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Ideas to plan an ideal summer outing - Shut-In Summer

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, people around Bend are getting ready to go biking, paddle boarding, hiking, kayaking. That’s why so many of us moved to Bend, right? Not me. I got a job here — this job. And this job can be exhausting sometimes, and on my day off, even in the beautiful Central Oregon summer, I’m going to be at home doing as little as possible.

Ideas to plan an ideal summer outing - Shut-In Summer
Jack Harvel

When I’d just moved to the area people would ask me what brought me to Bend. Surely it was because I love kayaking or mountain biking so much that I’d spend thousands of dollars moving here. To be honest the idea of moving 1,500 miles from home to be closer to a couple hobbies was and continues to be baffling to me. How much money and free time do some of you people have? 

So, on my day off you may find me hiking or floating or doing something outside if my girlfriend is insistent enough, but my ideal day off doesn’t quite mesh with the hyper-outdoorsy compulsion that a lot of Bend transplants seem to feel. After all, I’m behind on “Better Call Saul,” I’ve still got a few bosses to beat in Elden Ring and as much as I love fresh air, it isn’t as refreshing with a side of forest fire smoke.

I have a feeling I’m not alone here, and that a silent majority of people in Bend aren’t spending their precious time off planning their next hiking/climbing/camping/rafting/cycling/fishing excursion. My perfect summer day is dedicated to them: the gamers, the shut-ins, the nerds and the agoraphobes—the people who see and appreciate the snow-capped mountains from town but don’t feel the need to climb them. You may feel alone, but I’m right there with you. Figuratively, of course, because I’ll probably be at home.