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  • Aug 26 - Sep 1, 2010
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  • Local News
  • Treatment Homes Schedule Open House

    After drawing the ire of neighbors in northeast Bend, the county has scheduled a pair of open houses for the community and neighbors to learn more about a pair of mental health transition homes that are slated to open in the area around Pilot Butte.


  • Editorial
  • This Week Upfront: Nude 32, Nude 32. Chan's Heartburn, Election Watch and The Tradition

    Nude 32, Nude 32... Hut, Hut, Hike There's bad news for Oregon sports this week, and some of it comes from the "What are Those Dang College Football Players Going to do Next?" file. While the Ducks have been steadily embarrassing the state for the better part of the year, the Beavers just got into the action thanks to offensive lineman Tyler Thomas, who Corvallis police say they found drunker than Mel Gibson in a stranger's home... naked. But it gets better! When the cops told Thomas to get on the ground, they say he - still naked - got down into a three-point stance and lunged at them. So, of course, they had to fire a stun gun at the redshirt freshman, who, of course, has a mullet and, of course, has since been kicked off the team. So, even when in a stranger's home, horrifically intoxicated and not wearing a stitch of clothing, a football player will, at the very least, remember how to get down in his stance. Something tells us this is going to be an exciting season. (MB)
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • A Week of World Wackiness

    The author is gathering lawyers, guns and money for the launch of this new column. Ten weeks from mid-term elections, when Republicans will supposedly sweep dozens of seats and maybe take back the House (according to pundits who get paid to enrage the public with unfounded rumors), the time has come to tally the damage done by this period of "hope."
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  • Culture Features
  • We are All Common: A non-profit restaurant wants the haves and have-nots to eat together

    Zach Hancock has been a carpenter and a schoolteacher. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister and has his Masters in divinity. At 36, he's thin, energetic and tends to wax philosophical. With disheveled brown hair, thick-rimmed glasses and wearing a worn Phillies T-shirt (though he says he's not really a fan), Hancock looks and acts like a young professor - one who you could have a beer with. And he's been hired by Bob Pearson to coordinate the opening of a new restaurant whose mission goes beyond food and profits. Common Table, as the restaurant is known, opens mid-September in the old Cork space on Oregon Avenue, ushering in what could be a new era of food and philanthropy in Bend.
  • Book Talk
  • wRite: Peach Pie

    My life is a whirligig. It is symptomatic of the plague of busy busy busy that has seized so many of us. Nonetheless, my daughter and I decided to write a two-woman story. Hers is hers, but mine is yours. We chose the theme Peach Pie. Here is what emerged from the multiple whirligigs of my childhood, my love for my mom and daughter, and my Now. My mom died 15 years ago. She wasn't afraid to die. She told me so in her room in a little Finger Lakes, New York, hospital. She'd been drifting in and out - peacefully drowsing when she was out, lucid and tender when she returned. A few years earlier, we'd come out the other side of decades of conflict - caused in part by circumstances over which neither she nor I had control. It was a joy to be with her in the peaceful room, to give her the small gifts of a shoulder rub, a fresh cup of tea, time for her to tell me the last remaining secrets she'd held a long time.

Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • Chowhounds: Thirty dogs walk into a restaurant...

    The menu this past Sunday at the Cascade Lakes Brewing Company Lodge was chicken and rice kibble and a canned chicken mixture, topped with a sprig of parsley. Desert was a bone-shaped biscuit dipped in a carob coating. Some diners ate from the table, while others were content to eat from the floor. Most everyone was done within a matter of seconds, returning to their previous socialization practice of sniffing their neighbors' butts. This was all part of Bend Spay and Neuter Project's first Dine with Your Dog event, inspired by a popular fundraising effort by the same name in Seattle. Tickets were $10 per dog and included the aforementioned two-course meal while human companions ordered from Cascade Lakes' regular menu. More than 30 tickets were sold, raising $500 for Bend Spay and Neuter Project.
  • Chow
  • Little Bites: Street Smarts: Because you can never have too much street food

    It started with Spork... or was it Sancho and Soupcon? We're not sure whom to credit for the local gourmet-ification of food carts, but whoever it was, they started a revolution. Lately, downtown (and some eastside spots) have seen gourmet food carts popping up like weeds. While they may not be open all the time (and some are often closed during stated hours), the quality and prices can't be beat. Here's a roundup of the most recent additions to Bend's stand-and-eatery scene.
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  • Chow
  • Chowhounds: Thirty dogs walk into a restaurant...

    The menu this past Sunday at the Cascade Lakes Brewing Company Lodge was chicken and rice kibble and a canned chicken mixture, topped with a sprig of parsley. Desert was a bone-shaped biscuit dipped in a carob coating. Some diners ate from the table, while others were content to eat from the floor. Most everyone was done within a matter of seconds, returning to their previous socialization practice of sniffing their neighbors' butts.


  • Film
  • Serving Up Gore Galore: People-chomping fish prove intentionally hilarious in Piranha 3D's high camp fun

    Piranha 3D is not necessarily a good movie but it's one of the best movies I've seen all year. The fact that it doesn't skimp on the blood, gore, carnage or splattering and bouncing bikini-clad, buxom women unafraid to take off their tops and swim naked might just give it three stars right there. Throw in the demonic flesh ripping, meat-chewing little sea devils and you have a CGI masterpiece of underwater hideousness.
  • Film Events
  • A Straight Up Shooter: Dog Days holds few genuine surprises

    Kane and Lynch are two bickering hit men who can't seem to get along without one another. Dog Days, their second videogame shooter together, finds them squabbling their way through the byways of Shanghai, with the camera tagging along behind Lynch with the handheld shakiness beloved by cinema verité and episodes of C.O.P.S.. The image, which is continually grainy and spotted with light reflections, often pixelates and glitches like a cheap digital camera undergoing gunfire, which is presumably the effect that the game's designers were going for.
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Don Hoxie - Can't Get There From Here

    Longtime local rocker and one-time Ranch Records employee Don Hoxie is so clear on his album opener, "Welcome," that he's not impressed by the lack of skill and hard work demonstrated on current records. I agree, music seems too easy to record and sell. Problem is, few artists with strong musical chops make memorable albums. Yes, Joe Satriani might wail on gee-tar... but his albums blow. Just because you can play guitar doesn't necessarily give you the green light to record.
  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Hurt So Good: Mellencamp and Dylan share an epic double bill this weekend

    Whether it's by design or just a happy accident, the Les Schwab Amphitheater (LSA) concert series has managed to attract some of America's foremost songwriters and storytellers over the past few years, a line-up that includes Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard on the country side and Beck and Bob Dylan on the pop and folk side with plenty of good natured (classic) rocking in between - think Lynyrd Skynyrd and Steve Miller.


  • Outside Features
  • The Water Log: Summer on Sparks, river and lake kiosks, and a Rogue reconnaissance

    Suggested Flatwater Adventure: Sparks Lake Even at the height of summer, this lake feels tranquil and pristine on a Sunday afternoon. Sparks is one of the more popular kayak and canoe destinations off the Cascade Lakes Highway partly because it is so close to town and partly because there is so much to explore on a relatively small body of water. Many claim it is the most scenic of the Cascade Lakes, and late Oregon photographer Ray Atkeson made a good living proving that with his stunning collection of postcards/posters/calendar shots of the area. From the rugged basalt shoreline to the hundreds of wildflowers, Sparks is a photographer's dream.


  • Off Piste
  • Herman and Hal: Two legends pass on

    In the past two weeks, two legends in their respective fields (photography and track and field) passed away without much notice unless you happen to read the major metro newspapers online. For those who take or admire photos of musicians at work, Herman Leonard's images are the cornerstone of popular music photography.
  • Off Piste
  • Pioneer To Davis: One more link in Vince Genna's dream trail

    During his long tenure as head of the Bend Metro Parks and Recreation District, it was said of the late Vince Genna that he, "never met a ballfield he didn't like." But Genna was more than just a ball sports guy as he held a long term vision for a walking/biking trail that would go along the Deschutes River from south of Bend through town and then north to Tumalo.
  • Off Piste
  • Hard Fall: Playing it safe doesn't always pay off

    Twice in the past three years, I've opted to walk around a dangerous looking section of mountain bike trail only to end up in the ER. Call it clumsiness, call it good intentions gone awry, call it bad luck- it happened.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Would a State Bank Be a Good Deal for Oregon?

    Would the state of Oregon be better off if it was its own banker? Ann Kramer thinks so. Kramer, chair of the board of the Gorge Grown Food network, an organization trying to promote a regional food system in the Columbia Gorge, writes on the Blue Oregon site that having a state bank could help “recharge Oregon’s economy.

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