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ver the last several years, the face of coffee in Sunriver has changed. The scene used to consist of a drive-thru coffee hut in the Business Park and Bellatazza across the street from the Village. Now, it includes a Starbucks and our readers' favorite: Brewed Awakenings. When the Village underwent a massive remodel a couple years ago, in came a building designed specifically for both the traditional coffee-house atmosphere as well as a quick drive-thru experience.

Having a drive-thru coffee option upon entering the Village makes for the perfect pre-adventure caffeination destination. You don't have to get out of your car, unbuckle car seats and drag the kiddos into a coffee shop just to wake up for your day. The convenience factor alone weighs heavily on the vote for Brewed Awakenings as Best Coffee in Sunriver.

More than just a drive-thru, upon entering Brewed Awakenings you'll be greeted by comfortable sitting areas and tables, and a fireplace that's perfect for catching up with your aunt during a family reunion. But the atmosphere alone doesn't warrant a vote for best coffee, it's the caffeinated beverages themselves. From cold espresso drinks such as the Belgian Latte (a vanilla latte with real caramel drizzled over the top) to hot favorites like their small batch, artisan roasted house coffee, visitors to Brewed Awakenings never have a problem getting a good caffeine buzz.

Brewed Awakenings Coffee Roasters

The Village at Sunriver

57100 Beaver Dr., Sunriver


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