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  • Apr 15-21, 2010
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  • Local News
  • Taken for a Ride: New Skyliner bike rules, furlough days and more

    After months of wrangling with residents and cyclists, the Deschutes County Commission is prepared to tighten the rules governing recreational cycling on Skyliners Road. On Wednesday the commission was scheduled to vote on an "emergency" ordinance requiring bikers to ride single file on Skyliners where neighbors have complained that cyclists are clogging the narrow road. The commission has already tightened the reins on races by limiting the number of road events on Skyliners and forcing those that have been grandfathered to go through an application process with a fee that requires event planners to show they cannot reasonably relocate. The move to crack down on recreation riders is likely to provoke a backlash from cycle-happy Bend, particularly given the popularity of the Skyliners Road ride west of town. The county's own bike and pedestrian advisory board refused to endorse the move to restrict cyclists, saying that it sends the wrong message about sharing the road (as required by law). Rather than make the road safer, additional restrictions could make the road more dangerous by extending passing zones in practice, it wrote.
  • Local News
  • The Bald Eagle Paradox: When the recovery of one species endangers another

    All it takes to wreak havoc in a colony of common murres is one bald eagle. Gulls spot the eagle from a distance and sound the alarm, and the murres nesting on the cliff bob their heads nervously. As the big raptor swoops down, the stocky black-and-white seabirds flee, leaving their eggs and chicks behind. Gulls and crows then quickly move in and gobble as many as they can. "It is heart-stopping," says Roy Lowe, U.S. Fish and Wildlife project leader for the Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex. Over the last 15 years, he's witnessed an ever-growing number of bald eagle raids on seabird colonies.
  • Local News
  • Couch Surfing: A devotee of a new kind of retail therapy

    My daughter and I found the perfect sofa on the way to school today. It was just the size and color I was looking to add to the living room. Unfortunately, someone had dumped it upside down in the mud of my neighbor's front yard. Apparently it took too much energy to have a garage sale or haul it to the Salvation Army, or even to leave it on the curb with a "FREE" sign. Apparently this person was also unaware of the unwritten code in the nearby student condos: If it is still relatively clean and usable, place it beside a Dumpster. Then anyone can take it.


  • Editorial
  • COBA Goes Panhandling Again

    The City of Bend needs to crack down harder on panhandlers. Those guys from the Central Oregon Builders Association hanging around City Hall with cardboard signs and tin cups are getting really annoying. COBA has been begging for handouts from the city at least since the summer of 2008, when it persuaded the city council to give builders a nine-month deferral on having to pay their SDCs (Systems Development Charges, or fees assessed on new developments to help defray some of the costs of growth, such as improvements to streets, sewers and water systems).
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • This Week's Number: 1090

    That's the number of notices of default or loans going bad in Deschutes County for the first quarter of the year. The number is a record for Deschutes County and represents a stunning 32 percent increase from the last quarter of 2009 when home buying incentives, including (artificially) record low interest and tax rebates - thanks, Barack - helped to fuel an illusory recovery.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • Letter of the Week: You Can't Beat Bend

    This week's letter comes from Kevin T who cites Bend's karma as the cap off to a great weekend of entertaining friends. Good to hear that the Golden Rule is still honored, at least in local snow parks. Thanks for the letter, Kevin. You can pick up your winner's spoils, a bag of Strictly Organic coffee, at our office, 704 NW Georgia. Having moved here just three years ago, we've never looked back and love just about every facet of Bend and the surrounding region. My appreciation for the wonderful attitude and overall honesty and integrity we encounter in this community was affirmed recently following the Great Nordeen Nordic Ski Race hosted by MBSEF. The event itself was superbly run, up to and including the perfect winter day and snow conditions obviously arranged by the event organizers. I joined two friends of mine who were visiting from the music Mecca of Denton, Texas, and we proceeded to tie for first place in the "Classic, Waxless" division - a division of our own making; everyone else prudently skated!
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Local Play is Cruel

    I was appalled to go to a local playcalled Couples Dating the other night and find ithomophobic and bigoted. I understand they meant it as comedy, but thehomophobic words used were definitely not funny. Because there was no comeuppance for the bigoted, homophobic, anti-Semiticmain character (and in the play's end his view was upheld as the "normal" view), I don't believe the "just kidding" argument works here. In any case, I never was so offended and it's extremely tough to offend me. For example, I Spit On Your Grave is one of my favorite all-time movies and my all-time favorite TV show is The Sopranos.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Be a Part of History

    The We the People group will be presenting their "Articles of Freedom" to the governor, all senators and those in the House in every state of the Union next Monday (April 19). Here in Oregon it will take place at noon on the steps of the capitol building in Salem. Fill your car, van etc. with your friends and make an outing of it to support our Oregon delegates who gave up over a week to attend the Continental Convention last November in St. Charles, IL.


  • Book Talk
  • The Ghost Writer

    "I should be scared," she [Sarah] said. "I'm dead. I've never been dead before. And I'm not scared." Mary Sojourner's new novel, Going Through Ghosts, is a storytelling triumph. This should come as no surprise from this seasoned author, who is also a popular writing workshop facilitator and former commentator for NPR. Published by University of Nevada Press, Going Through Ghosts is a novel about transformation, both in a physical and a spiritual sense. It's hard not to fall in love with such expertly fleshed-out characters like Maggie Foltz, a veteran cocktail waitress earning her unrewarding living in the Mojave Desert in Southern Nevada, her new friend Sarah, a Native American who works at the same casino and Jesse, a disturbed three-tour Vietnam vet.

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  • Film
  • Send in the Clowns: Date Night never gets beyond formula gags

    It's soul crushing to see great comedians on cruise control. Can we reconcile Steve Martin in The Jerk with Steve Martin in Cheaper By The Dozen? Or Richard Pryor's transition from Stir Crazy to Another You. Or Gene Wilder doing the same? How about the Eddie Murphy of Beverly Hills Cop becoming the Eddie Murphy of The Adventures of Pluto Nash? So it seems with Tina Fey in Date Night. The best ever "Weekend Update" anchor on Saturday Night Live, Fey rose to scripting excellence with Mean Girls before arriving at the genius that is 30 Rock. Yet the disappointing Date Night finds Tina Fey on autopilot. She leaves the writing to Josh Klausner of Shrek the Third (and-only-Shrek the Third) fame and the directing to the sub-mediocre Shawn Levy (Cheaper By The Dozen again).
  • Film Events
  • Torn Between Three Lovers

    Oh, is that how it's gonna be, television? You're gonna make me choose? After years of dedicated viewership, you're going to treat me like I'm Tiger Woods and force me to settle on a single mistress/skank? Well, EFF YOU, my friend.
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Punk Rock On: The Expendables are out to prove their music isn't

    It might surprise you to know that Geoff Weers, the vocalist and guitarist for the reggae-punk rock blending band The Expendables, recently got a job cleaning carts at a golf course. "Not because I don't make any money playing music, " says Weers, "But because I want to play free golf," When he's not on the road, Weers spends a few days a week scrubbing fairway grime from those ubiquitous white carts in order to tee off for free whenever he wants.
  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Harvestman: Trinity

    Harvestman Trinity ★★★★ 1/2 If you look up a summary of the Italian horror film, H2Odio, on Wikipedia or IMDB, it's pretty clear that something is being lost in translation from Italian to English. But then listen to Harvestman's Trinity - the album that serves as the soundtrack for H2Odio. Though it doesn't specifically tell you what happens in the film (Trinity is entirely instrumental), you can gather a lot about the movie from the music.



  • Off Piste
  • Sucker Punch: Hiding behind anonymity

    My first magazine editorial position was with one that received quite a few letters to the editor. And when it came to those letters, the head of editorial department was a stickler.
  • Off Piste
  • Low Riding: bicycles and the fall of America

    Not that many years ago I was riding my road bike with a friend east of Bend. We were headed single file down a long straightaway when a spiffy Mercedes C Class sedan came speeding by at what seemed like 75MPH and about four feet from us.
  • Off Piste
  • Skyline Forest: the possibilities are endless

    This past Saturday, Deschutes Land Trust executive director Brad Chalfant asked me to join him on a mountain bike ride in the proposed Skyline Forest. He wanted to show me the potential for a trail network if and when the property becomes a Land Trust holding.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Tax Facts You Won't Hear at a Tea Party

    As you wrestle with your 1040s, 1099s, W2s, Schedule C’s and other income tax impedimenta, the Oregon Center for Public Policy offers a few facts that should comfort you – and probably will surprise you, especially if you get your information from Glenn Beck and Lars Larson. Surprise No.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • "Is There an Ex-Governor in the House?"

    John Kitzhaber, the once and maybe future governor of Oregon, got a chance to show his medical skills as well as his debating talent at a candidates’ forum on the University of Oregon campus Wednesday night. According to the account of Kari Chisholm on the Blue Oregon blog, Kitzhaber was in the midst of a discussion with Bill Bradbury, his rival for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, when somebody in the audience called out: “Is there a doctor in the house?” (Honest, that’s what he said.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Oregon Tea Party Crasher in Right's Crosshairs

    Conservatives in Oregon, and all over America, have found something new to be angry about – not that that’s ever any challenge for them. The latest target of their wrath is Jason Levin, a middle school teacher in Beaverton who set up a website on which he vowed to “crash and destroy” the Tea Party movement.

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