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  • Bulletin Bankrupcy Chatter

    A week ago Tuesday the Bend Bulletin, one Central Oregon's largest employers and most venerable institutions, quietly joined the ranks of thousands of American homeowners and filed for bankruptcy. The newspaper as editor in chief John Costa explained in a rare front-page editorial was at an impasse with its chief creditor, none other than the beleaguered Bank of America. According to Costa and an accompanying front-page news story by staff reporter Sheila Miller, The Bulletin has seen its revenues drop by roughly 25 percent since the peak of the building boom circa 2006. The drop in revenue caused the paper miss several performance measures in its $18 million loan to B of A. The bank responded by raising the paper's interest rate to a penalty rate of 12 percent, nearly double the six percent originally agreed to. Costa and publisher Gordon Black shared that the paper had paid more than $2 million in penalties to B of A and had skipped several payments in an effort to get the loan re-adjusted, but to no avail.


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  • Easy One-Stop Shopping for All Your Straight Poop Needs

    Monday, Aug. 22 It's all over! Libyan rebels claim victory, say they've taken control of 95percent of capital city of Tripoli ... Maybe it isn't all over! Forces loyal to dictator Muammar Qaddafi still holding on; Qaddafi son tells journalists his dad has shrewdly lured rebels into a "trap" ... Yeah, we blew it: NYC District Attorney asks court to drop rape charges against former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn because of alleged victim's credibility problems ... Lawyered up: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein retains hotshot defense lawyer Reid Weingarten as investigations of his role in sub-prime mortgage fiasco continue ... Not this time: Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Tea Party darling and architect of Republicans' throw-grandma-under-the-train Medicare plan, says he won't run for president this year ... Bursting at the seams: GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will triple size of his 3,000-sf, $12 million home in La Jolla, CA; says he needs more room for five grown children and 16 grandkids.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • Eat the Rich

    Ted Rall's column in last week's Source was painful to read but all too accurate. Obama's sell-out to Big Business, especially to Wall Street, is a clear indication that we now officially live in a Plutocracy - government of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Rich. Decades of big- government-is-the-problem, right-wing propaganda started by Reagan has been effective. Millions now actually believe this colossal lie. Big Business, not Big Government is the problem. Big Business owns the Government. Reagan launched his political career while he was spokesman for General Electric, the quintessential poster child for Big Business. Obama has appointed the current General Electric CEO, Jeffery Immelt as an economic advisor. What does that tell you? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
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  • We Can Count

    "Media" is the plural of "medium." This week's headline is equivalent to "When computers and cellphones becomes an obsession.


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  • Game On!

    Videogame addiction is a common and serious disease that not only afflicts the average teenager but the wanna be Desperate Housewife.
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  • Get Your Cowbell Ready: Fall means a full calendar of cyclocross events in Central Oregon

    Perhaps nothing illustrates the fervor for cyclocross like a good look at its spectators. Forget the racers. What draws throngs of people out to watch this crazy, hybrid form of bike racing, usually in less than perfect weather? "There's certainly an entertainment value," says Dave Adams, a Bend photographer who enjoys shooting cycling events. "Spectators are thinking, 'Well, I might be silly for standing out in the rain and watching this, but at least I'm not trying to ride a bicycle uphill through the mud!' And who hasn't laughed at the sight of someone else falling down in a mud puddle?"


  • Bent
  • Sagebrush Fundraiser Needs Its Own Cash Injection

    The newly re-branded and retooled Sagebrush Community Challenge reportedly fell short of its fundraising goals and is going to need roughly $30,000 just to cover the events operating costs. Deschutes Brewery CEO Gary Fish told a crowd of sponsors and participants on Tuesday afternoon that the inaugural event failed to raise enough money to cover the costs of putting on the event, which was modeled after a fundraiser in Jackson Hole, Wy.
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  • Tire Tariff that Drew Schwab's Ire is Upheld by WTO

    A steep tariff on imported tires from China that was opposed by local tire retailing giant Les Schwab has survived a challenge at the World Trado Organization. The WTO announced on Monday that it would uphold the tax on imported Chinese tires that President Obama implemented over Beijing’s objections in 2009.
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