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  • The Council's Builder Bailout

    Privatize the profits and socialize the costs - it's The American Way. We saw it in action on a large scale earlier this summer with


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  • Our Picks for the week of 8/14-8/18

    Mosley Wotta CD Release Party thursday 14 Mosley Wotta, aka Person People's The Rook, aka Bend's walking talent show Jason Graham drops his new buzz-generating EP entitled "Scrap Mettle" and throws a big ol' party with some special friends to celebrate. The EP, consisting of five tracks of Wotta's now well-known precise and cerebral delivery shows the local hip-hop mastermind at his best: innovative, upbeat and funny when he wants to be. Bring your dancing shoes, your thinking cap, and any other figurative clothing accessories that might help you get down. 9pm Bendistillery Martini Bar, 850 NW Brooks St. Bend Brewfest friday-saturday 15-16 Beer! Beer! Beer! Yell it with us! Shout it from a mountaintop! Sing it while an angel accompanies you on a harp while you both ride on a majestic white cloud. That's how we feel about beer here in Oregon and we double that enthusiasm each year when the mother-loving Bend Brew Fest sets up in the Les Schwab Amphitheater. There's more than...wait for it...80 beers on tap from more than 40 different brewers. There's also killer music from the likes of Hillstomp, Upground and locals Leif James and Moon Mountain Ramblers. Gates open 4pm Friday, noon Saturday. Les Schwab Amphitheater, 344 Shevlin Hixon Dr.

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  • Film
  • Life in the Express Lane: Stoner action flick with a conscience

    Truth is, we ran out of waterboards. The Apatow comedy train chugs along with a new installment, Pineapple Express. You cannot get more of a skeletal plot here. Dale Denton (Seth Rogen), a 26-year-old process server with an inexplicable high school girlfriend, witnesses a murder while on the job and exits the scene leaving a roach of Pineapple Express, the ultimate killer weed. Turns out his subpoena target is the dealer that supplies his connection, Saul (James Franco). Soon they're on the run from cops, drug crime warlords, evil Asians, and whoever else crosses their path. Almost all the dialogue seemed or was ad-libbed, reminiscent of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but lacking Larry David's Seinfeld-esque plot twists. I have to admit there are some redeemable qualities James Franco was excellent as the weeded-out dumber-than-dirt dope dealer. As of late, Franco seems typecast to play the guy possessed with angst and inner turmoil in most of his characters (Spiderman, Annapolis) in contrast to his slacker role on Apatow's late 1990s television gem Freaks and Geeks. It was refreshing to see him in this role of weed-soaked, dim-witted, likable, grinning idiot-it was almost like getting to know Brad Pitt's character from True Romance. And Danny McBride (Fist Foot Way) as Red, the middle-man drug connection, steals the show playing part tough guy drug dealer part wimp-ass squealer.


  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Old School Twist of Fate: Dr. Dog takes lo-fi to a high level

    It's back to the coal mine for Dr. Dog...that's what a hit record will get ya.Dr. Dog Fate ★★★★✩ Park the Van Records Sometimes, the newest music sounds old, and you like it even more just for that express reason. Such is the case with Fate, an 11-track collection of rustically poppy cuts from Philadelphia quintet Dr. Dog that sounds like it needs that fuzzy LP hiss between tracks to sound complete. Dr. Dog are just now gaining mainstream attention, and it was actually their previous record We All Belong that brought them to the forefront and to stages at festivals all over the country. Fate is the band's fifth studio release and is marked by a quintessentially old stlye that is more or less intentional, at least from a technical standpoint. Like few bands in their generation or the generation above them, for that matter, Dr. Dog still records on actual tape. That's right, they are actually rolling tape as opposed to settling for tossing all their tracks onto a hard drive to be tuned and twisted with space-age technology into pop gold.
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  • Outside Features
  • Carbon Fiber versus Carbon Neutral: The meaning of our stuff, action shooting, and hot chicken

    Aisles and aisles of stuff at Outdoor RetailerOn Stuff As outdoor lovers, most of us try to tread lightly on our planet. We Leave No Trace, we join Blue Sky, we ride to work, we recycle. But we also love our gear: our full-suspension mountain bikes with disc brakes, our biomechanically designed running shoes, our lightweight carbon fiber paddles. Cool stuff. George Carlin, the satirical comedian who passed away in June, had a famous routine on stuff (Google him to find the YouTube video of his five-minute sketch). He made fun of how attached we are to, and possibly bogged down we are by, our possessions. The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard at takes a harder line on manufacturing and the evils of Stuff in our consumption-based socioeconomy. So, how do we align our environmental ethos with our desire for techy new gear? Manufacturers in the outdoor industry are faced with an especially ironic challenge. They are in business to build products that enable people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, but the manufacturing of those products ultimately consumes finite resources.


  • The Wandering Eye
  • But He Didn't Inhale

    Mike Erickson, a Republican running for Congress in Oregon's 5th District over by Portland, is trying to defend himself against charges that a "humanitarian" trip
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Blowin' in the Wind?

    T.A. Barnhart of the BlueOregon blog made the daring voyage over the hill to Bend with The Bus Project last weekend to ring doorbells for

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