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Source Material

Local and regional highlights from music in February

Source Material
Courtesy Dylan Lipke
This week, Daft Punk announced its split/retirement in a short film where one of the famed robots-in-disguise blows up in a desert. I question if their retirement is real or even permanent, but only time can answer that. If it is a forever split, then the duo will surely be missed and the imprint they left behind will always be remembered. But, much like life, music continues to go on. And while Daft Punk's end will most likely be the biggest music-industry-related story to break this week, there's still plenty of new music that deserves to be listened to and appreciated.

Enjoy the February installment of Source Material, highlighting two new releases from Bend artists and one from our neighbor to the north.

Locals' Bin

"Bonespur" from Dylan Lipke

Dylan Lipke moved to Bend from Denver last year, and after listening to "Bonespur" I can already tell he'll make a great addition to the music community here. The album is 10 tracks of mellow and folky psych-rock that highlight Lipke's ability to craft both interesting and catchy tunes that fall outside of the box. On the album you'll find enjoyment in Lipke's fuzzy guitar, an array of synths and some calming bass as his voice peeks out from behind the music. One of the most memorable moments on the album is the fantastic harmonica-play by Lipke on "Better Days." What's truly fun about the album is that "Bonespur" is able to be a little country and a little punk at the same time, while always playing out as this groovy collection of tunes. It's an early favorite from 2021.

Locals' Bin

Source Material
Courtesy Jordan Russell

"Illustrious Expanse" from j.r.j featuring Indigo Hush

The latest from Bend's Jordan Russell features the smooth and hypnotic vocals of Scott Roberts (Indigo Hush). "Illustrious Expanse" is a dreamy down-tempo song that winds up to be super calming. You can hear traditional elements of boom-bap beats backing the track, combined with these swirling pop and electronic pieces that make the song lush with layers. You find yourself drifting off into space while listening, as the song moves at a slow but fluttery pace. Definitely add this one to your zone-out playlist or chill nights mix.

Regional Gem

Source Material
Design by Sunny Eckerle

"River Running By" from Jeffrey Silverstein

Portland's Jeffrey Silverstein is back to cooking up sweet music, following up last year's LP, "You Become The Mountain," with the announcement of his "ToriiGates" EP. The lead track for the project, titled "River Running By," is out now and is as good as you'd expect. Silverstein sings of moving through life like a running river, realizing you might be missing out on things or choosing to let others go.

"River Running By" is an ambient-folk song that truly makes you feel adrift. In an Instagram post, Silverstein said the song was inspired by the concept of "blue mind," which is the calming and meditative state we fall into when near or in water. Kudos to Silverstein for taking that idea on, because he nailed it. "River Running By" makes you feel like you're floating through a dreamscape and searching for peace. Pre-order the rest of Silverstein's EP on Bandcamp (it releases in full on April 16), and find "River Running By" on Spotify or Apple Music.