping Out at Area Farms

Farmer's market quilts and a way to help out local farms
You may have heard of the Willing Workers on Organic Farms, or WWOOF program that invites people to work and stay on organic farms around the world—but did you know there's also a local version that gives a boost to local farms and lets locals get to know them? Central Oregon Locavore's program, Willing Workers on Local Farms, or WWOLF, gathers "packs" of volunteers to spend a day working at a local farm, in exchange for a meal at the farm and some local growing/farming experience.


At the Crux with Larry Sidor

Crux Fermentation’s founder, brewmaster shares sage advice before stepping away on July 1
Last Saturday’s Cruxapalooza party on the scenic side lawn of Crux Fermentation Project celebrated the local brewery’s 10-year anniversary. I was lucky enough to sit down Crux founder and brewmaster, Larry Sidor, over a pint of his special 10th Anniversary IPA, which he brewed specifically for the occasion.


Fennel: Food of the Marathoners

Licorice lovers, unite!
Every year, the growers will bring their frizzy-headed fennel bulbs to the farmers market. And then they’ve got some explaining to do.


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May the Source Be With You

July edition: "Star Wars," Sympathy Pains and "Stranger Things"
It's been hot outside, but it's also raining a lot with thunderstorms and massive lightning attacks happening all willy nilly. It has become downright unpredictable around here in Central Oregon and I'm here for it.


Creepy Phone Home

Ethan Hawke creates a memorable new monster in "The Black Phone"
Horror movies have always been the redheaded stepchild of the motion picture industry. It's funny because they've always made lots of money and stayed popular with audiences (even through the Great Depression), but as a genre they've never really gotten the respect they've deserved.


Their Life Before 

A mediocre white man's look at Black cinema 
In celebration of this year's Juneteenth, I thought it might be nice to talk about some seminal movies from black filmmakers that didn't get heralded in the same way some inferior and exploitative ones get spoken about. Every few years Hollywood gushes over one or two black-led films like "Moonlight," "12 Years a Slave" or "Black Panther" while ignoring dozens more that don't capture the cultural zeitgeist in the same way.


To Infinity, Not Quite Beyond

"Lightyear," Pixar's newest animated adventure, has to have one of the strangest and most meta ideas for a children's movie of all time. If you've seen a trailer, you know that the Buzz Lightyear from this new film is not the toy from the "Toy Story" films voiced by Tim Allen.


Burgers, Bodies, Bad Guys and Beauty

There's something playing for everyone in this four-pack of movie reviews
I just watched four entirely disparate films, and because of that I can't imagine a better time to check in on the current state of movies. This last weekend I went to an animated family film, a new body horror film by the reigning master of the genre, a gentle French drama about motherhood and disturbing fairy tale from the mind behind "Ex Machina" and "Annihilation."


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Gung Ho for Munch & Music

Munch & Music, a staple in the Bend music scene, returns this Thursday for its 31st rendition. The free music series has always been a welcome addition to the weekly music lineup when other venues lay dormant mid-week—though this Thursday deserves a shout out because it is packed with high quality live music across Central Oregon (Phutureprimitive at High Desert Music Hall, Marchfourth at Sisters Artworks and Khruangbin at Hayden Homes Amphitheater).

Upcoming Shows

Jason Mraz Knows Love Songs

The optimistic wordsmith talks making honest music, his beginnings and what's next
"Well, you done-done me in, you bet I felt it. I tried to be chill but..."

Sound Stories & Interviews

Cal-Reggae Veterans

Slightly Stoopid brings its sunny brand of reggae mixed with rock, funk, folk, pop and punk rock to the Amphitheater Saturday
When guitarists/singers Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald started Slightly Stoopid in 1994, they were out front of a second generation of bands that wanted to build on the reggae-rock sound that was starting to take hold thanks to the success of groups like Sublime, 311 and to a lesser extent, No Doubt.

Sound Stories & Interviews

Khruangbin's Global Sound Happens Naturally

Houston group brings together Thai funk, Iranian pop, Jamaican dub reggae, and American R&B
The trio Khruangbin may hail from Houston, but don't expect to hear much Red Dirt country or Texas blues in their music. Over the course of three albums, the latest being 2020's "Mordechai," guitarist Mark Speer, bassist Laura Lee and drummer Donald "DJ" Johnson have fashioned a sound that combines music from around the world, spinning together Thai funk, Jamaican dub reggae, Iranian and East Asian pop with American R&B, funk and soul to create a distinctive original sound.

Sound Stories & Interviews

Peter Sumic on Forest Ray's new album, the label, and summer tour

Catch the Seattle psych-outfit at High Desert Music Hall July 5
In 2015, Peter Sumic and his friend Robby Porovich started a new project called Forest Ray. The two were in college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, writing and recording at the time, without doing live shows.

Sound Stories & Interviews

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Oh, the Poor Old Porcupine

Tales of the local "porky," a misunderstood creature of the east Cascades
Our poor old porcupines have been in man's gun sights since the first pioneer deemed it a pest. The porcupine is, unfortunately, a tree-eating mammal and Man's greed said, "That thing has gotta go!"

Natural World

Oregon Mountain Bike Race

The 24/12 race loops through some of the most recognizable MTB trails in Central Oregon
Who needs sleep when you have adrenaline pumping through the veins and a trail guided by moonlight while competing in a mountain bike race? If staying up all night and riding a bike on dirt trails sounds like your kind of thing then the 2022 Oregon 24/12 mountain bike relay race is right up your alley.

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Exploring the Upper Deschutes River

The Upper Deschutes offers boaters some stellar scenery, moments of solitude and flatwater floats
For those looking for a different stretch of the Deschutes River to float this summer, instead of the "tube to tube" section through the Old Mill District, there are numerous flatwater options to float your boat. Here are several options to explore reaches of the designated Wild and Scenic Upper Deschutes River, as well as a few reminders.

Outside Features

All Hail the Mighty Beaver

North America's largest living native rodents will improve ecosystems, if we let them
It's no wonder Oregon is known as The Beaver State. Aside from the coyote and wolf, no other mammal—including the cow—has figured so dramatically in the commercial history of our state as the North American Beaver.

Natural World

Pilot Butte Fireworks Show

Fourth of July in Bend is infamous for its eclectic events and all-day party atmosphere. Checking out the Pet Parade is a must, and riding in the Freedom Ride at least once is a rite of passage for many Bendites on Independence Day.

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Special Issues & Guides

Restaurant Guide 2022

350+ Bend & Central Oregon restaurant listings, plus our restaurants of the year
Central Oregon’s Ever-Evolving Restaurant Scene From “appointment dining” to fast casual, takeout and delivery, our local food scene has a little of it all.

Restaurant Guide

Rookie Restaurant of the Year

Sen Thai Noodles & Hot Pot This year’s Rookie Restaurant of the Year turns one year old just after this Restaurant Guide comes out—and while this particular place is new this year, its owners have been around the Bend restaurant block a time or two.

Restaurant Guide

Restaurant of the Year

Chi Chinese & Sushi Bar Picture this: A popular local restaurant moves from its space overlooking the iconic Deschutes River to a former chain restaurant location on the edge of a shopping plaza… and then….

Restaurant Guide

Rookie Food Cart of the Year

Chulitas Food carts are often where budding restauranteurs get their start, trying out their concept without the high overhead that can come with opening a new brick-and-mortar.

Restaurant Guide

Food cart of the year

Manzanita Grill In terms of growth in the food scene in Central Oregon in recent years, food carts are where it’s at.

Restaurant Guide

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Best Of Central Oregon

Vote Now in the Best of Central Oregon!

Vote for your favorite local places in Central Oregon's original (and best) readers' poll
It's time to vote! Click on the image below to go to the ballot for the Best of Central Oregon 2022 


2021 Best of Central Oregon

Rising from the ashes: As tough times continue, join us in celebrating these local winners!
When we devised the theme for 2021’s Best of Central Oregon issue some months back, we imagined a world where the pandemic was truly starting to be behind us—where the community would be celebrating the return of a more carefree way of life. The phoenix—which we employed for this year’s theme—is, of course, a classic symbol of rebirth, of walking through the fire and re-emerging as a better version.


Best Liquor Store

3rd Street Beverage
In the brewery capital of the world, Bendites' top pick for a liquor store is 3rd Street Beverage. With its wide selection of beers and wines, 3rd Street makes it easy to find what you're looking for or try something new.


Best Lodging in Redmond

SCP Redmond Hotel
With Redmond's explosive growth, it was only a matter of time before the Hub City got its very own Best Lodging category—and with its awesome location and vibe, it was only natural that the first hotel to grab the award in this new category would be the SCP Redmond Hotel. A historic hotel with a hip, modern and eco-friendly vibe, SCP Redmond has been turning heads since its opening in late 2019.

Best Of Redmond

Best Mani/Pedi

Crescent Nails & Spa
Have you been looking for the best spot to pamper yourself? The best spot to clean up those outdoor-sports dirty cuticles and nails?

Goods and Services

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Bend Nest

Forging the Future

A radical new school opens in Bend
Imagine an alternative. Imagine your child’s day: They wake up, wolf down breakfast, get dressed and then head off to school-only “school” isn’t inside a fluorescent-lit, rectangular box.


Best Family Night Out

A Q&A with Scott Ramsey of Sun Mountain Fun Center
Sun Mountain, built and operated by the Ramsey family of Bend, has been dishing up fun in Central Oregon since 1995. During the pandemic, the facility underwent a major renovation, offering a more adult-friendly atmosphere as well as adding some new, active games for the kids.

Best of the Nest

Best Summer Camp

A Q&A with Wildheart Nature School
Wildheart offers unique, nature-oriented educational programs for kids of all ages. In addition to spring and winter camps, classes are available throughout the school year for after-school or home school students.

Best of the Nest

Best Art Instruction

A Q&A with Marlene Alexander
Artist and curator, Marlene Alexander, has been teaching children art in Central Oregon for 37 years. She recently shared about how the program began and what kinds of art she teaches today.

Best of the Nest

Best Nonprofit Serving Children

A Q&A with Family Access Network
Family Access Network began meeting the needs of Oregon families in 1993. Since then, the organization has expanded its scope from Deschutes County to greater Central Oregon, now serving almost every school district in Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook Counties.

Best of the Nest

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