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  • Obama Bashing Accomplishes Nothing

    Over the past few weeks I have read with much dismay, the opinions put forth that our president is either worthless or spending too much. Those are not the exact words but they convey the overall tone. First and foremost, I moved here to Bend because of my love for Central Oregon, but what I don't love are the undertones of hate and a disbelief in our current president to be able to get people back to work. Let's talk about spending. How much was spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, which were started by President Bush? Trillions. But that's ok, right? Spend. Spend. Spend. How much was spent on the world's greatest scam called the housing bubble? Hundreds of billions. But that's ok, right? Spend. Spend. Spend. And how much did Mr. Bush spend on TARP? Over $700 billion. Again, that's ok, right?


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  • On Gifts From Friends

    On a recent Sunday evening, 3,000 miles from home and feeling every inch of it, I opened a bottle of wine. It was a gift from friends, an Argentinean red I knew to be excellent, but contrary to plans I had for it, it was not a joyous occasion. Across from me, my wife sat slumped on the couch, the two of us hungover from a crying jag. Circumstances forcing us into a decision we would have preferred not to make, we'd just finished a number of physically and emotionally grueling days, and the reality of our new situation was settling in. I seldom like to drink when feeling blue, alcohol for me a celebratory drug, one used to augment happy occasions, not mask the bad ones. That said, it functions well to bevel the hard edges of the world, and I will admit to feeling the need. The bottle, it turned out, was the only alcohol we had on the premises. Scarcity, as much as necessity it seemed, would press it into service. When it was given to us, I promised to open it only when the time (and more importantly) the people, were right. Having come from dear friends, I didn't want to share this bottle with just anyone, my idea being to toast the best of the old as I rang in the new.

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  • Firefighters Expect an "Extended" Battle Outside Sisters

    It’s been several years since Sisters, a community that knows a thing or two about wildfire threats and evacuations, saw its last major conflagration. But that could change this week as the Shadow Lake Fire, which is burning about 15 miles west of town, grows.
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  • With Water Gone, Fish Perish In Tumalo Creek

    A project designed to improve fish habitat on Tumalo Creek resulted in an unintended fish kill over the weekend. It’s not clear how many fish were killed when a crew working with the Tumalo Irrigation District dramatically cut back flows on the already meager Tumalo Creek downstream from Shevlin Park where the district pulls most of the water for its customers.
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