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Don't Hate on Spam

As a fairly recent newcomer to Bend, I gratefully turn to the Source when seeking to dine out. Last week I read a mouth-watering re-cap of a review for the Bend Fish Co., "Hawaiian Grindz," when I had cause to pause and ponder. What's up with all the Spam bashing?

Some years ago, I spent some time on the small island of Saipan, about a half-hour flight from Guam. Prior to this, I had never before encountered Spam on a restaurant menu. A kindly native took the time to explain to me that with land being at a premium such as it was, there wasn't room to raise beef cattle, but that Spam was really an ideal form of protein and a welcome break from the fish that makes up the majority of their diet.

I'd also like to point out that the annual Fat Tuesday Spam Carving contest that her Highness Ruby Montana, Cowboy Kitsch Queen, made famous in the great Northwest continues to this day! And hey, let's not forget what saved all of those poor Carnival cruisers!

A lot of us enjoy the occasional hotdog, provided that we don't ponder (too long) what all goes into them and if you think about it, it's all gonna end up in the same place anyways.

Let's hear it for Spam!
- Julia Prater