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  • Stars, Stripes and Laughs: Political comic Will Durst on how to make fun of Obama

    Will Durst takes a seat on his newspapers for the week.The exhausting election of 2008 has ended and political comedian Will Durst is in Hawaii. It's not that Durst, one of the nation's premier political satirists and a self-described "raging moderate" found his brain overloaded by broken record of stump speeches and hotheaded pundits, forcing him a few thousand miles into the Pacific to seek refuge, but rather he was in the islands to celebrate his 27th wedding anniversary. But still, the break has given him a chance to reflect on a campaign that was hardly light on the comedy.
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  • Our Picks for the week of 11/12-11/19

    Drift thursday 13 Summer-run steelhead are spread throughout the lower river and most local rivers and lakes are still producing good trout, but it's time to put the fly rod down - at least for a few hours as the latest fish porn feature rolls into town in the form of Drift, an hour-long fly fishing documentary that includes footage from right here in Central Oregon. The segment, which highlights the increasingly popular sub-sport of spey fishing, was filmed last year on the Deschutes River with legendary guides and spey gurus John and Amy Hazel. The film was produced in conjunction with The Drake, a Colorado-based fly fishing magazine, and the local showing benefits the Upper Deschutes Wastershed Council and Oregon Trout. Doors 5:30, Film 6pm. $10 McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St.. Advanced tickets at Music For The Fallen friday 14 Veteran's Day just passed and the local music scene is paying tribute to the families of Central Oregon's fallen soldiers with this crossover show featuring music ranging from metal to hip-hop. The lineup includes: Relative, No Cash Value, Snap Point, Pov City, Trevor G and The Collektive Cartel. 8pm. $10, $1 off with non-perishable food donation. Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave.

Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • In Search of Bend's Best Burritos

    Packing a bowl at La ParrillaWith winter fast approaching, our bodies increasingly yearn to stock up on calories, while our pockets-depleted from the cost of
  • Chow
  • In Search of Bend's Best Burritos

    Packing a bowl at La ParrillaWith winter fast approaching, our bodies increasingly yearn to stock up on calories, while our pockets-depleted from the cost of


  • Film
  • Testing the Laugh Formula: Even children using profanity can't save Role Models

    And that, boys, is why you wouldn't last five minutes in Sturgis. In the recently ended political season, there was a comment much dissected and analyzed having to do with lipstick on a pig. I am trying hard to forget the context, but watching Role Models this unfortunate image came roaring back at me. I suspect Judd Apatow is responsible in large part for the new comedy genre, which created the following formula: relentless amounts of crudeness, the raunchier the better, followed by an awakened heart, followed by a gauzy enlightenment. And in capable hands, it works. You get potty humor and leave the theater feeling good about the world. We're going to make it, man.
  • Film Events
  • Dead Space: Electronic Arts makes a strong showing in its first jump

    Like you never fantasized about eye-lasering an alien. As a kid, the movie Alien gave me the creeps, the slowly building tension and tight scenes made the sci-fi/horror movie a classic. Game developer Electronic Arts has been able to recapture that sick death at every corner feeling with Dead Space. This action horror game has much in common with the way that the Resident Evil games play. With a third person or over-the-shoulder perspective, this game is a nice change of pace from the million-plus first-person shooters. With this being EA's first foray into the survivor/horror genre, it doesn't repeat what Capcom has done with recent Resident Evil games wherein the lead character is a badass. Instead, this game takes a normal person and puts them in a really bad situation.
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Indie Meets...Elton?: The Dirty Words glow by going clean on International Machine

    The Dirty Words: Seeing through the trees.At times during the past two years, it seemed that there was only one indie rock band in Bend. Well, let's just say there was only one indie rock band playing shows in the city. While there were plenty of burgeoning, still-in-the-garage acts, it seemed the Dirty Words were the only band that would actually play a steady line of shows. But in the last year, the high school scene and the just-out-of-high-school set have come forward with a number of bands and other veteran groups have shored up their acts, and giving hope that there might be more to be found in Bend than roots rock, metal, bluegrass and, surprisingly, hip-hop. The influx of indie rock sounds is a splash of cold water to a face largely hung over from too much of the same and it's with that in mind that The Dirty Words release their debut full-length album, International Machine, which has been in the works for the better part of the past year.


  • Natural World
  • Cluckers On the Prowl: Chickens yearn back to their dinosaur roots

    Those of you who keep chickens and other livestock know what joy there is in talking to them. (Yes, chickens are "livestock," even though the sheriff doesn't think so when a stray dog kills one of mine.) "Good morning, chickies," is my usual greeting. Then I ask them, "How many eggs are you going to lay for me today?" slyly pointing to the pile of empty egg cartons I keep close by to remind them to keep their minds on their business. I have a few beautiful Buff Orpingtons, a couple of Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds and handsome Aracanas, the last of which lays lovely green-shelled eggs. When I greet them in the morning, they all respond with the usual clucking and chicken grunts that means "all's well" and "What goodies do you have for us this morning, James?"
  • Outside Features
  • First Tracks!: It's time... for Studs, Muffins and Stud Muffins

    FIRST TRACKS First tracks across Dutchman FlatWhat more could you ask for on November 4th - an Obama victory and a foot of fresh powder on Bachelor! Yippeee! The day after the elections, my friend Lisa and I scored some of the very first tracks of the season on Woody's and Easy Back. We skied across Dutchman Flat into the nordic area through perfect snow and found the groomer had just made a pass to pack down the base. I'd say it was an auspicious start to a new season and a new era.


  • The Blender
  • Keller Williams Video

    Our review of the Keller Williams with Moseley, Droll and Sipe show from last week won't be in the paper for another few days, but
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  • The Blender
  • Weekend Warrior! This Weekend in Music

    Friday Night 11/14: The Dirty Words CD Release Party The buzz growing around this thing has gotten pretty big this week, so expect a nice amount of folks of all ages (it's an all-ages show) up at the PoetHouse as The Dirty Words celebrate the release of their new record The International Machine. Also on the bill is killer indie rock from Space Hoax and rad-i-cal hip-hop from Mosely Wotta.
  • The Blender
  • Grove, Village...Vegas?

    It was The Grove, then the Village Bar and Grill, and now the space at 1033 Bond Street is now known as Seven. The Blender just caught word that the establishment officially changed hands today and new owner Brian Timme, better known as DJ Metal (who put on several dance nights at Jokers - which is now Boondocks), says that Seven is set up as "an upscale nightclub.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Mike Daly: "Why I Lost"

    In his wanderings around town Thursday The Eye ran into (soon to be former) Deschutes County Commissioner Mike Daly, who offered some thoughts on why
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Republicans Over the Edge

    The Eye has long suspected that some members of the Republican "base" weren't too tightly wrapped, but the election results seem to have completely unwrapped

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