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  • Back To the Drawing Board: Homes for acres deal at Skyline hits the wall

    A proposed deal that has divided conservationists about the best way to preserve a large chunk of undeveloped forest land just west of Bend has been shelved by the property owner as it weighs its options. Fidelity National Timber Investments, which owns the 33,000-acre tree farm known as Skyline Forest had planned to ask the Oregon legislature to sign off on an unprecedented plan that would have allowed the company to essentially donate most of the forest to the Deschutes Basin Land Trust in exchange for permission to build several thousand homes on the remaining acres between Bend and Sisters. But at this point, the company has essentially pulled the plug on the proposal because of state planning hurdles and a lack of local support for the deal.
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  • Surviving the Blogoshpere

    All For This?If you were to enter the word "Suterra" into your Google search bar, you'd get a long list of results, the third of


  • Letters to the Editor
  • Keep Up the Good Work, Jim

    Hi Mr. Anderson, Recently during the ideal weather period of mid October I had a visit from long time friends who were actually college buddies and later biology teachers like myself. As we took advantage of the beautiful waterfalls and scenery of the area, we talked about how much of today's teaching of the subject seems to emphasize the microscopic, even the molecular nature of the plant/animal world much to the neglect of the total organisms. With that comment in mind I shared some of your recent articles from The Source, and a thought occurred to all of us.


  • Culture Features
  • Theater-apalooza - Holiday Edition: Bend community theater, from Dickens to "Gunsmoke"

    The Around the Bend players bring you some old timey Christmas shows.While the weather outside has yet to be frightful (although 62 degrees in December is kind of scary), inside Bend's local theaters the holiday season is underway and definitely delightful. Area theaters and production companies have pulled out all the stops to ensure that Bendites have the most Holly Jolly Christmas play lineup yet. While Bend Theatre for Young People, Innovations Theater Works and one of the Tower Theatre productions have already wrapped (see sidebar), there's still plenty more to see. So even if it's 75 degrees outside next week and Bachelor reopens its Frisbee golf course, you can still get into the festive seasonal spirit thanks to Bend's diligent theater stewards. 
  • Culture Features
  • In Defense of the Poetry Slam: Understanding Bend's fascination with iambic pentameter

    Noted literary critic Harold Bloom calls spoken word poetry, "the death of art" but I prefer comparing the monthly Bend Poetry Slam with an Andy Warhol quote: "Art is what you can get away with." The academic community has criticized poetry slams since their inception in the mid-80s because they challenge what is literary merit, though the same devices of repetition, alliteration and rhyme, beloved by classic poets, are shunned by critics when used in a slam setting. Poetry began as a way for ancient societies to record history. Over time, iambic pentameter became the most common meter in the English language. Think Shakespeare's sonnets. Think of this line, "to swell the ground and plump the hazel shells" by Keats. Then how about, "complacency is not the common place to cultivate the seeds of resurrection" mirroring this poetic construction, from a poem by Jason Graham, who performs and regularly places in the top three at the slam as Mosley Wotta?
  • Picks
  • Our Picks for the Week of 12/3-12/11

    Leif James & The Struggle wednesday 3 We profile the new reinvention of Leif James in the Sound section. Read that, then immediately head to the Moon to see him and the Struggle rip it up with an all-out acoustic rock show. 8pm. Silver Moon Brewing Co. 24 NW Greenwood Ave. DJ Barisone thursday 4 Yeah, we've spilled a lot of ink about DJ Barisone over the last year, but our prolificacy of writing on this man is worth it - he throws some of the best (if not the best) parties in town whenever he's behind the wheels. So, spend your Thursday with Barisone for some worldly jams and healthy amounts of funkalicious party music. 10pm. Bendistillery Martini Bar, 850 NW Brooks St.

Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • Quick Bites: Seasonal Sweet Tooth

    Winter weather is finally here. And the shortest day of the year is fast approaching. Usually I console myself with some afternoon cross-country ski jaunts,
  • Chow
  • Quick Bites: Seasonal Sweet Tooth

    Winter weather is finally here. And the shortest day of the year is fast approaching. Usually I console myself with some afternoon cross-country ski jaunts,



  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Taking the Music to the People: When Brad Tisdel isn't helping others enjoy music, he's playing

    Relax, Mr. Tisdel. You've earned it.Editor's Note: This profile was originally slated to run in our Local Heroes issue, but was inadvertently omitted. Better late than never, eh? The fact that Sisters has about 10 times as much musical energy as a typical American town of its size is not an accident. While some of this is due in part to the vein of creativity that seems to run through the center of the cowboy town, a good deal of recognition also should be handed to Brad Tisdel.
  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Liner Notes: Feeling Grouchy?

    GROUCH: OUT TO STEAL YOUR CHRISTMAS.At the rate that hip-hop shows - both indie acts as well as bling-and-boast rappers-are stomping through town as of late, it seems we need a whole space dedicated to hip-hop music in this paper. While we don't exactly have real estate reserved for that purpose quite yet, we will give you a de facto column with this update on the Grouch and Eligh show coming up at the Domino Room on Monday night.
  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Leif James 2.0: He's back with a new band, a no-booze policy and a disdain for fake cowboys

    New band, new hat, same duct-taped guitar.The last time I formally interviewed Leif James, it was a strangely warm spring day in 2007. The article was about James' career as a street performer and the quick rise to local notoriety of his then band, Poor Bastard's Romance. After the interview he propped up in the breezeway connecting Wall and Brooks streets and began strumming for some extra beer money. Last week, on the day after Thanksgiving, it was a different Leif James sitting at a café table lining Bond Street. First off, James is now married with his first child on the way. Secondly, his Poor Bastard Romance days are long behind him, the band having broken up in 2007, and now he's either playing his acoustic rock songs solo or as a locally grown act he's dubbed Leif James and the Struggle. And there's no longer any strumming for beer money.
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  • Natural World
  • The Late, Great Ed Park: Owl pranks with an old friend

    Ed Park doing what he liked best in the "Good Old Days." Photo by Jim AndersonEd Park, Central Oregon's best outdoor writer, cross-country skier, runner, and wildlife photographer has gone out among the stars. Ed was a gem and an Oregonian through-and-through. He was a graduate of the grand old "Cow College" (OSU) over in Corvallis, and a student of Oregon's wildlife treasures. He lived with, studied and wrote a superb book on our elusive and fun-filled, Northern River Otter, Lontra canadensis; and for years, was the guts and feathers of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. As such, he was a prodigious writer for several outdoor magazines that spanned a time warp from the mid-50s into this century. Moreover, from the early '90s to when he left us, he did it with one finger, the result of a terrible stroke in 1991.(Go to, and read the delightful interview Ed gave not too long ago.)
  • Outside Features
  • Thanks (for nothing) giving

    Left Field had just stepped out of the shower and was in the middle of stirring up a Pepto-Bismol and 7-Up cocktail (we like to call it a "Kansas City Mimosa") to both shake off a Thanksgiving Eve hangover as well as prep the stomach for the near-fatal amount of holiday foods it would be encountering later in the afternoon when we sat down for some Thanksgiving day football. But when we turned on the tube, only about half an hour after the posted kickoff of the Lions/Titans game in Detroit, the game was pretty much over. The Titans jumped out to a 28-0 lead in the first quarter and it was clear that the miraculously inept Lions would have no chance of tightening the game. As thus we flip channels through parades, feel-good Lifetime channel movies and the Weather Channel, all of which were more entertaining than the game happening in Detroit.
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  • Outside Features
  • Singin' the "No Snow Blues?": Finding a silver lining in the snow drought

    Who needs a lift ticket anyway?Mount Bachelor may be under new management, but Mother Nature is in charge. To the dismay of Thanksgiving vacationers and local ski buffs, not to mention Powdr Corp execs, Mt. Bachelor lacked enough snow to open during the Thanksgiving weekend and I'm willing to bet that continues to be the case when this issue hits print. I've lived in Bend nearly nine years, and this is the latest start to ski season I remember.


  • The Blender
  • It's a Hip-Hop Christmas

    Braille, who is featured in this week's issue of the Source, sent over a mix compiled by friend and Lightheaded co-member Ohmega Watts. If you're
  • The Blender
  • WEEKEND WARRIOR 12/5-12/6

    Friday Night 12/5 Marv Ellis, Acoustic Minds at the Downtown Bendistillery Martini Bar Ellis dishes out super jazzy and world-inspired hip-hop numbers accompanied by his innovative lyrical style. The Portland MC has played shows across the country, as well as in Europe, and this experience is evidenced in his live show, which tonight features Brooks B.
  • The Blender
  • Hillstomp Video

    As promised, here's some video of Hillstomp at the Domino Room on Saturday night. Sorry for the shaky camera work, but all of the dancing
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  • The Wandering Eye
  • A Third Term for Kitzhaber?

    It's looking increasingly unlikely that John Kitzhaber will get a job in Barack Obama's Cabinet, but now speculation is growing that he might take another

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