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  • Trashformations Art Thrown in River

    A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the Trashformations art project that takes place at Pakit Liquidators every year. While the art created from scrap metal, pieces of wood and discarded supplies was incredible, what struck me more than anything was the atmosphere of goodwill and community that the event seemed to breed. Artists were supporting each other, helping build and weld sculptures, introducing each other's children to techniques and ideas and sharing a hotdog and a beer after a long day of work.
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  • The Rise of Decline: When things are bad, should we be praying for worse?

    When Andrew Joseph Stack, a software consultant with a history of tax troubles and marital problems, crashed his Piper Cherokee into the Austin, Texas, office of the Internal Revenue Service in February, the crime was widely seen as a referendum on the national psyche. Stack, who killed himself and one other person while injuring 13, was said to represent a strain of legitimate grievances in America. In his syndicated column, Richard Parker credited Stack with summing up the American "continuum of disappointment, anxiety, fear and yes, anger" related to economic pressure and income inequality. "On the day of Stack's violence," Parker wrote, "everyone I interview who has read his suicide note has the same reaction: No, he should not have tried to kill anyone to make his point and so he deserved to die. And yes, the guy did have a point." Writing on AlterNet, Rich Benjamin called Stack "an acute symptom of this nation's neglected wounds," concluding, "We dismiss his screed, suicide and crime as 'lunatic' at our own risk."


  • Letters to the Editor
  • Ugly Sign

    You know, there should be more signs like this around Central Oregon. Whenever we see something ugly on the side of the road - like this cell phone tower that looks a lot like a robot tree - we can pull over, pull out an "UGLY" sign and place it near whatever ugly-ass thing we've stumbled upon.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • Questioning the War on Drugs

    What is the purpose of the War on Drugs? Is it to reduce competition with Big Pharma and the tobacco and alcohol industries? Perhaps it is so banksters can enrich themselves laundering drug money to decrease their dependency on taxpayer bailouts? Or maybe it is an opportunity to provide jobs in the ever expanding police state, the military/mercenary industries and Homeland Security? Could it be a creative way to intensify class war by creating a criminal class of the underfed and unwashed dependent on the drug trade for survival?
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Buses Should Run On Sunday

    Many times I have compared my advocating enhancements of Bend's public transportation to that of eating soup with a fork. BAT's fixed routes started out with unworkable schedules. It was not until nine months after my lone voice pointed out that fact before workable schedules were adopted. Not nine days. Not nine weeks. But nine months, three quarters of a year. 2010 has been proclaimed THE YEAR OF THE VOLUNTEER. But so far, my lone voice of advocating has not resulted in Sunday being recognized as important enough for fixed-route public transit.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Liberal and Proud of It

    Conservative doctrine has gotten this place, Earth, into one vat of trouble after another. Some believe humans are a crisis species. That's bullshit. Conservative policies are consistently to blame. Old-school religious, sociological, economic and political agendas advocate elitism, racial bigotry, sexual bias, a lack of education, the blatant disregard of science and the advancement of violence. There is a growing difference between the rich and the poor. Religion has taught not tolerance but open hostility between rival factions. Food, water and medicine shortages are the norm on this planet. The depletion of the ozone layer, a global warming spell, biodiversity losses, deforestation, habitat fragmentation, desertification - conservatives have led us into an ecological nightmare. Liberals have been put aside for too long.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Obama's Dirty Money

    [I] Read your diatribe about Goldman Sachs. In it, you failed to mention that G.S. contributed almost one million dollars to B.O.'s presidential election campaign and about $4.5 million to the Democrats. The only way I can figure that this slipped by you is that you choose to be very imbalanced in your reporting. Oh, B.O. has refused to return the money, as have the Dems.


  • Art Watch
  • The Prolific World of Chris Haberman

    Take a look at this number: 6,500. That's how many paintings Chris Haberman, the Portland-based artist whose work graces our cover this week, has sold in the past eight years.
  • Book Talk
  • wRite: A self and nation divided

    Hatred keeps on increasing to a point where both you and I burn ourselves in mutual hatred, and to the Buddha, the only way to solve it is that one party must stop... - Ananda W. P. Guruge Awakenings: Asian Wisdom for Every Day April 2001, I was on a solo road trip researching Nevada light, indigo mountains and small-town casinos for my novel Going Through Ghosts. I had stopped in a convenience store for coffee and yakked with the clerk. She told me there was a warm spring in a nearby cottonwood grove. "Don't tell anybody where it is. It's for locals only. We take care of it."

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  • Film Events
  • Slicing and Dicing: Red Steel 2 takes a stab at a kung fu crossover.

    Silhouetted in cowboy boots and a broad-brimmed hat, with a katana flaring out alongside his duster, the hero on the cover of Red Steel 2 looks like he's ready to kill whatever life is left in the fusion of Western and Eastern imagery - the same mix of cultural clichés that the movie Sukiyaki Western Django did too well and anime like Afro Samurai have done too much. But there's something elegant about the way that Red Steel 2 presents its cultural mashup. Cacti grow alongside bamboo. Tumbleweeds roll past torii. The breathy tones of a shakuhachi weave among the jangles of a guitar on the soundtrack. The juxtaposition of the two cultures isn't the starting point of the game - it's merely the backdrop to a form of combat that merges the two distinct styles of control made possible by the Wii Remote: shooting and swording.
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  • Film Events
  • Disasters, Death, and You

    How many times has this happened to you: You're strolling along in the park, gazing lovingly at the beauty and wonderment of nature, when... WHAMMO! A meteor that's roughly the size of Texas and made out of rusty razor blades and used condoms smashes into the center of town! Everything's ablaze! Buildings are toppling! The highways are destroyed! People are screaming and running in a blind panic! Twitter is down! A drippy used condom is on the shoulder of your new sweater! And everything is really, really, really uncomfortable! WHAT... DO... YOU... DO??
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  • Off Piste
  • Damaged Goods: the short, unhappy life of political lawn signs

    I've always looked on the political lawn sign as an innocuous, and not that effective, political statement. A "Vote for Ralph-the good guy" lawn sign probably won't sway a lot of people to vote for Ralph but none-the-less shows that he has a few supporters in the community.
  • The Beacon
  • AG Finds No Crime in Bellotti Contract

      Oregon Attorney John Kroger announced today that his office will not be filing criminal charges against the University of Oregon over its handling of the dismissal of former football coach and athletic director Mike Bellotti, who was given a roughly $2.3 million severance earlier this year by the school.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Survey: Bend Businesses Want More Handouts

    The Bend Chamber of Commerce did a survey of its members and – surprise, surprise – most of them thought the city should be doing more to help people like them. According to The Bulletin’s account on Tuesday, about 64% of those responding to the on-line survey answered “no” when asked if they thought Bend was friendly to business.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • OIA Plots Oregon's Biggest Land Grab

    Oregonians in Action, the “property rights” group that brought us Measure 37 six years ago, has come up with a new bright idea – and it’s a real doozy. OIA wants Oregon to emulate Utah, whose legislature in its 2009 session enacted a law that supposedly gives the state the power to use eminent domain to seize land held by the federal government.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Oregon's Soak-the-Poor Tax Policy

    Should a family living below the poverty level have to pay state income tax? Most states say no - but Oregon says yes. According to a report released yesterday by the Washington-based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the income tax in this state for a family of four kicks in at $19,800.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Poop Bombs, Adjective Bombs and Poll Bombs

    Is there something about Bend that generates weirdness? The air, the water, the altitude? We’ve had the Pregnant Man, the Lawn Chair Balloonist, the Clothesline Lady – and now, the Mad Poop Bomber. Melinda Hoffman, a Bend entrepreneur whose company, The Bomb Squad, is in the business of removing doggie doodoo from people’s yards, got mad at a customer who owed her $150 and retaliated by dumping 30 gallons of canine excrement in front of the customer’s house.

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