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DADT, Gay-Bashing and the "Icky-ness" Factor

For the past week or so, “Zeo” of the NW Republican blog has had his jock strap in a knot over the prospect of Congress repealing the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” rule.

To hear Zeo tell it, if DADT is repealed and gays are allowed to serve openly in the US military it will mean the end not only of our armed forces but of America, its economic system and civilization in general.

“If DADT is repealed then the cornerstone of the U.S. military's support in the nation, the quiet loyalty of tens of millions in the ‘silent majority,’ will likely slowly fade away, like the air being let out of a tire,” he wrote.

And here’s the best part:

“There is an ‘icky-ness’ about homosexuality that affects everything it touches. The close-quarters service in the military makes the prospect of open homosexuals serving with, sleeping with, showering with those to whom they are sexually attracted – in an unnatural way – even more ‘icky.’ The whole disgusting nature of it will likely turn off many Americans.

“Many Americans who now are quiet supporters of the military, including its funding, will simply no longer carry with on that support. Many middle-class American families who once saw the military as a legitimate option for giving their children a strong start in life, will now no longer see it as a possible benefit to them.”

In one of his follow-up comments on his on post, “Zeo” went on to predict that repeal of DADT “will further erode American moral values and thus weaken capitalism. On the other hand, it will energize the sodomites and the radical left.”

Well, the Senate approved the repeal of DADT on Saturday and President Obama has promised to sign it this week, so “Zeo” will soon get to test the validity of his end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it theory.

Meanwhile, however, we ought to thank him for revealing, in an unusually candid fashion, the true motivation of the gay-bashers.

They’re not really against the repeal of DADT because they’re worried it will destroy the military. And they’re not really against gay marriage because they’re worried it will “destroy the institution of marriage.” Those are just rationalizations.

Their real reason is that they think gayness is “icky.” It disgusts them, they don’t like it, they don’t even want to think about it. And because of that they don’t want gay Americans to have the same rights as their non-gay fellow citizens.

It’s just that simple – and just that stupid.