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Our Picks for the week of 8/28-9/4

Sheryl Crow

thursday 28

This summer has been all about masculine-dominated shows, but thankfully, one Sheryl Crow is coming to the big Schwab stage to do a thing or two about that. Turn the page and read more. 5pm. $85/reserved, $45/general. Les Schwab Amphitheater, 344 Shevlin Hixon Dr.

Empty Space Orchestra

friday 29

A lot of Bend's music community had this date circled on the calendar as the night that our very own hip-hop super group, Person People, was going to play in the Parrilla back yard. OK, so plans changed and PP will be taking the stage next week (9/5) but the Empty Space Orchestra is filling in. Despite some lineup changes, expect ESO to bring funk fusion and all sorts of whirling soundscapes to the outdoor venue to close out the Show Us Your Spokes concert series. Does this mean summer is over? Hmmm...kind of. 7pm. $4, $5 if you show up by car. Parrilla Grill. 635 NW 14th St.


friday 29

What's that you say? The show at Parrilla is too soft for you? You like your music just as you prefer your booze - hard and straight? OK, well drive about a quarter mile down the road and hit up Players where the hard rocking men of LID should be tearing that mother down. The Vancouver, WA band mixes the strength of Pantera with some tastes of prog rock to balance it out. Players Bar and Grill. 25 SW Century Blvd.

Buddhist Relic Tour

friday 29-sunday 31

"It's been 2,500 years since the Buddha walked the earth and now it's pretty amazing that the actual remains of the Buddha are coming to the Old Stone," says John Miller of the OSC. Yes, that is true - in a way, the Buddha is coming to the Old Stone Church, at least in the form of pearl like objects that were found amongst the prophet's ashes. Also in tow is a collection of other relics from other Buddhist masters. Old Stone Church, 157 NW Franklin Ave.

Sunrise to Summit and Bend to Bachelor Duathlon

saturday 30

Last week, our Outdoors columnist Pam Stevenson recommended someone institute a reverse Pole Pedal Paddle, in which athletes head up the mountain rather than down it. Until someone gets on that, we'll have to settle for these events that send runners and cyclists up the hill. Think you're up to it? Visit mbsef.org or call 388-0002 to register.

Mosley Wotta

saturday 30

Read all about Jason Graham's new EP in the Sound section then realize why you need to see Graham and DJ Mud in action. Feel the Wotta and the Mud, oh yeah. 8pm. Silver Moon Brewing Co. 24 NW Greenwood Ave.

General James N. Mattis

wednesday and thursday 3&4

Does this name sound familiar? This Four-star Marine Corps general once said that it was "fun" to shoot some people, when discussing bad guys in Afghanistan. He's since tightened up his speeches, as he will at this presentation entitled: "Current and Future Security Challenges: Iraq, Afghanistan and Beyond." September 3 at Redmond High School and September 4 at Bend High School. 7pm each night.

Stone Temple Pilots

monday 1

When we last saw STP, it was 1996 and Weiland was squirming all over the stage and giving us a taste of rock star godliness that is hard to find now that 12 years have passed. But only a few days after that night in '96, Weiland was in jail, prompting the band's first breakup. STP is back now, for how long we can't say, but there should definitely be some nostalgic moments to be had. 6:30pm. $69/reserved, $39/general. Les Schwab Amphitheater, 344 Shevlin Hixon Dr.

2008 WebCyclery Thrilla Cyclocross Series

thursday 4

Fall is on its way, which means the tourists quietly leave town, the leaves change colors, football dominates the weekend and Thursdays become CYCLOCROSS day! Hooray! Thursday marks the beginning of the series - a spectator-friendly race that's right in town. If you think you have what it takes, call 318-6199 or visit webcyclery.com.SW Century Drive/SW Colorado Ave/SW Chandler Ave (a.k.a across the street from the Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. Lodge). $12/race.