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Blitz to the Barrel: Dash for Cash tonight

Local Bend Pros, who happen to be some of the country's best mountain bike racers, compete for big money.


$2,000 is a lot of money.

That's the amount on the line for tonight's "Blitz to the Barrel: Dash for Cash," an invite-only pro/elite Super D race that takes racers from Wanoga Sno Park to town — finishing at 10 Barrel Brewing's outside bar.

Local strong-men Adam Craig, Carl Decker, Chris Sheppard, Ryan Trebon and Matt Leito (triathalete!) will all be on hand as well as a smattering of area hacks (including myself) who hope to hang in.

While Craig, Decker, Sheppard and Trebon will be going balls-out for the $2,000 prize, other riders are hoping to score some primes along the way. Lieto, whose unorthodox bike-handling techniques might leave him at a disadvantage on the trails, hopes his ridiculous fitness will help him win the "fastest man on the road" prime. A speed trap will be set up on Tetherow Rd. clocking the racers as they zoom by (or putter, depending).

Lev Stryker, Cog Wild co-owner and general shredder, will look to go bigger and farther than his skinny, XC-minded competition on the two jump primes (one is on the Funner trail, the other is a drop-in of the Tetherow Golf Course — good for spectating, as racers could eat massive shit here).

With good options abound for viewing, consider this from Craig:

"The Blitz to the Barrel is going to be more difficult for spectators than the racers.  Should you watch the start/wheelie contest?  heckle at the paver drop on Funner?  Sip a cocktail at Tetherow whilst observing the first sanctioned golf course riding in history?  Or post up at 10 barrel for the finish?  Or, all of the above.  Challenge..."


Show up at 10 Barrel early to pre-game in the sun. Racers start from up high at 7pm and are expected to finish about an hour later.

On my odds of finishing in the top-3: "If eight people flat, we totally have a chance."

-Brig Brandt, fellow racer and local cycling coach on how we'll fare.

(Craig airs at the 2010 Blitz. photo credit: Christian Gladu)