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Our Picks for 1/27-2/1

A gathering of notable upcoming events.

Bend Velodrome Project Party

thursday 26

The Bend Velodrome Project is a collection of five folks who are passionate about bringing a velodrome (large oval track with banked corners for bike racing and training) to Bend. So passionate that they're throwing a party to raise money and awareness about their efforts. Help them maintain momentum: contribute $5 and get a pint of beer, a raffle ticket (they have some neat stuff to give away, donated by local bike shops and other local vendors), and a chance to race your significant other in a simulated 500-meter track sprint. The heaving chests and the sweat are real. $5 suggested donation. 6pm. GoodLife Brewing, 70 SW Century Dr.

Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys

thursday 26

So Rosie Ledet is the zydeco real deal. All the magazines and newspapers say so, gushing that she's the "premiere female zydeco artist" and "best new zydeco performer." And she writes and sings her stuff in Creole French, which is sexy and rad. The Zydeco Playboys who tour with her aren't too shabby either. And despite the fact that the members are mostly from Germany (wha?), their accordion and guitar playing is straight Delta sauce. $12 at the door. 21 +. Doors at 7:30pm. Show at 8pm. Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave.

Animal Eyes

friday 27

Last week, the Alaska-turned-Portland indie folk rockers blew the minds of all comers by rocking the hell out of The Horned Hand (you can read all about 'em in this week's Sound feature, just turn the page). This week, the youngsters are back and sharing the bill with Plum Sutra, Portland's coolest Japanese Zen atmospheric band. JZ's ambient, cinematic sound is sweeping and tight, and should prime you perfectly for Animal Eyes' backwoods throw down. $5. 9pm. Silver Moon Brewing Co., 24 NW Greenwood Ave.

The Big Lebowski Fest

saturday 28

Last year we called The Big Lebowski one of the most important movies of the last 20 years and we stand by that assessment of the Coen Brothers' soft-boiled detective farce. Last year's event brought Bendites out in costumed droves to this cult classic. This year's communal celebration of The Dude's slacker ethos brings the addition of a second screening and promises to be another night of Caucasian-fueled revelry. $12. 21+. 7pm and 10pm. Tower Theater, 835 NW Wall St.

4th Annual Chinese New Year Celebration

saturday 28

Join your neighbors in a family friendly celebration of the Chinese New Year that includes Chinese food, music, crafts, games, dragon dancing and a silent auction fundraiser. All proceeds benefit the local nonprofit, Education for Chinese Orphans (EChO), an organization that is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to orphaned children in rural China. $12/individual, $35/family. 4-9pm. Bend Boys and Girls Club, 500 NW Wall St.

Dirty Filthy Mugs

sunday 29

Tired of all the whiny emo-indie shit? Longing for some honest-to-goodness punk music? A band that chooses to bring society's ills to the forefront rather than drone on about their own silly baggage? Behold, Dirty Filthy Mugs, a true punk band from the city of angels. They play real music- - it's not all screaming and noise. Some screaming, though, but the good kind. $5. 8pm. The Horned Hand, 507 NW Colorado Ave.


tuesday 31

There was this trend for a while of people standing at microphones and reading their middle school diaries and high school love letters. This particular art form was called "cringe." We always wanted to see it in action. And there's something just as refreshing and fun about Battledecks, which involves standing in front of a random slide and improvising a little chat about it. No prep, just you and your raw self, probably trying to be funny or interesting. Feel that little cringe? Fabulous. Free. 7 pm. GoodLife Brewing, 70 SW Century Dr.

Fly Fishing Film Tour

wednesday 1

It's the Banff film fest of double hauls, nail knots and stack mends when the Fly Fishing Film Tour rolls into town. See this week's Culture story for a full a rundown. $13 advance at Fly and Field. $15/Door. 7pm. The Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St.