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  • Bringing Back Sobriety Checkpoints

    "A man's house is his castle," the English jurist Sir Edward Coke declared in 1644. America's founders put it into more ornate language almost two centuries later: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Although neither Sir Edward Coke nor the authors of the Bill of Rights had ever heard of automobiles, we're confident that if they had they would have said the inside of somebody's car should be just as secure as his house from unreasonable, warrantless searches.
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  • Madagascar Quip In Poor Taste

    Your attempt to be clever in response to the recent coup in Madagascar was in extremely poor taste (Upfront, March 19). There has already been a bloodbath, with over 100 people being killed by government troops, and thousands injured.
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  • Redmond Board Blew It

    What a pathetic choice the Redmond School Board made last Wednesday evening. These are incredibly challenging times with increasing unemployment in Central Oregon, and the decision the school board made is outrageous.
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  • Planet of the Apes

    In response to the article in I Love Television, "Escape From Eden of the Chimps," whomever wrote this article really needs to get a few


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  • OUr Picks for the Week of 4/8-4/16

    The Source Fiction Issue Reading Party thursday 9 We thought we'd say one more time, because we can, that we're having a reading featuring all of the writers featured in our fiction issue. All five writers will be in attendance and reading from their published pieces and more. 7pm Thursday, Apr 9. Between the Covers, 645 NW Delaware Ave. Northwest Hoop Gathering friday-sunday, 10-12 According to local hoop guru Mollie "Hoopdazzle" Hogan, Bend has become a hotspot for this gyrating sport/artform, which is illustrated by this massive gathering of hoopers from around the world. Hoopers of all ability levels are welcome to attend this event that includes big names in hooping like Hoopgirl, Hoopalicious, Spiral and Baxter. According to Hogan, "This is equivalent to having Lance Armstrong teach a cycling class during the Cascade Cycling Classic, or having Mick Jagger teach a guitar class." Tickets available at or at Summit High School, 2855 NW Clearwater Dr.

Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • On The Upswing

    We're not ready to call the Great Bend Restaurant Shakeout over just yet, but lately we've been hearing more about restaurants opening than closing. Following a wholesale massacre that brought down dining titans Merenda, Deep, as well as Volo, Bistro Corlise and, earlier, Blue Fish Bistro, the downtown scene is poised for a rebound of sorts. Over on the corner of Minnesota and Wall the former Merenda staff, led by Mike Millette, is putting the finishing touches on their new and retooled restaurant, dubbed 900 Wall. Millette said the business is tentatively scheduled to open its doors on May 6.
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  • Chow
  • The Efficiency

    It would be extremely efficient if the bar was like a coffee shop and there was one line where people ordered and one place where
  • Chow
  • The Efficiency

    It would be extremely efficient if the bar was like a coffee shop and there was one line where people ordered and one place where


  • Film Events
  • Speak No Evil: Latest Resident Evil incarnation moves into co-op play

    The last Mccain supporters are caught on tape.When the man shuffled around the corner, I knew he was infected. It was his eyes-flooded with black as though they were bleeding ink. And like most infected, he was slow. Before he could swing his axe, I braced myself and trained the laser sight of my pistol in the center of his forehead-a third, red eye opening in the middle of his black-shot stare. After I pulled the trigger, his head exploded in a spurt of gore. A fleshy tentacle rose from his torso, twisting towards me before splitting open like a spindly, fleshy flower. Later, I would see even more grotesque things. Small, winged leathery imps climbing from men's backs, sloughing off their carcasses like costumes. Giant centipedes slithering out of men's destroyed heads. Dogs peeled apart like figs, the strands of their bodies groping towards me.
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • And the Youth Shall Lead: We Are Brontosaurus' sack lunch indie rock adventure

    Dylan Howe is eating what appears to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at a table in a cramped Northwest Crossing coffee shop while talking about his band, We Are Brontosaurus. In a few minutes, the power trio's guitarist will also dig into a stick of string cheese - a staple of any sack lunch - as he attempts to fit a meal into a life that includes playing in one of Bend's most intriguing rock bands, ultimate Frisbee practice, and being a junior in high school. Across the table from Dylan, the band's lead singer, Owen Quon, speaks acutely about Bend's youth music scene in a soft yet deep voice that is a mere whisper in comparison to the rampaging vocals he unleashes on the band's indie rock recordings. "It's amazing to see that the music scene in Bend is starting to grow, especially in the youth music scene there's a lot of kids starting to play in bands," says Quon, the son of Mark and Linda Quon, who together play around town as The Quons.
  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • On Stage: Easter Fro-Day

    I was gonna lock the door, but then I got high...Easter Sunday. It's a day for crowded churches followed by crowded brunches and topped off with a whole hell of a lot of ham followed by a slow-moving Monday morning. This Easter in Bend you can add one more thing to your holiday docket and that's the blunt-smoking, Colt-45 swilling goofball rapper Afroman. That's right, the author of the smash turn-of-the-millennium hit "Because I Got High" is just the latest rapper to make a return appearance here in town. The party-hardy rapper is touring in preparation of the release of his new album Frobama (how can you avoid a golden pun opportunity like that?), slated for a May release. The record is quintessential Afroman, plenty of silly skits and boasting cuts about well, weed malt liquor and some digs on his former label, Universal. And yes, most of this is hilarious.


  • Outside Features
  • Swap and Tax: On being a gearhead in the New Economy

    Dodging gates and taxes.The stock market is in the tank. Your 401K is now a 201K. A friend of mine bought a Westside Bend house for $99,000 about 5 years ago and sold it a year later for $175,000. That person resold it at the peak of the bubble, for $275,000. Last week, I saw a "For Sale" sign in the front yard--they're asking $99,000. Given the current state of the economy, it is no wonder that frugality is the new cool. A recent Business Week article dubbed this the "New Age of Frugality." After an era of gluttony, it's good to go back to the basics. But for outdoor addicts like me, gear is an actual necessity that ranks highly on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, probably right after food. And, hey, my bike can provide transportation and self-actualization all at the same time, without polluting the environment. But why pony up $5,500 for that new carbon-fiber Orbea when you can find a screaming deal on a slightly used titanium Litespeed listed by an ex-developer, realtor, mortgage broker or restaurant owner on Craig's List. There's E-Bay, too, and the used gear shops. Personally, I miss Second Season Sports which provided me with a steady monthly income for years, which, of course, I spent on more gear, so it was probably a breakeven relationship at best. Repeat Performance and Gear Peddler have never quite filled the gap for me, though I'm sure they do bang-up business on extra large downhill boots for PPP at this time of year. Interestingly, swap meets are popping up like daffodils this spring. But be forewarned. Our cash-strapped government actually wants to tax your gear!


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