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  • Jul 3-9, 2008
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  • Armed in Oregon

    You've just arrived at work, interested in coffee more than conversation, and a coworker enters, setting her purse down - BOOM! A gun explodes, bullet
  • Local News
  • First There Was A Mountain: A new proposal could change the face of winter

    A solitary moment.As a rule, backcountry skiers don't tend to make a lot of noise. Aside from the occasional powder whoop, they tend to tread pretty lightly. The same principle holds true away from the slopes where backcountry enthusiasts tend to keep a low political profile. But a new proposal from a group of backcountry skiers is causing a stir in the outdoor recreation community and could shake up the way the Forest Service manages one of the most popular winter recreation zones near Bend. What some backcountry users want - there is no formal backcountry skiers group in Central Oregon - is for the Forest Service to re-draw snowmobile boundaries around Tumalo Mountain, moving the sleds entirely off the butte. Backcountry skiers are accustomed to working for their turns, but this is a different kind of uphill battle that pits backcountry skiers against well organized motorized users and their supporters, which include, somewhat surprisingly, a number of cross country skiers who benefit from the snowmobilers grooming efforts. Skiers are also up against a historical "anything-goes" attitude about winter recreation from the Forest Service, which much prefers "shared" recreation opportunities for all user groups than to shut out one group entirely, as would be the case on Tumalo.


  • Letters to the Editor
  • Don't Rock the Mountain

    Lettter of the Week  This week's feature letter comes from Evelyn Dong who presents us with a contrasting viewpoint on the Tumalo Backcountry proposal -- from a skier's perspective. Thanks for the letter Evelyn.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Advertise in the Bulletin

    Letter of the Week This week's top letter comes from Jim Anderson, the sage of Sisters, who laments the proliferation of litter from free shoppers circulated by our local daily to pump up its circulation numbers. The blue bags truly are an eye sore, Jim. But we're not talking trash when we say that you can cash in your gripe for a $20 gift certificate from Dinner's Ready for being our letter of the week. Bon Appetite!     If you are looking for the best bang for your buck in advertising, do it with the Bulletin; they really spread the word! The Bulletin doesn't only "spread the word," they litter the countryside with it.     And they're not hard to locate either; you can probably find a rotting Bulletin in someone's driveway, front yard, or even out in the middle of the road. Moreover, don't worry, you will get your money's worth advertising in the Bulletin, they wrap their "Central Oregon Market Place" in a blue plastic bag before it is thrown on your property, that way it litters longer.    
  • Letters to the Editor
  • No Shortage of Lazy Journalists

        Greetings. And arghh.     Your perpetuation (deliberate word choice ... hint hint) of this morning's "Oregon Man's Invention: Commute Generates Electricity" in the Bend Bulletin is yet another example of how high energy prices makes reporters and editors stupid. Okay, perhaps not stupid ... but certainly it seems to render them so un-critical that they fail to recognize a perpetual motion machine when they see it - or that they simply assume their sources are telling the truth or have a clue what they're talking about.     Other recent horrid examples: (1) A New York Times reporter's acceptance without request for explanation of a hybrid land yacht owner's claim that she goes twice as long between fill-ups as with the old behemoth, even though the new one only gets 50 percent better gas mileage. (2) A different Bend Bulletin reporter's acceptance last week without apparent skepticism of a scooter salesman's quote about "average" drivers of four-wheeled vehicles spending $120/week on gas compared to $6 per week for drivers of scooters - when even the most generous look at the math shows the salesman has assumed for his audience's sake that the "average" driver gets just 5 miles per gallon and that the average scooter gets 100 mpg.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Facts Don't Support ID Case

    Scott Weber (Letters 6-18) always attempts to present something as science but without scientific evidence! His recent letter (Source Jun.19) pans evolution and supports Intelligent


  • Picks
  • Our Picks for the Week of 7/3-7/10

    Central Oregon Blues and Crawfish Festival thursday-sunday 3-5 You'll get a pretty good rundown of this festival in the Liner Notes column, but if you need more convincing, here's a good chunk of the lineup: John Lee Hooker Jr., Kenny Neal, Ty Curtis Band, Big Fish, Jon Maclennan, T-Bone Stone, Lisa Mann, Blue Moon Society, Megan Smith & The Fam, Kelly Stone, Zsa Zsa, Stephanie Slade, Joseph Balsamo and more. July 3-5. Go to for more info. $20/day, $30/3 day pass, 10 and under free. Creekside City Park, Hwy. 20 and Jefferson. Pet Parade friday 4 Finally your chance to parade around your incredibly cute kids and your incredibly cute llama at the same time in celebration of Independence Day! The annual Pet Parade is a chance for the kids to bring their special pets (from llamas to lizards to goats) and parade them through downtown. Just don't bring a rabbit or a cat, seriously. Decorating and lineup starts at 9:30am on Wall Street next to the School Administration building, parade starts at 10am. Call 330-7096 for info.

Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • Be a Guest at your own Party

    When talking to Lisa Glickman about her new endeavor, she draws a distinct line between her work and that of a personal chef. Personal chefs,
  • Chow
  • Be a Guest at your own Party

    When talking to Lisa Glickman about her new endeavor, she draws a distinct line between her work and that of a personal chef. Personal chefs,


  • Film
  • Dead or Alive

    Jolie in a shot from the new Whitesnake videoYou are going to have to set aside common sense to enjoy this movie. It'll be no
  • Film
  • Horsing Around in Mongolia

    The wrath of KhanAs Kazakstan's first entry into the Academy Awards (2008 nominee for Best Foreign Language Film), the epic historical drama, Mongol, will enthrall
  • Film Events
  • Guitar Hero to Go!

    With a popular franchise like Guitar Hero it was only a matter of time before game makers took a stab at crossing over to another platform. Well, game developer Vicarious Visions has answered the call with a guitar-like attachment for the Nintendo DS that allows obsessive guitar heroes to play the game (Guitar Hero: On Tour) on the go. This took some creative engineering, but they were able to create an attachment that resembles the games' original "guitar" neck, which plugs into the Game Boy Advance slot on the Nintendo DS Lite and Original DS systems. You use the stylus screen to strum with a guitar pick-like stylus. This can be frustrating, but shouldn't keep you from getting the hang of the game.
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Whiskey, Wednesday and Alice Cooper

    Guest Artist Jack Daniels not Pictured.Whiskey was the drink of choice last Wednesday at the Midtown Ballroom. Yes, this is still very much a beer town, but the harder stuff came out to greet a pair of Southern-flavored acts in Drive-By Truckers and openers Dead Confederate. The brown stuff made an appearance on stage as well, but we'll get to that in a moment. Sound Check wasn't quite sure what to expect from the Midtown on this warm Wednesday night - mid-week shows are tough to gauge. It can either be a total sell-out or a night of chirping crickets, we can never quite figure it out. But a respectable crowd of seemingly die-hard Truckers fans filled up about half of the Midtown's concrete floor, creating what we'll call a "mid-sized" crowd. Athens Georgia's Dead Confederate opened the show with a slightly psychedelic, reverb-intensive set that included a good chunk of the band's increasingly popular EP as well as some lengthy yet soaring improvisations.
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  • Natural World
  • Snakeflies in the Grass: Why you shouldn't exterminate your friendly flies

    Pretty, ain't she?If the photo above gives you the shudders - and unfortunately, many people have that innate fear of "bugs" - relax. I met that harmless, adult female snakefly last week in the Sisters Library after it was energetically swiped off the back of 10-year old Tanner Head's neck. When he got over what he thought was a sneak attack, he looked at it and thought it to be, in his vernacular, "way cool." Snakeflies may look formidable, especially that tiny female with her "stinger" which is only an egg-laying device; in reality they are "way cool" insects harmless to humans. For aphids and other small plant-sucking insects, however, it's another matter. Adult snakeflies eat only dead insects, the larvae are like wolves; they gobble up anything they can catch. For anyone who has a flower or vegetable garden, snakefly larva are friends of the family.
  • Outside Features
  • Pigeons vs. Soccer

    HEY, IT COULD HAVE BEEN BUD COLLINS... Apparently the only thing dropping from Wimbledon faster than Americans and top-seeds are the pigeons. Championship officials last week hired an assassin to take out pigeons who weren't scared of by the two hawks originally hired to rid the area of flying rats. The dive-bombing birds were a nuisance to players for sure, but they were also creating a health hazard in one of the restaurant areas of the All England Club, officials said, when they began defecating on patron tables. Sort of puts the yuck factor in the traditional Wimbledon indulgence: strawberries and cream. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, of course, wound themselves up in a tizzy admonishing championship officials, saying the marksmen were used as a "first, rather than last resort" according to But the whole thing got me thinking about where marksmen might be appropriate in the American sporting arena - and where PETA has no jurisdiction.
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  • Outside Features
  • Surf Is Where You Find It: Estrogen, waves, triathlons and more

    A WOMAN'S TOUCH Paul Van Camp awaiting a wave with Haystack Rock in the background.On Thursday mornings, for years if not decades, I've grabbed a Source and flipped immediately to this page to catch Bob Woodward's commentary, usually enriched by a story connecting past and present and occasionally spiked with an edgy throwdown. More recently, I've enjoyed Kevin Grove's tales of mountaineering adventures and appreciation for our natural environment. Well, Woody's written enough articles to fill a library and Kev's roaming the country skiing Hood, Ranier and other mountains. At a time in our country when the glass ceiling is being broken, it seems appropriate for the Source to bring a woman's touch to the Outside column. On that note, kudos to Pine Mountain Sports and Trek for the women's bike demos and ladies night earlier this month. I happened to be out at Phil's Trail during the demo and it seemed like a huge success. Riding there another day, I pulled aside for a young woman riding uphill. She had a big grin on her face as she followed her friend and huffed, "This is my first mountain bike ride!" You go, girl.


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