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Gung Ho for Pints for Ponies

For every pint sold at Redmond’s Wild Ride Brewing, $1 will go to HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary

Wild Ride Brewing will host a fundraising event for the HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary on Thursday, Nov. 10 from 5-8pm, called Pints for Ponies. For every pint sold, $1 will go directly to the nonprofit organization. HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c) nonprofit that provides safe spaces and forever homes for older horses that have suffered trauma and have nowhere else to go.

Gung Ho for Pints for Ponies
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Melanie Monge, founder and director of HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary, will be present at the fundraising event, along with a few other volunteers. Attendees can ask questions, learn about the horse sanctuary, buy t-shirts and donate while sipping on a fresh tap beer.

Wild Ride Brewing has a bunch of seasonal brews rolling out this time of year along with serving plenty of varieties, from tangy IPAs to fruity ales to the classic and rich Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter.

As horses age, it can be hard to find a peaceful, stable home for them. After prime riding years, owners give up horses for a variety of reasons, including increased care, limited space, not wanting to deal with the dying aspect, etc. Some horses end up at feedlots or at slaughter, and HeartSpace is trying to keep them out of those situations, according to Monge.

“We take them (the horses) in, and then we are pretty much a retirement facility,” Monge said. “I have always wanted to do something like this, to help horses and give them a forever home. I didn't want them to be tossed around from place to place. We love the horses here, and we take care of them.”

HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary is always looking for more volunteers, and Monge invites the community to this event, to visit the facility and to learn more by visiting HeartSpace’s website.

Pints for Ponies
Thu., Nov. 10, 5-8pm
Wild Ride Brewing
332 SW 5th St., Redmond