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  • Cat Bongs and Secret Tapes: The ACLU vs the CIA, Blago's book deal, and more!

    Tapes? Oh, Those Tapes! Hearkening back to the good old days of Nixon, the Bush Administration is quickly learning that tapes cannot simply disappear. What the CIA and Bush/Cheney Junta once declared as a total of only two videotapes and one audiotape of interrogation (= torture) sessions of suspected terrorists, new (court-ordered) disclosures by the CIA put the number of recordings at much higher: At least 92 tapes. Don't expect these to hit YouTube anytime soon; the CIA destroyed all of these tapes, and any accounts of their contents may be classified to protect the names of the CIA personnel that viewed them. Interesting... This is like the time you found dad's porn collection and called all your buddies - But you somehow can't get busted because you and all your buddies are in a special club - Which always works, especially when dad walks in and finds you and your buddies watching his porn. Anyway, the ACLU sued to obtain information on torture and any possible evidence, and an official said that this disclosure "confirms that the CIA engaged in a systemic attempt to hide evidence of their own illegal conduct." Meanwhile, a CIA spokesman (unnamed, of course) said, "The CIA intends to produce all of the information requested to the court and to produce as much information as possible on the public record to the plaintiffs." Wow! I feel a whole lot better, don't you? We can totally trust those clandestine boys and their club now.
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  • Editorial
  • A SLIPPER for Whisnant, a BOOT for Telfer

    A decent roof over your head is something everybody needs in the best of times. For low-income people in these worst of times, it can be a matter of simple survival. That's why HB 2436 - the Housing Opportunity Bill - was a good thing, and why we're glad the Oregon Legislature has passed it. HB 2436 raises the state fee for recording the first page of real estate title documents to $26 from $11. That $15 increase doesn't look like much, but it's expected to add up to more than $19 million over the next biennium. The money will go to the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services, which will use it to help provide affordable housing options. The bulk of the money will go toward building and repairing rental housing for low-income working families, seniors and people with disabilities. Another 14% will go for homeownership and foreclosure prevention counseling, and 10% for efforts to prevent and decrease homelessness by helping people meet their rent or mortgage payments.
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  • Guest Commentary
  • One Size Doesn't Fit All In South County

    Tuesday, March 10, voters in Deschutes County must sort through the emotions, the opinions and the science that comprise the many faces of Ordinance 2008-012, the "Local Rule." The emotions are the easiest to understand, as the residents of South County are impacted by the financial burden of up-grading their existing septic systems, while the opinions expressed in the many letters to the editor, phone calls and conversations have muddied our understanding of the issues with the minutiae concerning the science. Not many of us possess the analytical skills to truly evaluate the accuracy of the science that went into the modeling in the original USGS study, any more than we have the potential to offer helpful alternatives to the otherwise expensive treatment of the nitrates that are at the core of the problem. We have to trust the informed reports of others who have participated in the entire process, and herein lay the rub.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • Put a Hat on 'Em

    This week's letter comes from the Viking Mama who reminds - no, implores - parents to bundle up their youngsters as they themselves bundle. I like it if for no other reason than she reminds me of me own mum who never met a scarf she didn't like. Thanks for the letter Viking Mama. You can pick up your spoils, a pound of Strictly Organic coffee at our office, 704 NW Georgia. It is not yet summer here in Central Oregon and one might feel that as one goes back inside to get one's hat. Well, get one for your kid as well! As a mom with two small children it aches in my bones when I see these little beings in thin cotton pants with their bare legs showing as they are hanging in swings, in BabyBjorns or on the back of baby-carriers. In the old country they would say that when the mother is cold, the child is wearing a turtleneck. Well not here, not at the boat park, not at lighting of the Christmas tree downtown, not at WinterFest.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Keep Local Rule Local

    Is it just me or does it somehow seem patently unfair for Deschutes County to seek approval of ballot measure 9-70 from all voters when it specifically affects only homeowners on septic systems in South County? This appears to be an effort to stack the deck against those owners who could potentially have to replace their septic systems at substantial cost to themselves. I think this is much more about the cost and having government rammed down your throat, than it is about water quality. Let the people who are going to have to pay, one way or the other, decide the matter. Sincerely, Dave Stalker
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  • Thanks for Jim

    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciate Jim Anderson's nature columns. Please keep 'em coming and would
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Drop the Rents, Already

    Yes, there are exceptions. I also understand that you want to have some kind of stopgap so as not to have undesirables proliferating. But isn't it time for the people owning/leasing the commercial real estate, especially on the westside/downtown area of Bend, to take the cold shower of reality? Take a look at the rates these people are still shooting for in the offices and stores, especially in the downtown area of Bend. If your property is not in the top couple percent of desirability you need to drop your initial asking prices dramatically. The proliferation of 'For Lease' signs is exploding and for good reason.


  • Picks
  • Our Picks for the Week of 3/4-3/12

    Tuck and Roll, Pistol Whipped Prophets, !Danger Death Ray! thursday 6 Tuck and Roll is one of the newest members of the Bend punk scene, offering up a hard-driving and tiger-tight pop-laced punk rock with plenty of panache that can't help but create a likeness to NOFX. The trio is playing this free show before a quick Oregon tour that takes them to Eugene and Portland. You should also check out the two other punk acts on the bill: Pistol Whipped Prophets and !Danger Death Ray! Players Bar & Grill, 25 SW Century Dr. Too Fine to be Unsigned Tour friday 6 Goodnight Sunrise, a super young pop punk outfit from Helena, Montana, headlines this all ages show that also includes other killer unsigned acts like Call The Cops, Bidwell, Love You Long Time and Redmond's own The Roe. 7pm. $10. Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave.

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  • Film
  • Don't Flush This: The Pope's Toilet headlines the Latino Film Fiesta

    Look God, no hands. Without reading anything about a film called The Pope's Toilet before taking a look at it, I figured the title would be a metaphor, for what I don't know. I had no idea what to expect. Of course, the title conjures many ideas as to what it could be about. The title is not metaphorical; the toilet is actually a toilet, it's literal. The Pope's Toilet takes place in Uruguay and leads up to Pope John Paul II's May 8, 1988 visit to the country. This is just one of four films being screened this weekend as part of the Latino Film Fiesta presented by the Latino Community Association. The fiesta celebrates Latin American culture and recognizes the artistic contributions of Latinos in the form of narrative cinema. Other films screening during the festival include: Viva Cuba, a story in the vein of Romeo and Juliet, Forbidden to Forbid, about an architecture student and a med student and Madeinusa, a film focusing on a town that doesn't believe in sin from Good Friday until Easter Sunday. The films span Latin America, from Cuba to Uruguay to Peru, giving viewers various tastes of Latin American culture.
  • Film
  • No Fairy Tale: Bashir shows us what nightmares are made of

    The things they carried. An animated documentary with real life interviews in cartoon form, Bashir dissects the Lebanese civil war that followed the assassination of Lebanese President Bashir Gemayel. One might assume that taking an animated approach to atrocities of war would risk trivializing the tragedies, but for the most part Israeli writer/director Ari Folman pulls it off. The opening scene with wild dogs all fire-eyed and snarling running through the streets in a dream sequence recounted by Folman's pal is an effective set up. The dream jars the director's vague recollection about his possible involvement in a massacre/slaughter/battle/conflict, prompting him to regain his repressed memory.
  • Film Events
  • Still Kickin': Street Fighter gets it done after two decades

    Blanka would kick both of these guys' asses.The drive-in is jumping tonight. A low-rider with purple flames bounces next to a Hummer topped with a row of girls. In the shadows, hip-hop boys pump their arms, and Vegas-scale neon signs emblazon "DINER" and "BURGER" across the sky. I enter the ring of headlights with the authentic swagger of a worldwide legend. As Ryu, I've been starring in the Street Fighter franchise for twenty years now. My arms, as massive as gnarled tree trunks, burst out of the ripped shoulders of my karategi. My feet are bare and bigger than my head. My opponent, however, is new to the game. Named Rufus, he is an obscenely fat American topped with a bright yellow braid of hair. His belly roils like water in a bag, and his breasts wiggle violently as he kung-fus himself across the arena.
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • A PP Headcount

    And that's only half the band..."When you're used to crack, it's not the same when you go back to huffing paint," joked Person People's K.P. from the Domino Room stage at the band's raucous CD release show on Saturday night. Neither K.P. nor any other of the 10 other accredited members of Person People smoke crack or huff paint. We're 99 percent sure of it. What K.P. was metaphorically alluding to was the surge of get-downishness that pumped through a mostly full Domino Room when the group's live band took the stage one-third of the way through their set.
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Detroit Bump City: Tales of prog rock, artful pop and paint huffing from across the country

    Got suits, will travel.Chris Sterr and his band, Bump, are based out of Detroit. He says the city isn't as bad as the death-and-despair rap it often gets, but the former automotive capital of the world has definitely provided the prog-rockers with a few stories. This is just one of those: "We used to play these gigs downtown at this old venue called Fifth Avenue," Sterr recalls. "It was a house gig every Tuesday and every night we'd be loading out and these homeless guys would flock around us and they'd be grabbing our gear to help us so we'd pay 'em. A couple of these guys would have silver or gold on their lips and face because they'd been huffing paint. It was crazy." Maybe it's these sort of instances that keeps the band on the road for several months of hard-driving touring each year, like the band's current excursion that takes them to the Silver Moon on Tuesday and then to Southern California before finally ending in Florida in early April. Sterr says that isn't so and that the Bump has a warm place in its heart for the Motor City.
  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • DVD REVIEW: Alive at the 'Roo

    Live from Bonnaroo 2008 DVD As if the announcement of the Bonnaroo 2009 lineup a couple weeks ago didn't get us inordinately (and prematurely) amped for the summer music festival season, we had to go ahead and get our hands on the 2008 Bonnaroo Live DVD and make that ache in our gut for summer a bit worse. With performances by last year's headliners like Pearl Jam, Metallica and Jack Johnson, the disc also pays attention to the smaller stages for shows by de facto festival house band My Morning Jacket, as well as Broken Social Scene, The Raconteurs, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and plenty more.


  • Natural World
  • Our Winter Hawks: It can be a rough ride for rough-legs

    Our winter visitors from the Arctic Circle, Rough-legged Hawks. The French name for our winter hawks is Buse pattue, the scientific community recognizes them as Buteo lagopus, while birders know them as Rough-legged Hawks. But, I call them Winter Hawks because that's the only time of the year we see them. The rest of the year they're either nesting up in the Far North, very close to and even on the Arctic Circle, or they're moving back and forth on their long treks. Rough-legged Hawks are the heaviest of a tribe of soaring hawks known as Buteos (which includes our common red-tailed hawk), a term that comes from the old Latin Butzus which gave us the term, Buzzard. Rough-legged Hawks weigh in at about three to five pounds (males smaller and lighter than females), have a wing-span of over four feet and stay in the air almost effortlessly by using atmospheric lift. They come by their name because of the feathers that come all the way to their toes, a physical trait that helps them keep their eggs warm in cold nights of the Far North.
  • Outside Features
  • Paper or Plastic?

    Controversies in bowling usually range from what light beer should be consumed to the preferred width of the diamonds on the classic King Louie retro shirt. Well, two weeks ago, the Professional Bowlers Association ignited a much-needed publicity brouhaha when the tour held its first limited equipment tournament, the GEICO Plastic Ball Championship at Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  Unlike regular PBA events, in which players usually cart a baker's dozen or more bowling balls, the rules of this event required all players to use the same old school purple (yes, purple!) plastic ball. How outdated is the plastic ball?  All-time tour wins leader Walter Ray Williams Jr. was the last bowler to win with a plastic ball, capturing the 1993 Homestead Classic. The two top players on the tour this season, Wes Malott and Norm Duke, skipped the event with Malott registering his disdain for the concept saying, "Nobody's asking Tiger Woods to use a wood driver or Roger Federer to use a wood racket." 
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  • Outside Features
  • Spring Forward: Happy Days, Ski-O and Skin to Win

    Spring Forward King of the Cone surveying his KingdomHey, don't forget to get up at 2am this Sunday to turn your clock forward one hour! Some people lament the loss of sleep time but I usually throw a "Happiest Day of the Year" party which includes looking for crocuses poking out of the ground, dusting off the bike or kayak and planning summertime adventures. Oh, and filling out the PPP registration form, of course, which is now available at Now that Spring Forward Day is in March, skis are still in the picture, but if you're growing weary of the same old trails, these two upcoming events are opportunities to try something new.


  • The Beacon
  • Busy Weekend for Bachelor

    This past weekend (Feb 27-Mar 1) Mt. Bachelor was crowded with numbered bibs as the mountain played host to the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Enter

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