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A Troubling Commentary

To The Wandering Eye,

I read your "resignation" column with great sadness. Being only marginally computer literate, it never occurred to me that online anonymous critics were harassing you. It is truly a sad statement of our times when a professional journalist with such well-thought-out opinions, humor, satire skills and integrity must resign. Having recently seen The Social Network, I am very concerned about America's future.

As H. Bruce Miller pointed out, it is easy for people to create their own reality based on "facts" they choose to (glean) from the Internet. I do not understand why so many will bare their soul, and often more, on Facebook and then be too cowardly to identify themselves when disagreeing with a columnist, e.g., H. Bruce Miller! Perhaps they could learn from the Dalai Lama. He once said the path to enlightenment is in listening for the truth, not in declaring it.

I will miss your column and am not afraid to sign my name.

- Jan Hildreth, Bend