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    Editor's note: As we usher in a new year and a new decade, we've decided to re-vamp our Upfront column. To our great surprise and delight the decision coincided with the re-emergence of Scoop Lewis, Ace Reporter ™, from self-imposed exile. He's back and ready to give the straight poop on the past week's events every Thursday in the Source.
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  • Editorial
  • Legislating More Traffic Congestion

    Imagine yourself trying to negotiate the traffic at the north end of the Bend Parkway, in the area of the Cascade Village Mall shopping center. (We know it's painful, but please try.) Now imagine thousands more cars and trucks stirred into the mix every day. And imagine that no improvements have been made to allow the road grid to handle that extra load.
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  • Blame Keyser Soze: Dead birds, Crazy Captains and the return of Christine O'Donnell

    The author is reporting from a fantastically futuristic place known as "Twenty-Eleven." 2011 will be so sparkly you'll be sneezing pixy dust. Yes, this columnist has made poor predictions before, including this one from 8/30/10: "Donovan McNabb and/or Brett Favre will die by midseason." McNabb merely lost his dignity and $70-plus million, thanks to being benched, and Favre his spine and cerebellum courtesy of my dreadful Buffalo Bills. Still, the Huskies of UConn remain the hottest chicks with balls in the country, my Syracuse Orangemen will make March even madder, and Oregon will shock the world by beating Auburn for the BCS Championship - Only because Heisman QB Cam Newton and his dad bet against themselves and really like ducks, not the fowl, but avoiding questions about cash-money recruitment schemes.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • Local Avalanche Group Is More than Just a Website

    In response to Laurel Brauns' Volume 14 Issue 52 article, "Do Your Homework," first and foremost I applaud the Source for highlighting some of the intrinsic dangers associated with backcountry riding in avalanche terrain and the true necessity of becoming properly educated and practiced in hazard assessment, snowpack evaluation, and companion rescue if your winter recreation (whether on ski, board, snowmo, or snowshoe) takes you into avalanche terrain. However, I do feel there is further clarification necessary associated with the mentioned website,
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  • DogPAC Soft Peddles Trail Impacts

    The December 23 issue had two letters saying what a small deal it is to have dogs allowed on the currently ungroomed cross country ski trails. Here is the way it looks to many of us who like to ski.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Goodbye, Wandering Eye

    Sad to see the Wandering Eye wander off into the sunset...but I understand. Trying to stay engaged in the toxic environment of what passes for public discoursethese daysis certainly an exercise in frustration akin to beating one's head against the proverbial wall.


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  • All Good Things in Time

    About this time of year, I question why it is that bears get to be the hibernators of the great animal kingdom. Wouldn't we all be a lot more fit if, right after Christmas, we homo sapiens took one deep yawn that led immediately to four months of solitude and rest? We'd no doubt awake with a vigor that could only be explained by months of slumber, relaxation and absolutely no stress. But given that most human beings can't go more than a day without a visit to the restroom, hibernating appears to be out of the question. In the meantime, are you not what you imbibe? If so, perhaps ingesting a spirit that's been sleeping for years on end might just do the trick.
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  • Film
  • The King's Speech: Firth and Rush are only two of The King's Speech's considerable charms

    Don't hate Colin Firth just because he's playing a real person who overcomes an obstacle in The King's Speech. But don't love him just for that reason, either. Longtime observers of movie awards know that there's a formula for the acting categories, and that one of the surest ways to stand at the podium with a statuette is to play a real-life character, or someone with a handicap - and preferably both. It's too easy to laud Firth for his performance here, when he's been better in other films. And it's too easy to fold your arms defiantly against the high-toned look of The King's Speech, thus missing its considerable charms.
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  • Lose the Cape!

    Dear superheroes of the world: Let's talk "fashion," shall we? Perhaps it hasn't been brought to your attention, but you look like a goddamn idiot. As I see it, you have only one job: BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF CRIMINALS. However, the uniform you've chosen to accomplish this task seems somewhat counterintuitive. For example, would a ballerina dress like a Chuck E. Cheese mascot? No. Would a construction worker wear ass-less chaps? Again, no - unless you're talking about my most recent New Year's party. So bearing this in mind, why do superheroes insist on dressing like a Jazzercize video from 1982?
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  • Bent
  • BendFilm Relocates Office to Northwest Crossing

    I just got a press release stating that Central Oregon's film festival, BendFilm, has moved its offices from downtown Bend (on Irving Avenue) up to the Northwest Crossing Neighborhood. BendFilm will be taking over the space formerly occupied by the BICA art gallery, thus keeping an artistic presence up in that Westside neighborhood.
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  • Off Piste
  • Spork's Next Pop-Up Supper Club This Weekend

    Spork is following up their successful two-day December pop-up restaurant with another pop-up this weekend, January 8 and 9. Basically the same deal as before: Spork will take over Cafe Sintra's space for two nights.
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  • The Blender
  • Top 10 Reasons Bend Needs a Skatepark

    For our annual Top 10 Issue, we polled some of our local people organizations for their personal top 10 lists. My favorite came from the folks of the Division Street Stakepark Project.
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  • The Blender
  • Oregon vs. Auburn: The curfew battle

    There are plenty of differences between Auburn and Oregon -- for starters, one of the schools is located in Alabama and the other in the Pacific Northwest, and secondly, only one team has LaMichael James. There are other differences too, like, for example, the one illustrated by a USA Today post yesterday that described the differences in the approach the two teams take in terms of player curfews.
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