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  • Oct 30 - Nov 5, 2008
  • Vol. 12, No. 44


  • Local News
  • Blowin' In The Wind

    This past week the State of Oregon sent out a health advisory announcing that a former mine and toxic waste disposal site along the Deschutes


  • Editorial
  • For President: Barack Obama

    It's been said that next week's election is a referendum on the past eight years, which have been characterized by the catastrophic mistakes of the
  • Editorial
  • For U.S. Senate: Jeff Merkley

    You don't often see as hard fought and at times ugly campaign as the one between incumbent U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith and challenger state representative
  • Guest Commentary
  • Bend Voters' Choice: Community Interests vs. Special Interests

    Bend voters have a clear choice between community interests and special interests in the November 4 election. Four City Council candidates-Jim Clinton, Linda Johnson, Peter Gramlich and Jodie Barram-stand out because they have demonstrated a commitment to the community and are not beholden to special interests. Their four opponents-Don Leonard, Kathie Eckman, Tom Greene and Jeff Eager-are the candidates of special interests, specifically the political action committees (PACs) of Central Oregon's realtor and developer organizations that are blatantly trying to buy this election. Oregon Secretary of State records ( show that the Central Oregon Association of Realtors and the Central Oregon Builders Association PAC (called Central Oregonians for Affordable Housing) have contributed $49,669 of the $99,460 raised by Leonard, Eckman, Greene, and Eager-an astounding 49.9 percent.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • BAT is No Frill

    Soviet Leader Vladmir Lenin said, "A lie told often enough becomes the truth". Unfortunately, sometimes once is enough. Accordingly, this letter is a response to
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Country First?

    One opportunity the Obama campaign is missing (and they seem to be doing just fine without me) is that they're not posing the question, "Did


  • Culture Features
  • Meet Joe the Painter: Joe Kimmel takes post modern retro

    It's possibly one of the last few sunny Sundays this fall, but Joe Kimmel is inside, working hard in his studio. Thirteen wood panels lean up against the concrete walls of Kimmel's space, many of them still in progress. "I definitely have to look at it as coming to the office," says Kimmel, "whether it's to make progress or just check in." It is obvious through our conversation that while it may be artwork, it is what Kimmel lives and breathes.
  • Picks
  • Our Picks for the week of 10/29-11/5

    HDC Halloween Party and Drag Show friday 31 In the first of the many, many Halloween events we're picking out for you (there's even more on our special Halloween section on page 16!), the Human Dignity Coalition is throwing their annual Halloween bash featuring PDX's Poisonwaters and friends, after party with Grove DJs, live auction, dancing and more. It's pretty much a guaranteed good time. And wear a costume for crying out loud - trust us, you'll fit in no matter what you wear. 21 and over. 7:30pm. $26. Midtown Ballroom, 51 NW Greenwood Ave. Power 94 Monster Ball friday 31 The notion of spending Halloween night in an old church has a frightening tinge to it, but perhaps not as much if you realize the church is the feel-good domain of the Old Stone Church, which is being transformed into a "haunted" dance club. There should be plenty of thumping music for your gyrating pleasure and you can get in on the $2,000 in prizes by wearing your scariest, naughtiest and/or funniest costumes. 8pm-2am. Old Stone Church. 157 NW Franklin Ave. Rocky Horror Picture Show friday 31 Last month we got word that the Tower was hosting a hard rock show and now we've learned they're playing Rocky Horror Picture Show. Man, things are suddenly getting urban at the Tower and we like it. Dress up like your favorite character and, well ...if you've been to a screening of this cult classic before, you should know what to do. Costume contest! And promoters want you to know that this is a dry show, even if it is 21 and over. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St. 317-0700. $10/adult, $7/students (with ID).
  • Picks
  • Our Picks for the week of 10/29-11/5

    HDC Halloween Party and Drag Show friday 31 In the first of the many, many Halloween events we're picking out for you (there's even more on our special Halloween section on page 16!), the Human Dignity Coalition is throwing their annual Halloween bash featuring PDX's Poisonwaters and friends, after party with Grove DJs, live auction, dancing and more. It's pretty much a guaranteed good time.

Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • Hop-Knobbing

    Alert: Fresh Hops Ahead!If you've never been to the Deschutes Brewery Mountain Room, an event space with a stunning view of the Cascades on the
  • Chow
  • Hop-Knobbing

    Alert: Fresh Hops Ahead!If you've never been to the Deschutes Brewery Mountain Room, an event space with a stunning view of the Cascades on the


  • Film
  • Bloodbaths and Buzz-cuts: Inner turmoil reigns supreme in gritty cop drama

    The Norton effect. A family of Irish cops and police corruption... sound familiar? Yes, Pride and Glory has all the makings of a formulaic, seen-it-before storyline, but at the hands of writer/actor/director Gavin O' Connor (Tumbleweeds) it takes on an original, seedy life of its own. This is actually a pretty good movie. Dark and disturbing from the beginning, there is not one lighthearted moment. From the initial body-laden bloodbath of dead cops and drug dealers to the yelling, crying, relentless violence and inevitably bitter end, this movie doesn't let up. Shot in gritty and grainy blue hues depicting the evil beating heart of NYC, Pride and Glory takes its stand among such movies as State of Grace, Serpico, King of New York, Training Day and (the underrated) Monument Avenue.
  • Film
  • Ultimate Fright: My top 10 horror flick picks

    1) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (dir: Tobe Hooper) 1974 By far the best horror movie ever is this original TCM classic. It's surprisingly not as gory as the title infers, but the twisted saga of Sally and wheelchair-bound Franklin travelling with some friends goes hazardously awry after they pick up a hitchhiker whose brother makes "headcheese real good." Enter cannibalistic inbred nut-jobs and good ol' chainsaw-wielding Leather Face and you're off and running. This movie is so demented that it keeps you on the edge of your seat not only due to the sheer terror involved, but also the hilarious dialogue and goofy acting. 2) Evil Dead (dir: Sam Raimi) 1981 Horror at its frenetic peak! This is the one of the most hilarious, knuckle-biting and gory creep fests ever made. Lantern-jaw Bruce Campbell and pals wig-out royally in a cabin in the woods possessed by at least three Linda Blairs from The Exorcist and blood spews like wretched wine. This is one fast-paced inventive gore-fest that can make you laugh as hard as you scream. 3) Audition (dir: Takeshi Miike) 1999 Japan's hardest working and most prolific film maker, Miike, has made arguably the creepiest movie ever. It seems to be a tragic, almost boring love story until the halfway mark. Then something happens causing the movie to take so many jaw-dropping turns, bending into unfathomable sadistically evil and surreal images that your guess is as good as mine as to what the hell went wrong.


  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Crossing Over: How Person People became Bend's most exciting live act

    The answer to the age-old Question: How many Person People members can you fit on the Domino Room stage. Gathered around a table tucked in the back of a downtown coffee shop, four members of Person People (less than half of the hip-hop collective's total enrollment) are contemplating what it means to be what many people consider Bend's most exciting band. After all, they are the only local act with a known name for its devoted following: PP Heads. Also, they've recorded what very well might be Central Oregon's most well constructed hip-hop record to date. "It feels good to get some recognition for making music for so long," says founding member KP, one of the act's MCs, after a few beats of thought. In the past year and a half, Person People have come to build a fan base that's far more expansive than the following they accrued during the group's first four-plus years. What was once a rapper-and-DJ act is now a fully functioning band, complete with an instrumental section that is an all-star lineup in its own right. The shift has given Person People an appeal that's drawn not only increasing numbers of devoted hip-hop fans into the fold, but also the roots music fans that make up the core of Bend's musical fandom to give them crowds that often amount to 200 or more people.


  • Natural World
  • Moving With the Sun: Monarch butterflies' long trip south and back again

    Snow Geese & MonarchsThis is it, Good People, the time when Mother Nature's Children must obey the Sun. Whether it be Monarch butterflies, Snow Geese, hummingbirds, night hawks, plovers, whales or Flammulated Owls, they can not stop themselves from obeying the Call of the Sun. Even human Snowbirds traveling south in their gas-guzzling Mini-Winnies must obey the call of our Sun. Way back, when most of you were just a gleam in your daddy's eye - and for some, even before that - I was a duck-hunter. Yes, I do love to eat mallards and geese. Every Thanksgiving I would head off for Summer Lake to shoot snow geese, and Crane Prairie Reservoir for Canada Geese and mallards. (When I discovered I was killing families of Canada Geese and leaving orphans, I realized the error of my ways and quit.) It was the discovery of Russian bands on snow geese harvested at Summer Lake, however, that also gave me further insight on the migration of birds. At the same time, some of the pin-tail ducks I killed were also wearing bands
  • Outside Features
  • Shine a Light: Solar power your way through winter

    BEATING SAD Sunset over Maui: not very SAD.At 2am on Sunday November 2, we "fall back." I call it the "Saddest Day of the Year." Thank goodness the Energy Policy Act of 2005 extended Daylight Savings Time one extra week, but all too soon it will be dark when you go to work and dark when you come home, a depressing situation for a solar-powered person like me. At least we're not in Portland, where the incessant grayness can make one suicidal. I lived in Portland through the icestorms of '95 and the mudslides of '96. We went months on end without seeing the sun and I couldn't seem to shake the gloominess. Eventually, I diagnosed myself with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and bought an expensive, high-intensity, full-spectrum light for my cubicle. It attracted co-workers to my desk like moths to a flame, but it didn't really solve the problem, so I finally told my doctor how unhappy I was. He said, "Well, I can prescribe some anti-depressants... or you could move to Central Oregon!" Shortly thereafter, I picked up and moved to Bend... and never looked back. As our well-placed promotion in last weekend's Warren Miller ski flick, Children of Winter, touted, "In Bend, the number of days of sunshine competes with the number of inches of snow." That's our saving grace. Mt. Bachelor's average annual snowfall is 370 inches at the base and Bend claims 300 sunny days per year (which I think is a marketing stretch), so I think the edge goes to the snow, but it would be an interesting statistic to track. Relocating to Central Oregon is one way to defeat SAD. A few other suggestions follow.


  • The Blender
  • Election Night Mix Tape

    Election Day is a strangely stressful time for some yet perhaps a relieving moment for others who would just as soon put their hand in

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