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Get Your Mind Outside with these Books

Nature is calling, and these local reads will get you excited to get back out there doing what you love

With the Phase One reopening plan likely happening May 15 in Oregon counties, we know you're rarin' to go when it comes to the outdoors department.

Mind you—not all locations, trailheads, and so on are likely to open right back up so always check with the land manager of the site where you plan to go. In the meantime, here are some quality local outdoor reads that will get your mind ready to be outside.

Grab one of these from your local bookstore:

"Bend, Oregon Daycations" by Kim Cooper Findling

Get Your Mind Outside with these Books
Kim Cooper Findling

You've probably seen this book on display at many local shops for a reason. The book details a ton of day trips perfect for families and solo adventures alike.

Inside you'll find 19 different day trips that are all two hours or less from Bend. Each trip comes with an itinerary and the must-sees for each adventure.

Get planning what you want you want to see once places and nature begin to open up.

"100 Things to Do in Bend, Oregon, Before You Die" by Joshua Savage

Get Your Mind Outside with these Books
Joshua Savage

The title says it all. Not only does this book tackle things to do out on the trails, but it also gives you plenty of bucket-list ideas to get done outside and around the beautiful town itself. 

With all of this time not being able to go out and experience Bend the way it was intended, reading Savage's book will give you some inspiration to do these great things while you can.

Also recommended by Savage:  "East of the Cascades" by Phil Broga & "100 Hikes/Travel Guide Central Oregon Cascades" by William L. Sullivan

"I recently read 'East of the Cascades.' It was written in the late '60s but good for anyone looking to learn the history of the area."

"Trail Running Bend: Great Loop Trails for Every Season" by Lucas Alberg

Get Your Mind Outside with these Books
Lucas Alberg

Local runner, writer and marketing manager Lucas Alberg has cataloged some of the best trail runs in the area for both experienced and beginning trail runners alike.

This is a must have if you're looking to get into trail running or are a new runner to the area.

Right now physical activity is super important so it's great to take advantage of a resource like this. You'll be running all over Central Oregon in no time!

Get Your Mind Outside with these Books
Katy Bryce

Mountain Bike Bend: 46 Singletrack Routes by Katy Bryce

Bend is home to many miles of dirt for mountain biking.

If you haven't been riding as much during quarantine, this book might help you find some new routes you haven't ridden yet as you proceed to get back to it.

Perfect for newcomers to Central Oregon or those who are just diving into the world of mountain biking.

There are so many more great Central Oregon outdoors books. Which one is your favorite?