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Catching Up with Erin Cole-Baker

A chat with local a troubadour who's blazing trails

Erin Cole-Baker's musical journey is a tapestry woven with threads from different corners of the world. Her childhood saw her move from California to New Zealand, a transition that left her feeling out of place and searching for a piece of the world she could make her own. Her love affair with music began early, as she spent her school years playing piano in jazz ensembles, often alongside her brother. These shared musical experiences laid the foundation for their collaborative spirit, which shines brightly in Cole-Baker's music. "I started on piano and played in a jazz band when I was younger," said Cole-Baker, " brother knew the guitar and taught me some basic chords and I was really taken by it."

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Photo courtesy of Erin Cole-Baker
Erin Cole-Baker has been quietly working on collaboration material in her home studio.

With the landscape of independent musicians continuing to evolve, I caught up with Cole-Baker and discussed her drive and latest inspirations for not only writing new material, but for crafting songs that stand out against the sea of her contemporaries.

"All creativity feeds into all creativity," Cole-Baker said, "there's inspiration from everything around us, it's all in the same spirit." She hopes this spirit can be both heard and felt in her soon-to-be-released material, which she has been patiently working on in her home studio over this past summer. "Collaboration is where the magic happens," she says, "...and I always want to dig into that."

As her musicianship continues to evolve, Cole-Baker promises that acoustic sets are not going to become a genre in which she feels trapped. "I got my first electric guitar in 2018, and a Jazz-master guitar in 2020. I'm exploring the world of looping and soloing and overall, just trying to expand my knowledge of the guitar, which has been really exciting and fun."

Fans of Cole-Baker know that while her sound and voice are truly unique, her inspiring forces are never far away. Listening to songs of hers, you can hear the cooled rock influence of alternative bands like Deep Sea Diver, and the lamenting Americana folk tones of Watchouse, an indie duo who Erin has been listening to lately.

This performance is more than just a concert; it's a celebration of life, resilience and the power of music. Cole-Baker's stage presence and heartfelt lyrics will transport listeners to the heart of her journey — a journey that encapsulates the beauty of both Central Oregon and the world.

As Erin Cole-Baker continues to expand her musical horizons, she invites you to join her for an unforgettable live performance for the Sunriver Brewing Eastside Pub Music Series on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 6pm. "I'll be playing a lot of originals on both acoustic and electric guitar, and of course, playing a few of my favorite covers," said Cole-Baker. The stage is sure to come alive with the melodies and stories that define her artistic voyage.

Sunriver Brewing Eastside Pub Music Series: Erin Cole-Baker
Thu., Sept. 21, 6-8pm
Sunriver Brewing Eastside Pub
1500 NE Cushing Dr., Bend