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  • Big Boss Man: From home builder to state representative to county commissioner, Dennis Luke has left his mark on Deschutes County

    Imagine the Flintstones without Fred, Smith without Wesson, Bo without Luke. And for anyone who has been around county government for the last ten years, Deschutes County without Dennis Luke. Just a few years ago it seemed like an unlikely proposition, but the senior statesman will preside over his last meeting sometime in December. With another run at office unlikely for the 64-year-old Luke, it could be the final chapter in his political career, which began almost 20 years ago and included three terms as an Oregon legislator and ten years as a Deschutes County commissioner.


  • Editorial
  • Pigs in Space, Stewart vs. Stu on the Mall, and more!

    100 Years in Space? NASA might have some job openings in about 100 years and the perks look pretty cool. You get to travel millions of miles into space and land on another planet - probably Mars - where you'll help colonize a new planet in the name of human beings. Oh, but there's a drawback. You never get to come back. And if you conceive a child while en route or perhaps living on the Red Planet, that kid probably won't set foot on Earth either.
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  • Editorial
  • Oregon's Untouchables vs. the Wall Street Banksters

    If you were doing a remake of "The Untouchables," neither Ted Wheeler nor John Kroger probably would be your first pick for the role of Elliot Ness. They're skinny guys with glasses who, let's face it, look more than a little nerdy. When it comes to tackling organized crime on Wall Street, though, Oregon Treasurer Wheeler and Attorney General Kroger are a couple of tough customers.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • Mt. Bachelor Boot Was Off Target

    Upon reading your article written two weeks ago about the unfortunate situation and outcome of the previously named Mt. Bachelor Academy, I couldn't help but read it and feel an injustice was happening before my eyes. I now understand what went on and appreciated the article's informational content. However, I felt ashamed - like seeing that kid from math class getting picked on and not doing anything. It was easy for you to go that route and in but a few words you had delicately slain the dedicated life's work of many.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Bulletin Letter Was Simply Racist

    On Oct. 30 The Bulletin published a letter from Margaret Dement. This letter blamed American bedbug problems on "multiculturalism and mass immigration." I have questions for Ms. Dement and The Bulletin:
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Illicit Party Made A Mess of Meissner

    The Tumalo Langlauf Club has worked diligently this fall to get the Meissner Community Ski Area ready for winter. Yesterday, some partiers visited the Meissner Shelter and managed to trash the place and leave beer bottles and cans and, most sadly, burn up a quantity of the wood that had been split and stored for wintertime visitors.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • Parkway Safety Starts With Landscaping

    We've all been hearing about tragedies on the south end of Bend's parkway. We don't want to have people needlessly killed and injured here, or have Bend be known for its highway death trap. Certainly, an over-the-road pedestrian bridge would save lives. Considering where our tax dollars get wasted, this would be a smart alternative. But, something needs to be done now. I'm not a politician or business executive, but I've been a landscaper here since the 1970s.


  • Culture Features
  • Meet the Writers: A sampling of the authors at The Nature of Words

    Brian Turner This poet is the author of Here, Bullet a collection of poems centered on his time serving in the Army during the Iraq war. Turner, who Benjamin Percy called one of his favorites when he appeared in Bend last month, was on the ground in Iraq at the war's onset in 2003 and the poems in his debut collection recount some of those experiences. This year, Turner published his second collection of poems, Phantom Noise, which again gave readers a look into the Iraq war, in addition to a glimpse into the minds of the soldiers fighting the battles. Turner's poems are marked by highly descriptive, yet largely straightforward language delivered in a crisp voice and hearing him read should only further bring his pieces to life.
  • Book Talk
  • it's not alllll good

    They say things are done for the majority. Don't believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. It's a lot like what my painter friend Donald said to me, "Stick a fork in their ass and turn them over. They're done."
  • Picks
  • Our Picks for 11/03-11/11: Last Comic Standing, Star Trek Live and more!

    The Yard Dogs Road Show thursday 4 We gave you a heads up on this rock and roll "hobo cabaret" in last week's Halloween preview and if you're still in need of some costumed fun or some Burning Man flashbacks, check out Yard Dogs Road Show. It will remind you of the heyday of vaudeville, on the far off chance you know what "vaudeville" means. $20.50/adv or $25/door. All ages. 9pm. Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave.

Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • Pho Sho! Pho is at Marz Bistro

    Marz Bistro, which was bought by the Blacksmith's chef Gavin McMichael a couple of months ago, has been open for a few weeks now. I went in for lunch today and was stoked to see, among other lunch menu items, the elusive, beautiful creation known as Pho.
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  • Chow
  • Brick Oven Pizza now at Brown Bag

    We've just heard that Brown Bag at 129 NE 2ndStreet, which re-opened under new ownership after closing its doors last March, has added a mobile pizza cart to the fare offered on Fridays.
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  • Beer & Drink
  • Drinking in Halloween

    Halloween is no doubt the best American holiday. It is impossible to explain to foreigners our passion for wearing panties in public with little ears and platform high-heeled shoes. Children love it because they get to wear costumes, go to parties, and of course, get plenty of free candy. Adults love it because it means getting to escape who they really are, drink until they are silly and hide behind a sexier, more tawdry version of themselves. Nothing is sacred on Halloween night, even Big Bird has been turned into a trampy female transvestite for the sake of having the snarkiest outfit of the evening.
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  • Film
  • Man in a Box: Ryan Reynolds gives what might be the performance of the year in Buried

    Buried tells the story of Paul Conroy (played by Ryan Reynolds) an American truck driver in Iraq whose convoy is attacked by Iraqi insurgents. Rather than simply kill him, they abduct and bury him in a wooden box several feet below the desert. His kidnappers leave him with a pencil, a Zippo, a Blackberry and some instructions for what they want him to do. If I told you any more, it wouldn't be fair because part of the fun of this movie is discovering things as Paul does. Suffice to say, we are just as stuck in the coffin as he is, only hearing what he hears through the phone and never leaving the coffin to get another point of view.
  • Film Events
  • Escape From New York: What do with a couple of post-apocalyptic sweethearts...

    Like all buddy-cop/true-love stories, Enslaved begins with the two main characters meeting under less-than-romantic circumstances. In this case, Monkey, a glowering tree-trunk of a man, and Trip, a ragdoll-haired brainy girl, are both slaves aboard an airship that crashes someplace in Brooklyn. Then, while Monkey is unconscious, Trip snaps a headband on him and programs it to electrify his brain if she dies. This, naturally, convinces him to protect her.
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  • Film Events
  • Your Failure, My Success

    People often ask, "Hey, Wm.™ Steven Hump-Me! What is the secret of your success?" Well, that's a complicated question: How did I - a barely literate narcissist and sex addict born in the rabid goat-infested mountains of Lithuania - rise to the lofty position of America's most beloved television columnist? Well, frankly... I have YOU to thank.
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Belle & Sebastian: Belle & Sebastian Write about Love

    I love Belle & Sebastian. We're great friends. We met early in college when roommates and other time travelers (the dudes who wear their collars up) were listening to the typical meathead rock that cheapens sex and rots your soul. I was looking for a new band to embrace and stumbled into Belle & Sebastian while trying to learn more about The Velvet Underground.


  • Outside Features
  • Against the Gear Gurus: When it's the equipment that counts, not the experience

    If you believe the numerous outdoor gear sites, self-appointed gear guru bloggers and outdoor magazine "test" stories and annual gear guides, no outdoor experience is worth undertaking unless you have the latest and greatest (read expensive) gear. A two-person tent's five-star rating by Backpacker magazine apparently means that every night spent in said tent during a howling blizzard will be as comfortable as a stay in a five-star resort. And woe be to anyone who even considers a snow cave as shelter.
  • Outside Features
  • ODFW Fishing Report for the Week of Oct. 25

    CROOKED RIVER BELOW BOWMAN DAM: redband trout and mountain whitefish. Fishing has been great! Flows should remain consistent around 75 cfs throughout the winter resulting in consistent fishing. A sample of redband trout and mountain whitefish are tagged with a numbered floy tag protruding from the back. Anglers who catch a trout or whitefish with a floy tag are encouraged to release the fish after recording the tag number, fish length and location caught. Anglers can send the information to ODFW at (541) 447-5111 ext. 24 or


  • The Beacon
  • Ramsay and Arnold Headed for Recount

    It's late and my pain meds are just starting to kick in (sprained ankle) so I'll keep this short. But after speaking with newly re-elected Deschutes County Clerk Nancy Blankenship, I've got this to report about the too-close to call city Council race between Chuck Arnold and Scott Ramsay .
  • The Wandering Eye
  • "Tax" Is Not a Four-Letter Word

    The midterm election campaign that just ended (thank god) was about many things – the deficit, unemployment, health care reform, whether Christine O’Donnell really is a witch – but the background motif playing behind all of them was the eternal theme: taxes. On the national level, Republicans pounded on the message that Barack Obama had raised taxes.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • How Kitzhaber Did It

    Oregonian political blogger Jeff Mapes has an interesting analysis of how John Kitzhaber was able to eke out a razor-thin victory over Chris Dudley for the governorship. Some of the main points: The Ground Game: Democrats made the most of their 10% registration edge in the state by mounting an intensive canvassing and phone banking campaign to make sure Democrats actually voted.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • FLASH: Deschutes County Gives Election to Kitzhaber!

    Whenever a Democrat wins a close statewide race in Oregon, we hear Republicans grumbling that those damn liberal elitists in Portland and Multnomah County gave the election to him. Sometimes, if they’re in a really bad mood, they’ll say they “stole” the election for him.

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