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Re: “The Car Camping Dilemma

The city bought Juniper Ridge years ago to develop into an industrial area. It was also supposed to be the location of the new OSU campus. The city has failed miserably with this area, Why not pave an area out there, provide sanitation,security and a shelter for the homeless and instruct them to go there if they want to stay in the Bend area. This would provide a safe location for the homeless and get them out of the neighborhoods.

18 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Lew Johnson on 10/31/2019 at 8:43 AM

Re: “Oregon Winter Forecast: Another Snowmageddon?

That was one of the dumbest articles I've seen here in ages.

16 likes, 9 dislikes
Posted by P N West on 10/18/2019 at 9:14 AM

Re: “The Car Camping Dilemma

I can comment on many things in this article, but first and foremost, if Colin P. is so stressed and concerned about the cost of living in Bend and the fact that winter is approaching, why did he move to Bend only a few months ago? Why not select a location that is more affordable and with a milder climate?

14 likes, 11 dislikes
Posted by Gal Outdoorz on 10/31/2019 at 10:11 AM

Re: “The Car Camping Dilemma

Thank you for writing about this. I have been living in a car for a few years in Bend and the struggle is real (on both sides--for the homeless, and the neighborhoods where ppl park).
I am a working class person with valid registration, car insurance, no DUIIs, etc, but this was STILL very relatable in so many ways--just living in your car comes with a lot of stigma and being "frowned upon" by those with homes in Bend.

12 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Kayla Sulak on 10/31/2019 at 8:29 AM

Re: “A Push for a Warming Shelter in Bend

FYI, it was the faith communities that started Shepherd's House and Bethlehem Inn. Saying, "I believe it is time for the faith community to step up" is a slap in their face.

10 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Diane S Cole on 11/04/2019 at 5:27 PM

Re: “A Push for a Warming Shelter in Bend

"We care more about our pets than we do our homeless people."
Our pets willingly seek shelter and care and they're easy (but expensive) to treat. At some point our caring communities and our city council need to come to grips with the issues of human personal freedom, mandatory mental health and addiction treatment and public sanitation if the city council wants to do something more than arm-waving. Don't point fingers at our faith communities. Housing is a symptom, not the cure.

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Posted by Bill Pitcher on 11/05/2019 at 5:32 AM

Re: “The Car Camping Dilemma

To the juniper ridge comment. Have you ever been out to juniper ridge I bet not. It's disgusting there's so much trash and fecal matter out there but it's unbelievable.I live in the neighborhood adjacent to juniper ridge and the homeless are constantly marching up and down the street checking car doors stealing stuff off people's porches, it not pleasant. I'm not saying all homeless people are thieves in or bad but it's the ones that do it that make the whole population seem unwanted.guess who gets to pick up the bill on juniper ridge does cell of the city does decide to use it the taxpayers I bet if the mayor or some City councillor lived in one of the neighboring neighborhoods that place would be closed down and cleaned up immediately. I've been living here for 15 years in this exact same neighborhood and I've seen the homeless population quadrupled in size walking out to juniper ridge.I used to walk my dog out there until one day he ate something and got really sick and then we found out it was some sort of food laced with pot.I have not walked out there in 2 years now with my dog but occasion I walk out there just to see how disgusting it still is. People from Les Schwab and sutera used to jog out there and now I hear they're getting attacked by homeless dogs.that is city land and they used to be signs posted everywhere but said no camping and there was a city ordinance but the city is not doing anything about it it's so sickening that that nice piece of land has gone to ruin and the city has done absolutely nothing about one time they did put up rocks and down trees and dug ditches so people couldn't drive and bring their campers out there. But recently because the homeless people seem to work more at not working have moved all the rocks and improve their own roads and are now driving out there. there needs to be something done but I can tell you I don't want to homeless encampment near my neighborhood. Many other people here feel the same way.

6 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Chris Clinansmith on 10/31/2019 at 4:26 PM

Re: “Hot Race Ahead

I continue to call Congressman Waldens office and ask him if he believes its okay to ask a foreign government to investigate political opponents for personal gain (and hold up aid in the process), if its okay to abandon allies without any plan or reason, and if its okay to host a summit of world leaders at your own business venue. I still havent gotten an answer.

Will Congressman Walden be able to now freely voice his opinion, or will he continue to operate in fear, threading some imaginary fine line to try and not provoke a bully?

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Posted by Kavi Chokshi on 10/28/2019 at 4:37 PM

Re: “The Car Camping Dilemma

Many homeless people here are locals who can no longer afford to live here. As rent, taxes, and everything goes up, many people can't work enough hours to pay for the things that the incoming elite class expects us all to have, and truthfully, nobody should have to work so hard for so little. What should we expect these people to do, move away to somewhere "affordable", away from their family and home? Maybe we should change our thinking to realize that compassion is more critical to life and society than pretty trinkets in spotless mcmansion yards. It's unbelievable to me that in a country as wealthy as ours, we still can't find the humanity to take care of each other. When I was a kid we wore t-shirts saying "central Oregon...poverty with a view" and we came together to take care of people in their hard times. I'm sad to say that our culture here has become so pretentious, self-serving, and cold as to worry more about neighborhood aesthetics than the health and safety of our community members. And we're so proud! Shameful.

5 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Travis Lundy on 11/01/2019 at 6:39 AM

Re: “The Car Camping Dilemma

The homeless situation is so complicated. The city must somehow meet the needs of the home and business owners and provide services and parking for those living in their cars. It can be done, but it takes a city council willing to work together and determined to find the solution. In politics these days, consensus seems nearly impossible. What cities have been proactive? What cities have reached good solutions? Ive heard the problem has been nearly solved in Utah. Bend council members need to seek outside help.

5 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Kathleen Ikola Kenna on 10/31/2019 at 9:56 AM

Re: “A Push for a Warming Shelter in Bend

It may have already been done, but approach the owners of the shopping center that housed the former Shopco; perhaps they or WinnCo, who just signed a long term tenant lease, would be willing to house folks as needed this winter, Theres plenty of parking, multiple toilets, its non-residential and easy to get to. Id be greatly impressed by that kind of good corporate citizenship and Ill bet other future WinnCo customers from all over Central Oregon would be, too.

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Posted by nlp541 on 11/05/2019 at 2:19 PM

Re: “The Car Camping Dilemma

travis. i'm not sure about how many of the homeless/transients are actually from Bend, but feel free to take inventory and speak from facts rather than conjecture. also, this is a very complicated situation and many of us non-homeless/transients do sadly stereotype those less fortunate as much as you stereotype everyone else here as elite and having trinkets and mcmansions. i've always been caring and humane when dealing with those less fortunate than myself, but i don't have more than i need. what i'd like to point out is that most people i know are very helpful and contribute their time and money to run shelters, COVA, etc., w/o any expectation of compensation. what those of us who are in that category, don't expect but unfortunately get is theft of our modest homes or person or vehicle, by someone who is less fortunate, or needs money for something, which i have experienced personally and have video recording of and identified the culprit as a homeless/transient person living in juniper ridge and who frequently rides his bike through our neighbor to get to his. so again, i like others in this and other areas, most of us are compassionate on this issue, but we are becoming less tolerant of illegal activity in our modest neighborhoods.

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Posted by paul200417 on 11/01/2019 at 8:19 AM

Re: “From Alt Rock to Jesus Talk more central Oregon home for the Bob n Tom show. Was disappointed do discover this change at 5 am when starting my work day!

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Posted by Bryans on 11/04/2019 at 11:55 AM

Re: “Cattle Mutilations and a Satanic Cult?

If you want to know all about cattle mutilations, there is only one book that is objective and in-depth:

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Posted by Christopher O'Brien on 11/09/2019 at 7:52 AM

Re: “Cattle Mutilations and a Satanic Cult?

There are no humans involved in cattle mutilations.

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Posted by Michael Streuly on 11/05/2019 at 9:26 PM

Re: “Cattle Mutilations and a Satanic Cult?

its both... Where do you think the Satan worshipers got the idea of Adrenochrome? Because the aliens were adrenochrome harvesting and still do to this day. watch and learn

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Posted by Ryushin Malone on 11/05/2019 at 4:10 PM

Re: “A Push for a Warming Shelter in Bend

Thank you for this article. We need to care NOW about people in this horrible situation. Probably faith services are offended that their current efforts were not duly recognized. Point taken. But pulling back and saying we need to study the causes and quit waving our arms totally misses the point. People ARE doing just that. Do you really think we don't know that? But the problem is NOW. Get out there and wave your arms!

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Posted by WeCareToo on 11/05/2019 at 8:59 AM

Re: “The Car Camping Dilemma

Thank you, Paul, for being one of the compassionate ones. I'd like to let you know that I worked a temporary census job in 2010 specifically with transient populations, and I can tell you firsthand that yes, many are displaced locals, and sadder yet, I recognized so many of them as "normal" working class individuals from my youth. Almost all of my friends from childhood have moved elsewhere, in order to find a livable wage and affordable home (and a tolerable culture, one more resembling the one we lost here). I too can tell you a lot about theft and violence, having dealt with it multiple times on my and my family's property: police, court, the whole thing. All of the people that I've actually caught have been home-dwellers, probably struggling to pay their bills or their meth habits. Many are recent arrivals. My family has been in Central Oregon since the 1880's, and I've heard a lot about how "homeless" have been treated here through the generations, first the displaced Indigenous populations and Mexicans, then the Gypsies, then the Red Robes, now the Veterans and "Mentally Handicapped". It boils down to people who are considered "marginal", at any specific time in history, usually end up with less opportunity and more hardship. These people aren't necessarily wrong, they just find themselves surrounded by a culture that doesn't vibe with them, and often have to do "marginal" things to survive. I can't blame people not vibing with the current culture, when I myself am completely baffled by it daily. I choose to live in a 200 sq ft cabin I built off-grid, so I can live a less manic and ego-driven life, focusing less on economics and more on having less impact and mindfulness. I'm lucky enough to be able to live on my family's land, or I too would have to move on to more affordable places, if I wish to continue to live here and not develop mental problems as well, trying to keep up with the breakneck pace that's developed under my nose. Thing is, I am not stereotyping when I say what Bend is. I've witnessed it first-hand through my life, as anyone else who's lived here their whole life has, and just because awesome people contribute to helping those less-fortunate, doesn't mean the problem behind those less fortunate people's actions has been alleviated or solved at all.

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Posted by Travis Lundy on 11/01/2019 at 10:15 AM

Re: “Buehler Considers Run for U.S. House

no knute ever.........i will vote for Ferris before knute.

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Posted by Steve Jackson on 10/30/2019 at 10:13 AM

Re: “Buehler Considers Run for U.S. House

A no-brainer ~~~ run!!

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Posted by Helen Dehner on 10/30/2019 at 8:20 AM

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