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Comment Archives: stories: Culture: Source Spotlight

Re: “Think It, Make It

Great article! I found these woodworking plans very helpful to me. Maybe some others will also

Posted by Bill Rose on 07/20/2018 at 12:02 PM

Re: “Remembering Deshaun

Thanks for your comments, Crystal, and we have to agree about Alex's comments. While we could speculate whether the color of Deshuan's skin led to him being targeted by other kids, this was a story about bullying and its effect, which in this case was suicide. Every kid who commits suicide is the "face" of suicide. Did you want us to go seek out a farmer, just to prove your point? Suicide is heartbreaking, no matter who experiences it.

Posted by Nicole Vulcan on 05/18/2018 at 3:48 PM

Re: “Bike Skills are Life Skills

I just read about this program and it's so awesome! Absolutely recommending to my fiancee, we just bought two bikes last week and I love the entire idea. You guys need to spread the word!

Posted by Thomas Wilson on 05/11/2018 at 3:23 PM

Re: “Remembering Deshaun

Deshauns was my nephews cousin on his dads side, I personally only meant this young man a couple times, but his death was and still is very closely felt throughout my whole family, that being said, I am the program director of a new youth ministry here in Central Oregon, our ministry focuses on high risk youth, mostly in the system but I feel God tugging on me to help in this area, we are working on getting a mentoring program up and going and I think kids struggling with depression and/or suicide, would fit well with such a program, if there is any organization out there that can use a Christian presence or might have kids in need of a strong role model in their lives, I would love the opportunity to get together with them and discuss partnering with them to help such youth. We have several churches in the area ready to provide mentors to any kids we can find that would be in need of such.
I look forward to hearing from anyone who might be interested. My name is Jonathan Van Vliet and here is my contact information, email, phone number 5419485592 and our Facebook page is @coyfcjjm I can be reached at any of these.

We are praying for and seeking out lost youth daily and hope to be nothing but a positive influence in their lives through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Posted by Jonathan Van Vliet on 05/09/2018 at 10:22 AM

Re: “Remembering Deshaun

Hey Alex. Great job in devaluing the kids life since "young blacks are hardly the face of the suicide epidemic". This article isn't posted because the boy is not white. The article is posted because bullying is an issue of all races, sizes and colors and most adults seem to just keep kicking the issue down the road. Maybe next time just post your facts on your own social media page to raise awareness and not on an article trying to shed light on this particular humans suicide. It is not a color, race, boy/girl, problem it is a human problem. Humans not respecting humans. It is a let's ignore the uncomfortable problem. It is a let's not talk about it until it's too late and another innocent teenager takes their own life problem.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Crystal Sutfin on 05/09/2018 at 3:49 AM

Re: “Remembering Deshaun

Touching. But young blacks are hardly the face of a suicide epidemic.

The group that is suffering the most are rural farmers. The suicide rate pales even veterans. But nobody really cares about those two groups.

Because they are overwhelmingly White.

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Alex Loanstein on 05/08/2018 at 5:27 PM

Re: “Remembering Deshaun

My son took his life at 37 years old in 2008....he expressed his frustrations and depression but made me promise not to tell his I didn't....after his death TOO many don't want to address needs to be talked about!!

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Gramma on 05/06/2018 at 7:31 PM

Re: “Remembering Deshaun

Appreciate your comments, Nathan. There are a lot of layers here and were glad we could tell this story to get this conversation going. Deshaun deserves that.

4 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Nicole Vulcan on 05/05/2018 at 6:41 PM

Re: “Remembering Deshaun

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this. The story hasn't been even a blip on the radar since it happened, which speaks volumes. This is an issue of bullying, much more so than just an issue of depression. As a person of color whose background has been working with adolescents my entire professional life, I cannot help but wonder if, by saying labeling it "depression," that we are avoiding dialogue on a much larger issue. What I see happening is the maintenance of a very negative status quo here in Bend. If we are to move forward and upward as a community, we cannot allow this incident to be swept under the rug. We are harboring bullys instead of calling them out. Even Deshauns comments indicate that he thought these bullys would be brought to justice once he was gone, yet they seem to be protected by the silence of others. The privilege of a bully being able to hide in plain sight is astonishing, and reminiscent of something one would see if the South during the 60s. But this is Bend, in 2018. People, especially our youth, need to speak up. I think we need to take a good look at ourselves in the mirror and ask, Who do we want to become? What do we want to be known for?

6 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Nathan on 05/05/2018 at 12:03 PM

Re: “Do You Even Home Brew, Bro?

Take it easy and have a Homebrew.

Posted by weylin on 03/16/2018 at 6:11 AM

Re: “Do You Even Home Brew, Bro?

When will all these obnoxious home brewers over brewing, making my neighborhood smell and causing pandemic yeast infections start being raided by the Deschutes Bag Sheriff's Office?

When will the illegal overproduction of beer end!

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by brewselfish on 03/14/2018 at 6:33 PM

Re: “Brian Potwin

Amazing person bP! Proud to work along side of this fine human!

1 like, 1 dislike
Posted by Kim Curley Reynolds on 11/16/2017 at 10:53 PM

Re: “Service to Community

Congratulations to Jesse and the entire family. What an achievement!

Posted by Pilar Parducci on 11/06/2017 at 4:49 PM

Re: “Service to Community

This is a wonderful accomplishment. It's important for the youth of America to make it a better place. Congratulations.

Posted by Paul Auerbach on 11/02/2017 at 5:08 PM

Re: “Source Spotlight: Mike Ficher

Mike is my hero at Kpov - on top of all that he does that keeps him so busy- he's tirelessly working to make KPOV sound better- I love his show- I get sucked in so quickly! Here's to Mike!

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Bill Powers on 10/05/2017 at 11:21 AM

Re: “Jim Long

And the chronic complainer cult has countless more because of inaction and negativity. "Do, or do not. There is no cry"

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by smalltownoregon on 09/15/2017 at 10:51 AM

Re: “Jim Long

Bends positivity cult has a body count and the destruction of countless lives on their hands.

1 like, 2 dislikes
Posted by bendcult on 09/13/2017 at 8:15 PM

Re: “Source Spotlight: John Schweiter

Livable wage jobs - moving forward <3

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by John E Schweiter Jr. on 08/07/2017 at 6:15 PM

Re: “Source Spotlight: From Mountain Tops to Riverbanks

The tundra was being buried in feet of gravel. Too bad the city had to be sued to do the right thing.

3 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by PeakMama on 06/08/2017 at 6:23 AM

Re: “Source Spotlight: From Mountain Tops to Riverbanks

In regards to Pikes Peak, the car rally drivers don't love it more now, it made the race more dangerouse because of higher speeds. It brought in larger factory teams so the little guy can't compete. And took away from the 100 year history and tradition of a dirt track hill climb. And BTW, they would treat the dirt surface as NOT to have so much dust which in turn would NOT create sediment. This was a typical sierra club lawsuit strong arming a local city into spending money on something nobody wanted.

4 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by azphi on 06/08/2017 at 4:38 AM

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