Seriously, Matthew Fox? You had to do that in Bend? | The Source Weekly - Bend

Seriously, Matthew Fox? You had to do that in Bend?

If you're the star of Lost, please stay away from our private dancers. We mean you, Matthew Fox.

In case you're not the sort of person who hounds the In Touch website, you may not have heard about part-time Central Oregon resident Matthew Fox allegedly having a two-time affair with one of the professional, err, dancers at Stars Cabaret here in Bend.

The In Touch story tells about how Fox (who is married) met the dancer, 25-year-old Stefani Talbott, after receiving four "private dances" from her and then inviting her back to the place where he was staying "with his entourage." Then, well -- things got steamy. Allegedly.

I saw Matthew Fox once in Bend. He was waiting for a drink at a crowded downtown bar where most people pretended not to recognize him, despite the fact that he was essentially in costume for his role on Lost -- except that he wasn't sweaty and/or carrying a firearm. I didn't notice any strippers, I mean dancers, in the general vicinity.

Is the Blender diving into the world of smutty, mostly irrelevant details of a celebrity gossip? No, not really. But I am monitoring the constantly growing argument that Bend is the Weird News Capital of the world. Not only does the rest of the world believe us to have real estate scammers and economic destruction hiding amongst the ruins of every half-built McMansion, they're also aware of our pregnant man, hot-air ballooning lawn chair man, beard championships (which are actually super cool, but still weird) and the fact that Rainn Wilson was saved from a rattle snake by a sheriff's deputy named Jeremiah Johnson.

Now, we're the city where you can -- allegedly -- hook up with a strip...whoops...dancer. That is if you have an entourage and a highly acclaimed television show.