The Source Weekly - Bend, Oregon | Issue Archives | May 11, 2022

Source Weekly May 12, 2022

May 11, 2022 - 17, 2023

Vol. 26, No. 19


  • Not Banned in Bend

    Reproductive health clinics are expecting to see an increase in demand after leaked Supreme Court Documents suggest Roe v. Wade will be overturned

    By Jack Harvel

  • Bend's Missing Link

    Without access to an Asian market, Bend's AAPI communities left out of the picture

    By Nick Rosenberger

  • Code Changes Changing

    The Bend City Council is sending proposed shelter code changes back to staff after a raucous public hearing

    By Jack Harvel

  • Russell Resigns

    Bend's first elected mayor since the 1920s will bow out of the position seven months early

    By Jack Harvel

  • Schenkelberg Resigns

    Bend will lose two elected officials at its City Council Meeting on May 18

    By Jack Harvel

  • Noticias en Español

    Después de una audiencia pública escandalosa, el municipio de la ciudad de Bend está enviando al personal los cambios propuestos al código del albergue

    By Por Jack Harvel Traducido por Jessica Sanchez-Millar



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