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Pets on Parade

Woody's photos from the Fourth of July pet parade.

There will probably be an “official” participation count, but suffice to say unofficially that the 2011 edition of the Pet Parade was the largest ever. Large and full of highly creative costumes, every imaginable self-propelled conveyance, pets from domestic livestock to man’s best friend, and a few amazing sights.

I mean who would have ever expected to see a very studly, two-ton black angus bull paraded down Wall Street? Not me.

And how about the flying “motorhome” (genus Americanus) small dog suspended in the air by a flotilla of helium-filled balloons? Incredible.

Then there was that other outstanding small dog with gilded airplane pilot goggles and motorized wings held aloft by its owner.

Best of all is the pan-generational aspect of the parade. All ages come decked out in red white and blue to strut their stuff. They, along with their pets (wonderfully patient with their owners on this day) make the Pet Parade special and an annual must-see.