The Source Weekly - Bend, Oregon | Issue Archives | Jul 20, 2022
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Jul 20, 2022 - 26, 2023

Vol. 26, No. 29


  • State of the Union: Abortion

    Three stories from the frontlines of the abortion bans in Wisconsin, Mississippi and Texas

    By Nicole Vulcan, Ashton Pittman, Mississippi Free Press, Judith Davidoff and Maggie Q. Thompson

  • Legal Help Wanted

    Oregon's Chief Justice demands plan to address public defender shortage as the state is sued over failing to provide attorneys to low-income defendants

    By Jack Harvel

  • More Executives Out at St. Charles

    St. Charles lost three executives in the last week as the health care provider struggles to overcome its pandemic-related financial deficit

    By Jack Harvel

  • Redmond Recreation

    Redmond voters will vote on a new recreation facility, just three years after rejecting a similar proposal

    By Jack Harvel

  • Noticias en Español

    St. Charles perdió tres directivos durante la última semana a medida que el proveedor de atención médica batalla por solucionar el déficit financiero relacionado con la pandemia

    By Por Jack Harvel Traducido por Jessica Sanchez-Millar



Food & Drink


  • Golf Clap

    Great British comedy minds are behind the 'Phantom of the Open'

    By Jared Rasic



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