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  • Everything Has Its Price

    Well it looks like the public relations department of Bend's pro-growth, pro-sprawl, pro-development community is at it again. What's that? You didn't know Bend's good


  • Culture Features
  • Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli: Over the River and Through the Woods at 2nd Street Theater

    I've fallen and I can't find my grandparents. Oh wait, there they are.In Italian, the expression "Tengo Famiglia" means more than just its literal translation of "I hold family." The expression, as writer Joe DiPietro (author of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change) shows throughout the production, is more about putting your family first. Even though DiPietro's play focuses on an Italian-American family living in Hoboken, New Jersey, the overall theme of the play transcends cultural boundaries and appeals to the audience. The cast and crew at 2nd Street Theater give this heartwarming comedy about family, food and faith legs and the story itself does the rest.
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  • Our Picks for the Week of 11/19-11/27

    The Sofa Kings friday 21 You've likely seen MC Mystic behind the turntables as well as the microphone, but most don't know the dude can also play the drums like nobody's business. He'll show off his beatkeeping prowess with this new band, the Sofa Kings, the female-fronted outfit that's debuting at the newly reopened Pyro Lounge at the Old Mill Martini Bar. That's a pretty clever name for a venue that was closed due to a fire not too long ago. 9pm. Pyro Lounge at The Old Mill Martini Bar, 360 SW Powerhouse Dr. Will Durst friday 21 If you didn't laugh enough during the past election, check out Durst's bipartisan take on political hilarity. Check out the Culture section for more info. 21 and over. 8pm. $25/advance, $28/door. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., 317-0700.  

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  • Film Events
  • Martini Man: 007 adapts nicely in Quantum

    A bitter, badder Bond. Ever since GoldenEye 64 was released on the Nintendo 64 there have been many 007 games that try to emulate the classic. The latest is Quantum of Solace, a first-person shooter based on the new James Bond movie. The story follows super spy James Bond (Daniel Craig) and touches on the events that take place from the previous Bond movie, Casino Royale, and up through Quantum of Solace. Quantum is a first-person shooter that lets you switch to a third-person view. The game play doesn't pull any punches. And from the first level forward, this game is in overdrive with bullets flying all around you. The first part of the game feels like it would fit on one of the final levels, so there is no slowing down. At such a fast pace the levels seem to pass quickly.
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  • Natural World
  • Winter butterflies?: Warm days, more butterflies

    "Mr. Anderson," my caller said last Wednesday afternoon. "I have a mystery. What in the world is going on with the butterflies? I smashed a beautiful orange and brown one on my windshield this afternoon - I didn't think I'd ever see a butterfly fluttering about in November! Is this the result of global warming, or what?" That same day, driving home from Sisters on Highway 20, I had the very same thing happen near the 8-mile post. It was unavoidable, but it still saddened me. Killing animals with my motor vehicle is something I try diligently to avoid, but traveling along at 55 mph on a collision course with a butterfly is not like avoiding a mule deer or elk. I saw and heard it hit the windshield and then in a horror of horrors, it caught under my windshield wiper right in front of my eyes and stuck there all the way home.
  • Outside Features
  • The Real Campaign Starts Now

    For new Oregon State head basketball coach Craig Robinson, helping his brother-in-law win the presidency of the United States is going to seem like a piece of cake compared to trying to win a Pac 10 conference basketball game this season - let alone a championship. Robinson - Michelle Obama's brother - inherited a team that went 0-18 in conference play last season and won only six of the 31 games it played. Unfortunately for the Beavers last year, they weren't able to give a concession speech mid-way through the season when they realized the race was over.
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  • The Blender
  • Weekend Warrior!

    Friday Night 11/21: Will Durst at the Tower Theatre Yeah, yeah, don't give me any more BS about how you're so "worn out" by this year's election to talk about or hear anything about politics. Get yourself to the Tower Theatre tonight and take in the political hilarity of self-described "raging moderate" Will Durst.

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