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  • Crazy Destination Resort Love

    Welcome to the boomtown.Deschutes County is just CRAZY in love with destination resorts. We have way more of them than any other county in Oregon,
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  • Lost in the Blago-sphere

    Rod Blagojevich, the beleaguered Governor of Illinois, must be incredibly naive to fail to recognize that warrantless wiretapping and other forms of police state surveillance
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Death and Taxes

    I believe that most of us assumed that the stimulus checks we received earlier this year were considered to be "tax free." But I
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Keep It Real

    Raised in the Evangelical Christian church and community I have no ill will toward the Christian Right. People can believe and practice as they wish.
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  • See The Bigger Picture

    In response to Mr. Funke: There is a reason Obama picked this pastor to perform the invocation, but to understand why you'd have to step out of your personal feelings to See the Bigger Picture.


Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • Welcome to the Grindhouse

    Somehow Nelly's Hot in Herre appeals to a generation that I'm quite positive he did not intend to appeal to. I'm contemplating saying, No shirt,
  • Chow
  • Welcome to the Grindhouse

    Somehow Nelly's "Hot in Herre" appeals to a generation that I'm quite positive he did not intend to appeal to. I'm contemplating saying, "No shirt,


  • Film
  • Back to the Drawing Board: The Spirit falters in Sin City's limelight

    So why do they call you the gay blade?There's something extremely vapid about The Spirit and I don't mean the character-the movie. Sure there are big guns, pummeling, wisecracking and tons o' cleavage but the acting is wooden and stiff. The characters all seem soulless, leaving the audience no reason to care about any of them. This work pays homage to the work and genius of comic book writer Will Eisner. Director Frank Miller gives Spirit his Sin City treatment-color highlighting the black and white tone, a constant weird sepia look, manic silhouettes, and white blood. You'll leave the theater with memories of these images, but the slick stylizing of Sin City just doesn't gel. There are some really funny lines, some over-the-top scenes, but overall it's too arty for its own good. All flash and no heat.
  • Film
  • A Religious Experience: Streep and Hoffman put on acting clinic in Doubt

    A bee in her bonnet. There is a line in Good Will Hunting that could be paraphrased thusly: "Only a handful of people can tell the difference between how good we are." And when it comes to acting, there are probably only a handful of people who can tell the difference between the best performance ever, and the performances by Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt. I could go on and on about the plot of Doubt, the meditation on religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular, as well as its relevance to the clergy molestation scandals today. I could talk about the script, the play from which it's based (written by John Patrick Shanley, who also directed this film), and the superb set design that gives the movie its frigid, eerie feel.


  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • A Big Damn Favorite in the Making

    The pig plays the kazoo...sometimes.There's little reason why The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band shouldn't be embraced as one of Bend's next favorite acts. They've got the twang of long-standing Bend favorites the Gourds, the gritty blues feel of Hillstomp and enough energy to hold court alongside any of our town's favorite bluegrass bands. The Indiana based trio (not exactly the enrollment you'd except from an act billed as a "Big Damn Band") rides on the quintessentially countrified voice and fingerstyle guitar playing of Reverend Petyon and is anchored by the percussion provided by his wife Breezy on washboard and his brother Jayme on the drums. The familial nature and instrumentation of this band might suggest a novelty act, but the Big Damn Band uses its intensely simplified approach to produce quality sounds that have allowed them to tour widely and attract a dedicated fan base. Some of these fans have joined on after taking in the band during their opening appearances opening for Celtic/punk crossover act Flogging Molly (who are also their label mates on Side One Dummy Records).
  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Strings and Suits: Steep Canyon Rangers on keeping bluegrass traditional

    Reservoir Dogs: bluegrass style.For the first time in as long as he can remember, Mike Guggino of the Steep Canyon Rangers has New Year's Eve off. The previous years have seen the Asheville, N.C.-based bluegrass quintet playing high-profile shows, including a pair of shows the past two years opening for the legendary Del McCoury Band. But on the last day of 2008, Guggino, who plays mandolin and contributes vocals in Steep Canyon Rangers, is on the other side of the country, sitting somewhere ambiguously loud (which is largely acceptable with it being 6:30pm on New Year's Eve) and filling me in over the phone about the current state of bluegrass. Although Guggino is only 30 years old - much younger than what you'd expect for someone in a traditional bluegrass band - he has a tight grip on the past, present and future of bluegrass and also is acutely aware of his own band's standing within the genre.
  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Here's Hoping...

    Prediction: In 2009 all hip-hoppers will follow Mosley Wotta's head gear trend.It was a call and response of the strangest and most hilarious sorts as Mosley Wotta, wearing some sort of lioness headdress bounced atop the Old Stone Church stage yelling "I love myself! I love myself!" And people, all of whom apparently love themselves, shouted back as Wotta fired off a long line of chants as the members of El Dante jammed on behind him. Soon, he began chanting "2-0-0-9, 2-0-0-9" and soon enough it was in fact, Two oh, oh Nine and the band played on. And so was the scene at the Source Weekly's Wig Out party at the Old Stone. Earlier in the night, Wotta and collaborator Mud were on stage playing their tasty brand of eclectically influenced hip-hop and dishing tracks from Wotta's Scrap Mettle EP and beyond to a wigged audience that was all but licking the floor for more tastes of Wotta.
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • A New To-Do List: Talking golf, driver's license photos and 2009's priorities with Jessie Baylin

    Doesn't look like a golfer, does she?Jessie Baylin, who relocated to Nashville after a six-year stretch in Los Angeles, has just received her Tennessee-issued driver's license. And she's not all that excited. "I kind of look like a dweeb in it. My California license was really cool and I'm kinda upset about this one," she says from the home in Nashville that she shares with her fiancée Nathan Followill, the drummer for Kings of Leon. The new license and its accompanying dweeby photo has hardly been the only change for the 24-year-old Baylin over the past year. During 2008, Baylin saw her disc, Firesight, become one of the most well received singer-songwriter albums of the year, played at Bonnaroo, and made a name for herself on the pop music landscape. With a soulful sound laced with folk and rock flavors, Baylin has earned spots on several high-profile tours, including her opening gig for Marc Broussard that brings her to the Tower Theatre on Tuesday night.


  • Natural World
  • A Sighting at 12 O'Clock: Kid's Bend CBC 2008

    The Birdies"Hey, Jim, there's a flock of birds over there..." "Where?" I asked. "Over there!" Ellie shouted, "I can see them plain as day!" That was the way the first Bend Kid"s Christmas Bird Count (CBC) started out Saturday morning, December 20th - enthusiastic confusion. I met Kim Long of Bend with her three children, two Cub Scouts and one scout mom to see if it was going to be possible to keep 8 to 11 year olds on track to observe, know, remember and list every bird they spotted that one day. That"s the way the CBC works. As it worked out, Ellie Long kept the tally - and did an excellent job!
  • Outside Features
  • The Soccer Bowl

    There were some unhappy faces at the Left Field desk on New Year's Eve day as we sat unhappily clanking away at the keyboard as the Sun Bowl kicked off in El Paso, Texas where Oregon State was taking on 20th ranked Pittsburgh. The Beavers were playing in a bowl game and we were at work; an injustice of the highest sorts. But the fears of missing out on one of our region's biggest games of the year were quickly quelled when we accidentally came across the final score - OSU 3, Pitt 0. Three points in 60 minutes of play...that's it. It might as well have been a soccer game. There might as well have been unintelligible chants emanating from the mouths of scarf-wearing, confetti-tossing fans. The players might have well spent several minutes of the game rolling on the ground holding their shins- we doubt anyone would have noticed.
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  • The Beacon
  • Riverboarding

    With this uncharacteristically warm and mild weather in town and wet at best conditions up in the mountains, my attentions have been slightly diverted. Trying
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  • The Beacon
  • Rain Day

    Rain days in the winter are lame. When the snow level skyrocketed to 8,000 feet I knew Frosty didn't have a chance.
  • The Blender
  • Music Video Contest Update!!

    Check out the double exclamation mark on that title....yeah we're actually that excited that we're about to unveil the five finalists for the Source Weekly/Far

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