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  • Election Endorsements: Deschutes County

    DeBone for Deschutes County Seat #1 At a recent candidate forum Tony DeBone didn't sound like much of a politician, fumbling to explain why as a citizen he was going to vote in favor of raising taxes for a new jail while running on a campaign of (read my lips) "no new taxes," but we're not going to hold that against him. And we think that voters shouldn't either. We like DeBone's fresh and sometimes unpolished approach that can come off sounding - dare we say it - like honesty. And while his delivery could use some work, DeBone represents a chance to bring a new perspective to the county commission.
  • Local News
  • The Devil You Know: Are appraisal brokerages the new real estate villain?

    Securitized derivatives and interest-only loans notwithstanding, there's plenty of evidence that the collapse of the national and local housing market can be traced back to the foundation upon which all other assumptions relied - the actual value of the homes that were being bought and sold at a breakneck pace around Bend and other real estate hotbeds throughout the boom years of the last decade. A quick glance at the most recent Multiple Listing Service (MLS) statistics confirms just how grossly inflated local real estate prices became before the fall. The median sale price for a Bend home was $347,750 in 2006, according to the Central Oregon Association of Realtors. By the first quarter of this year, the price had fallen to $190,000, a roughly 44-percent decrease - good enough to put Bend among the fastest-falling housing markets in the entire country. Florida condos and Central Valley spec homes got nothing on us.


  • Letters to the Editor
  • Arizona's Guns are Crossing the Border

    The propagandists for Arizona's draconian anti-immigration law claim that illegals are terrorizing Arizona residents. Actually, the crime rate for illegals is lower than for the native born, but reality has never swayed a right-winger who wants to believe BS. Arizonans have a head-in-the-sand viewpoint when it comes to their virtually non-existent gun laws. Thousands of weapons of various kinds have been flowing into Mexico from Arizona for years.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • It's Called Teamwork

    During these trying and often polarizing times, it is especially noteworthy when an entire community unites for a cause. With the recent headlines related to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) and their former Bend regional manager, I find it appropriate to thank those people who led the effort to achieve positive change with the OLCC on behalf of our community.This was an extraordinary accomplishment that had an immediate impact on the lives of our citizens and the economy of our city. Change of this magnitude could have only been accomplished with the bipartisan and unified commitment that our citizens, community leaders, and elected officials exemplified during this process - an extremely challenging and time-consuming endeavor that culminated with the governor supporting our community's cry for help.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Reborn A Liberal

    Being a conservative, I am ashamed by the findings of W. Lamberson, April 29, that found people of my ilk are responsible for food, water and medicine shortages on the planet.


Food & Drink

  • Beer & Drink
  • Them's the Rules

    I was recently out at a bar, which is a rare occasion, as I don't often go to what I consider the "flip side." There is a reason for that, and it's typically because I feel like I am working without getting paid.
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  • Film Events
  • Imagine Me Nude

    Imagine me nude. Go ahead, I don't mind. But don't dink around! Really imagine it! Picture every contour, every vein, every floppy appendage of my stark-naked body. Got a good picture in your mind? Good. Now, in your imagination, is my nudeness wildly attractive? Do my taut, finely hewn muscles glisten and throb? Is my body so sexy, so incredibly attractive that it would make the pope snub a choirboy? WHAT DO YOU MEAN "NO"?!??!?? Are you trying to tell me I'm FAT?? That when you picture me naked, the copious amounts of blubber around my midsection either scrape the floor (when I'm stationary) or smack me in the chin (when I'm galloping toward the refrigerator)? HOW... DARE... YOU!! I'm never gonna let you picture me nude again!!
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me

    Every song is an opus, each opus a symphony. Every single track on Have One on Me, Joanna Newsom's third full-length record, is a drama, a tragedy - Newsom being the trilling one-woman Greek chorus behind it.


  • Natural World
  • The Tortoiseshell Butterfly: Trust us, they're not monarchs

    I have a good friend, Alex Weiss, who is a world-class builder, finish carpenter and poet with whom I share good feelings about the nature of our grand old planet Earth. He and I shared an evening together with Friends of the Sunriver Nature Center last week - Alex reading poetry about coyotes, me telling stories about coyotes and everyone really enjoying the foot-stomping, toe-tapping music of Cinder Blue, a splendid musical group out of Redmond. Alex strayed from coyotes a couple of times and read some of his delightful poems about other facets of nature. When he laid one on me about tortoiseshell butterflies, he hit my soft spot:


  • Off Piste
  • Radio Nights: a music education via the airwaves

    When I was young, my family lived on the flanks of Cheyenne Mountain outside Colorado Springs, Colorado. My father would scan the horizon to the east and say, "on a clear day you can see Kansas from here.
  • Off Piste
  • Return of The Native: back in the land of Oz

    Days after I was born, my parents took me from a San Francisco hospital home to Marin County where I spent my first eight years. When I mention that I'm a Marin native to a Bend friend named Sam, he invariably goes into a rant about that county north of San Francisco being the home to nothing but arrogant yuppies and people with way too much money.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Capital Gains and Political Games

    Cutting the capital gains tax – or, better yet, eliminating it – has been a cherished goal of Republican politicians for decades. Now John Kitzhaber, the once and maybe future governor of Oregon, is embracing it – but with a twist.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Dudley Backs Arizona Immigration Law ... We Think

    Republican gubernatorial hopeful Chris Dudley thinks Oregon should consider adopting a draconian anti-immigration law like Arizona’s – or at least that’s what he seemed to be saying when he appeared on the Lars Larson show the other day. According to a transcript posted by Kari Chisholm on the Blue Oregon site, Larson asked Dudley whether “when the cops run into somebody that they think that they have reasonable suspicion to believe is illegal, should they … find out whether the person is [illegal] or not – and then take them into custody or not?” Dudley’s response: “If they have reasonable suspicion, and I think that is probably the key word here, is, uh, then I think they should be able to, to look into that – um – and I, and that’s, uh – it’ll be int … – obviously the courts are gonna take a look at how the Arizona law has been written.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • And We Have Indoor Plumbing Too

    According to Net Applications’ May 1 report, Bend ranks fifth in the nation in iPad ownership – a fact that seemed to completely flabbergast Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune magazine. The five US market areas with the heaviest concentrations of iPads are, in descending order: San Francisco, CA; Grand Junction, CO; Santa Barbara, CA; Honolulu, HI, and Bend, OR.

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