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Best Budtender

Hobey Weston

Everyone smokes or dabs or vapes or shatters for different reasons: maybe to calm anxiety, help with pain relief or just to get good and stoned. Whatever the reason, they all know what a bad budtender is like. You ask the budtender for a solid recommendation and get some strangely named strain you've never heard of, with a promise that it's exactly what you're looking for.

You get home with your sweet, sweet legal satchel of goodies, and instead of something mellow, you're climbing up the walls—or instead of pain relief, you've got the worst cotton mouth of your life.

Best Budtender
Daniel Robbins

People trust Oregrown's Hobey Weston. He's an actual expert and knows exactly the strain you need for that specific day in your life. Weston—who also got some serious nods for his joint-rolling skills in the Source's 2018 Budtender Olympics—says: "The idea of being able to talk to people, to educate and help change some of the negative connotations involved with cannabis really appealed to me, as I've always enjoyed working with people."

But why is Weston in particular such a good budtender? I think it's because he actually cares about people and cannabis and bringing those things together. "I think it's important to see yourself as a type of educator and not just a salesperson," he said. "I love to see people have a moment of realization. Working with awesome people and getting to put a smile on people's faces all day long. I love being able to show someone something they've never seen before and giving them a "mind blowing" experience of what Oregon adult use cannabis has to offer."

Best Budtender
Daniel Robbins

1st Place: Hobey Weston, Oregrown

2nd Place: Dusty Newman, Oregrown

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