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Election 2010: the season of spite

A guest on one of the political talk shows this past week offered: "there's nothing quite like the throw-the-bum-out energy during an election season." How true.

And this election there's so much more of that energy. Only there's something different about it this time around and it's the fact that most of the energy has turned to pure unadulterated spite.

A great many voters don't care about who might have done a decent job in the senate or house. For spite's sake, they want any incumbent gone.

Uninterested in issues and happy to take political platitudes and candidate trash talk at face value, voters will elect a raft of new senators and representatives. And what will the newly elected do? They'll go to Washington and within a short period of time will become the same out-of-touch elite just like those they were elected to replace.

As Mike Van Orsow of Milwaukie, Oregon noted in Sunday's Oregonian: "the problem with defeating a career politician is that you elect a NEW career politician."

Once sworn into office, the new career politicians will spout simplistic solutions to complex problems, pretend that America is still the world power, blither on about creating jobs as more jobs head overseas and generally act silly.

So what to do? First of all, participate and vote. Then sit back and watch the pontification, the promising, the smugness and the stupidity continue.

Then pray that somehow things will take a turn for the better, that level heads will somehow prevail and real strides will be made to solve the economic crises which is turn will solve most of this country's problems.

Throwing bums out is as American as apple pie. But this time around, not all who have been labeled bums deserve to go. Wholesale change in government won't make America's ills vanish overnight.