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  • Forest Service Wants Off-Leash Input: Proposal would expand winter access for dogs

    Bend dog owners who want more access to groomed ski trails will have a chance to share their perspective with the Forest Service and other winter trail users this week at an open house aimed at airing some of the access issues. While there are no official proposals on the table, off-leash proponents lead by Bend-based DogPAC have been pushing the Forest Service to ease restrictions north of the Cascade Lakes Highway in an area that has been off limit to dogs, unless by special permit, since the 1980s and is presently reserved for Nordic skiers.


  • Editorial
  • Dirty Dancing, More Loko, A Population Push and Persistent Poachers

    Dirty Dancing Too Much For Portland Teachers Students were getting a little too close for comfort at a Portland High School, causing teachers to cancel the school's winter formal. Cleveland High School in Southeast Portland has cancelled the dance due to the new style of dance known as "grinding." Obviously a little movie from 1987 known as Dirty Dancing hasn't been in the TBS heavy rotation lately.
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  • Editorial
  • The Silly No-Sitting-On-the-Sidewalk Law

    "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread," the novelist Anatole France wrote in 1894. The law the City of Bend is contemplating to deal with the (supposed) problem of loitering on downtown streets would, we assume, forbid the rich as well as the poor to sit or lie down on the sidewalks. Just the same, it would be an inherently inequitable ordinance - and an unnecessary one.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • "I Object!"

    The author is reporting from rehab, watching a literal squawk box, some annoying bimbo making the beautiful state of Alaska look ugly. When we're forced to choose between molestation and strangers seeing our privates via X-ray, the terrorists have won. Hand Al Qaeda a trophy, bring back the troops, ground the drones and shutter the Pentagon. Republican fear mongering under the Bush-Cheney junta and overreaction, surrendering our rights to rent-a-cops renamed TSA security, has led to a revolt by the public, pilots and airline employees. Don't screen my sack and keep your fingers out of my carry-on!
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • Don't Hate on Spam

    As a fairly recent newcomer to Bend, I gratefully turn to the Source when seeking to dine out. Last week I read a mouth-watering re-cap of a review for the Bend Fish Co., "Hawaiian Grindz," when I had cause to pause and ponder. What's up with all the Spam bashing?
  • Letters to the Editor
  • There Is Another Way

    Everywhere in Bend I meet people who sincerely believe that the only way to resolve the goose poop problem is through periodic exterminations. Then I explain that non-lethal methods are more effective, sustainable, and cost effective and are currently being used successfully in dozens of locations in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. At that point, the conversational tone starts to shift.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Give Them The Debt

    With the news this past week of how to fix the deficit and get the U.S. back in the black, I'm sure everyone is going to have some ideas of what they think will work best. So here's mine. Since we had a surplus 10 years ago before Bush, Cheney and Rove weaseled their way into power, perhaps their ill-gotten fortunes could be a start to paying down the debt.


  • Picks
  • Our Picks for 11/17-11/25: GWAR! Talib Kweli, and much more!

    11th Annual Powder Hound wednesday 17 The yearly photography and filmmaking show returns to the Tower this year to display shots of your neighbors having fun in the snow. There are also plenty of giveaways to be had, including $2,500 worth of raffle items from Pine Mountain Sports and other free schwag. $12/adv at Pine Mt. Sports, $14/door. 7pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St.

Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • Back to Earth: The new Marz Bistro struggles to find its footing

    It's tough not to have high expectations for a venture that combines an old favorite - in this case, Marz Bistro - with a prominent chef and restaurateur, Gavin McMichael of The Blacksmith and Bourbon Street. Marz, the 2008 Source Weekly Restaurant of the Year, recently sold to McMichael and re-opened under the same name.


  • Film
  • Not-So-Crazy Train: Unstoppable is on a crash course with the mundane

    Unstoppable is the fifth collaboration of director Tony Scott and actor Denzel Washington and is merely by-the-numbers stuff. That's not to say Unstoppable isn't engaging, because as a suspenseful thriller it works fine, but it plays out as Hollywood mainstream schlock at its most finely tuned.
  • Film Events
  • The Ice Concussions Cometh

    Don't get me wrong - I like sports. I just don't like the sports everyone else seems so crazy about. I don't like basketball (AKA the "sport of fools"), but I do like office chair bowling (where you hide in the corner of your office, and when someone walks in, you sling your roll-y chair at them as fast as you can in an attempt to knock them off their feet - extra points if you crack their femur!). I also don't like football (AKA the "sport of meatheads") but I do like genital Xeroxing. Now some people claim that genital Xeroxing is not a sport - but those people have never coerced their officemates into seeing how many genitals can be Xeroxed in 30 seconds (our office record is 27 - TOP THAT, MICROSOFT!).
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  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • The Return of Talib Kweli

    For the most part, when a band or performer comes to Bend, there's talk of the show maybe for a few days, but then the chatter dies down and you don't hear anything about that act until they come back to town. But on occasion, there are shows that reverberate through the local music scene long after the band's tour bus has rumbled out of town.
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  • Natural World
  • Spider Time: Charlotte and other marvels of nature

    Sometimes I get calls from folks all in a dither: "Oh, Jim. There's a huge spider in a web above the horse's stall... and there's another behind the barn door... and my son just came in and told me there's another one near the porch light... are they dangerous?" The answer is a flat, "no." For there, in the flesh, so to speak, in all her egg-laden glory - is our dear old friend from E.B. White's beautiful classic, Charlotte, of Charlotte's Web. And to make you feel even better, I don't believe Charlotte could bite you even if she wanted to. However, if you're a fly, she'll wrap you up in her silken cloak of death and you're toast.


  • The Beacon
  • Flaherty To Get Blaylock Murder Case

    In a break from string of hostilities dating back to the May election campaign, District Attorney Mike Dugan has announced that his successor DA-elect Patrick Flaherty will serve as a special prosecutor on the high profile Lori Blaylock murder case. Blaylock's husband, Steven, was arrested last week and charged with killing his wife whose body has not yet been found. Flaherty who takes office in January has been publicly battling with Dugan's office and county brass over issues related to his transition, particularly his authority to fire some of the deputy district attorneys and office staff when he takes control after the New Year. However, given that Flaherty will likely have the reins through the bulk of the Blaylock prosecution, Dugan said in a press release that it would be appropriate to bring him into the case now as a special prosecutor. "It is important to both of us that the work that is being carried out in this office for the benefit of our citizens be continued. Community safety is, and will remain, a primary goal of the district attorney's office," Dugan said in the prepared statement that alludes to the very public acrimony between Flaherty and the outgoing DA.
  • The Blender
  • Going Loko

    As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in journalism, we've embedded two of our staff members in the "Four Loko" nation. If you see either Ryan "Sleepy" DeBardelaben or Brandon "Slappy" Sizemore passed out in a pool of their own filth on a downtown street corner or dumpster, please return them to our offices at 704 NW Georgia.
  • The Wandering Eye
  • Playing the New Game of "Deficit Buster"

    Think you know how to fix the federal budget deficit? The New York Times has posted an interactive tool that lets you take a shot at it. The Times gives you 40 different options to play around with, including spending cuts in areas such as the federal government payroll, the military, Social Security and Medicare, and revenue increases of various types.
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