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A Super Wonky City Council Blog For All You Nerds Out There (Represent!)

Bend City Council Meets Tonight!

The council is talking about these things tonight:

Visit Bend’s Business Plan and Budget. This could be interesting because of the debate over Visit Bend and Central Oregon Visitor’s Association needing to resolve some sort of conflict. And also because Visit Bend has floated a proposal for changing how tourism groups are financed, which may have something to do with that potential conflict. You may also want to hear about how it appears Visit Bend has been kicking some ass on the tourism marketing front. Our tourism revenues are up.

That whole false alarm thing where people and businesses will likely soon be required to register their alarms and pay for times when it goes off and there’s no real danger. Bend PD estimates they spend $111,000 on false alarms every year.

A new noise ordinance, which will likely be approved by council. New rules specify no loudness between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. and sets specific decibel limits on said loudness. Should make life easier for concert organizers, residents and police because now everyone knows what to expect.

Putting the breaks on sewer upgrades because of financial constraints. Guess what! They want to hire a consultant to figure out how to do that, and create a “citizen stakeholder group” to help with the whole process.

Waiting to impose extra strength wastewater charges on new businesses. There was a bit of a backlash over the city’s proposal to increase fees on breweries and other businesses. The city is also going to keep suspend ESC charges on the businesses that currently pay the fee until it decides how to handle all of this.

And, finally, whether or not to let some businesses defer their system development charges, which are fees imposed on new development because of the increased burden the development puts on city infrastructure. The city is considering letting some businesses wait up to three years to pay.

Stay tuned to our LIVE TWEETS! of the meeting for up-to-the-minute coverage!