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  • Local News
  • School District Goes Local

    In last week's column we listed the three finalists for the superintendent position for the Bend-La Pine School District. As it turns out, by the


  • Letters to the Editor
  • A Tempest in a Pint Glass

    Good morning H. Bruce Miller Again, you write us a thriller With St Patrick's Day here You criticize the beer But like your comments it's all filler! In this case, the cup lied to you, and you believed it. What kind of comparison is this when you have no consistency or baseline to your measurements? A: You're comparing pints with different "head" on them. A half inch of head is damn near three ounces in one of those "shaker" glasses! Forget your geometry classes?
  • Letters to the Editor
  • What's Really Sacred

    To those of you who felt we somehow dishonored our military by demonstrating for peace outside the recruiting office on Valentine's Day, I ask you


  • Culture Features
  • Hoop, There it is: A night in the Bend hooping scene

    Mollie Hogan knows how to hoop it up with the best of them.A passing train blocks the sunset, momentarily dimming the Mountain Comfort Warehouse, but the rhythm of the train can't compete with the tribal beats emanating from a small stereo system. Twenty-eight bodies fill the warehouse with spinning hoops gyrating around their waists. Some of the Hoopers (don't call them HulaHoopers-that's patented by Wham-O...think "disc golf" versus Frisbee) move with ballet grace, some channel a funky hand jive, some are as sensual as belly dancers, and a few are still looking for a groove. They've been hooping spontaneously for the last five minutes, starting to shed layers, dewy faces grinning.

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  • Film
  • Sweet and SOUR: Director Nathan Gray uses skateboards to cross political boundaries

    They rip on the gaza strip. Bend's own Nathan Gray created a unique way of promoting peace in the Middle East. He and co-producers Sean Scerritt and Sudip Peterson, drawing on what they describe as "dynamic acts of peace and unity," have created SOUR 4 Peace in the Middle East, a film that crosses borders with nine top Israeli and Jordanian skate boarders. In a recent conversation with Scerritt, he said the theme that sparked the idea behind the film is "doing what you love with people you're not supposed to like."


  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Ye-eah! Fake Metallica tears up the pub

    just like the real thing, except in a much smaller stadium.In the spirit of fearlessly exploring the oft-scary phenomenon of tribute bands, Sound Check moseyed over to the Reed Pub Company last Saturday night to catch a face full of Motorbreath. Around a hundred souls were holding down the wee pub's peanut shell-sprinkled floor and spilling out into the smokers' patio outside when we showed up. Once the openers were done, the smoke machines had the joint socked in and the audience had had their fill of obnoxious Nickelback hits on the sound system, the main event started at darn near the stroke of midnight.
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  • Natural World
  • Get the lead out!Lead shot remains a significant danger to waterfowl and wildlife

    Golden Eagle suffering from lead poisoning. (Note scars on toes from walking on its knuckels.) As if shootings, electrocution and collisions with vehicles are not enough for eagles to cope with, now portentous lead poisoning has reared its ugly head. Lead is a toxic metal deposited in the environment through hunting, fishing and recreational shooting, and will not break down into less-toxic compounds and will persist indefinitely. Lead toxicity can have lethal consequences that compromise avian survival and reproductive success. Consequently, lead has killed a variety of birds, and it won't be too long before it will travel through the food chain and seep into the human body.
  • Outside Features
  • Better than Christmas

    After four-plus months of college basketball, it's finally here. The NCAA tournament: the last pure thing remaining in the world of sports; the reason we would rather have every day of our lives be the first day of the tourney and not Christmas. But before the games get rolling, there is the obligatory bitchfest following Selection Sunday, with sports writers, commentators, coaches, and conference officials putting in their two cents as to who made the field of 65 (don't forget the Tuesday night play-in game) and who will stay home. This year's Selection Sunday was tamer than years past, but there were some teams like Arizona State (19-12 overall, tied for fourth place in the Pac-10) that didn't make the dance.The West Coast is touting its best tourney roster in recent memory with six Pac-10 teams and another three from the West Coast Conference. Does this mean the East Coast basketball bias, fueled by the likes of Dick Vitale (who should hang up the mic before he either goes mute or gets punched in the face) is over? No. It's not. But we'll take what we can get.
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  • Outside Features
  • Out Our Backdoor: Winter running, mtb trails and more

    Kaleidoscope Run Trail running: Bend's instant outdoor experienceOminous clouds loomed overhead as I set out for a run this past week at a park on the west side of town. The sun's rays were hidden behind clouds and my eyes and ears were on autopilot, looking and listening but not seeing and hearing. This can easily happen in the fast-paced world in which we live. We rush through a day's work, then off to sneak in a quick outdoor workout before speeding home to spend time with the family. Cooking, cleaning, chores, a quick read and off to bed before getting up to repeat another day. It is easy to fall into the trap of not taking the time to truly appreciate our surroundings.


  • The Blender
  • Buckethead Rules!

    A couple of video clips from Buckethead's performance last Friday at the Domino Room. And a shout out to Random Presents for bringing this gotta-see-it-to-believe
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  • The Blender
  • Metal Memories, Real and Fake

    Motorbreath in the shred zone.If you were lucky, you were in the crowd that caught Portland-based Metallica tribute band Motorbreath's show at the Reed Pub
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